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Our cooling fans are a source of bacterial contamination. Can Halamid® disinfect the evaporative cooling pads?

Halamid is able to disinfect any surface and hence also these cooling pads. With the fans on hold, these pads can be sprayed with a 1% Halamid solution. Let it dry to the air and restart the fans. If visually dirty, then spray with a detergent beforehand. If dirt still comes off after spraying the Halamid solution (e.g. dead algae) then spray with water afterwards. The pads should be perfectly clean after this treatment.

Does Halamid have a coccidial effect? Can it be used in conjunction with a cocciodiostats in drinking water?

Coccidial oocysts are the vegetative life stage of the parasite causing coccidiosis . Outside the body they are very hard to kill with disinfectants. This is why typically farmers mix coccidiostats in with the feed to kill the parasite inside the animal when it is more susceptible. We advise not to treat drinking water with Halamid or any other disinfectant, while dosing medication, including coccidiostats.

Note: perform any coccidial treatment after complete disinfection!

Can HALAMID be fogged using a Thermofogger or thermal fogger?

Yes HALAMID can be fogged. It a typical procedure you mix 10% HALAMID in a water + fogging agent mixture. Thermofoggers can be used to disinfect barns or for general airdisinfection. Examples of suitable thermofoggers would be:

  • Pulsfog K10, K22, K30
  • Dynafog
  • Igeba portable and stationary foggers
  • Arfog thermal fogger AF-24

Is HALAMID registred under BPR for use with livestock?

HALAMID® is registered under BPR, Group 1, product types (PT) 2, 3, 4 and 5. PT 3 concerns all veterinary hygiene including poultry barns and all equipment used.

Can I add a foaming agent to a HALAMID solution?


HALAMID® is registered under BPR, Group 1, product types (PT) 2, 3, 4 and 5. PT 3 concerns all veterinary hygiene including poultry barns and all equipment used.

Can I use Halamid in slaughter houses to wash the carcass?

Halamid is recommended for use in rinsing food preparation equipment and carcases specifically (5 – 20g/l for 5 minutes), however we recommend subsequently rinsing with fresh lean water afterwards, to remove the residues of deactivated Halamid. Although not toxic (LOW acute toxicity and LOW chronic toxicity), it is not a good idea to deliberately consume Halamid or its residue, or let it accumulate in the food chain.

If yo do not have the possibility to rinse with fresh water afterwards, the rinse-water can be disinfected (to be virtually potable) using 20ppm Halamid which would be suitable for a final rinsing of the carcases, and residues would be negligible.

Halamid is renowned for disinfection of the poultry growing houses and also of the slaughter facility as well.


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