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FarmCareGB incorporating Farm Care International Ltd

Farm Care GB services the agricultural industry with cost effective solutions for their hygiene requirements.

The company’s range of sanitisers and broad spectrum biocides or disinfectants allows customers to construct economical cleaning and disinfection programs for farms and hatcheries. All this is backed by full technical support where needed.

Product Overview
Farm Care GB Pack Shot

Disinfectants Available in


DEFRA approved powder disinfectant for broad spectrum pathogen control effective against all classes of virus, gram positive and negative bacteria and fungi.

2×5 kg



DEFRA approved multipurpose water and oil soluble disinfectant/detergent for the disinfection of poultry housing. Full virucidal activity.

4×5 L 20 L



DEFRA approved concentrated virucidal disinfectant for livestock housing foot and wheel dips.

4×5 L 20 L


Cleaners and Detergents  


Concentrated, highly active Q.A. compound for cleaning and sanitising livestock housing and equipment

4×5 L 20 L



Multipurpose heavy duty cleaner suitable for use in livestock housing, the hatchery and processing plants.

4×5 L 20 L



Cleaner and sanitiser for hatching eggs, killing virus, bacteria and fungi.

2×5 kg




A powerful fumigant of 93% paraformaldehyde prills. For poultry housing, hatcheries and nest boxes.

2×5 kg


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