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A strong genetic potential
Developed since the very outset of the GROUPE GRIMAUD using genealogical techniques and applied first to ducks, then rabbits, pigeons, chickens and guinea fowks genetic selection is of interest because of the means it employs and the goals that it aspires to.

Scientific research, the optimising of selection conditions, the rigour applied when defining objectives, an awareness of inovation and market developments, all go to make selection a never ending process in which each step then forms the basis for the next generation. It is necessary therefore to possess the very best instruments and to constantly set new objectives.

To produce and evolve animals that can provide quality products and overcome outmoded ideas of scale or intensive production is the basic task of the breeder. We must reply to present day imperatives (environment, well-being, traceability...) while supplying the agro foods industry and consumers with the poultry that answers theirs needs and satisfies their ethical standards.

Thus, upstream of production, starting from egg or chick, we must always begin from a few individuals to create a population that will ensure the future. Breeding shapes life, permitting evolution and amelioration of animal species.

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