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Halamid The Universal Disinfectant


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Since its founding, Axcentive has always been eager to provide its customers and partners with qualitative products, as well as a good customer...
Halamid® to Exhibit at VIV Asia, Bangkok
THAILAND - Axcentive will be showcasing the Halamid® brand at VIV Asia from 15-17 March 2017 in Bangkok Thailand. You will find Halamid® in...
Halamid® Applied via Nebulisation Robot Proves again Ultra-Efficient
GLOBAL - Recent tests with a revolutionary nebulisation robot shows that Halamid® remains the state-of-the-art disinfectant for use with innovative...
Halamid® Approved for Veterinary/Food/Feed Applications in Greece
GREECE - The Greek Authority for Medicinal products and Disinfectants (EOF) has recently approved Halamid® for Veterinary applications and Food...
Halamid®: On-farm Biosecurity Still Needs Enforcement
GLOBAL - With the upsurge in occurrences of avian influenza since 2014 in various parts of the world, the discussion related to appropriate measures...
On-farm Biosecurity Still Needs Enforcement
GLOBAL - With the upsurge in occurrences of Avian Influenza since 2014 in various parts of the world the discussion related to appropriate measures...
Halamid Reaffirms Virucidal Power
GLOBAL - Newcastle disease (ND) is one of the main, global viral diseases affecting the poultry industry. It is a highly contagious disease and...
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With its outstanding properties Halamid® meets all the properties a professional disinfectant must have whether you are active in veterinary hygiene, aquaculture, food processing, institutional areas or all the other applications. Halamid® is an effective powder disinfectant.

Halamid®, a unique product :

  • Powder disinfectant
  • Versatile disinfectant with large activity spectrum
  • Non corrosive in solutions for materials
  • Stable
  • Easy to handle and with a responsible ecological profile
  • No risk of building up resistant microorganisms
  • Registered and approved

Combine Halamid® unique properties with our extensive application knowledge gained over 60 years in the market to discover why Halamid® is your ally everywhere where hygiene is required.

A unique product

Halamid® is a white crystalline powder, easily soluble in water. Halamid®'s large activity spectrum and range of applications make it a versatile disinfectant.

Halamid The Universal Disinfectant

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