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Jansen Poultry Equipment systems for the laying sector were developed with the goal of achieving maximum egg production efficiently while maintaining quality. All systems are built with carefully selected and tested materials and construction techniques. This is essential to attaining the best results.


Jansen Poultry Equipment - Aviary SystemsAviary systems result in optimal production through high bird density and provide a good overview of the house. Slats and manure belts create a healthy living climate.

Comfort 2® inside aviary system

Comfort 2® aviary system

Compact 2® aviary system


Jansen Poultry Equipment - Egg HandlingEgg transport systems are designed to handle eggs gently, which preserves the quality of the eggs.

Packer for consumption eggs

Cobot® palletizing robot

FlexBelt® egg transport system

MultiFlex® Elevator egg transport system


Jansen Poultry Equipment - Enriched ColonyEnriched colony housing is aimed at maximum house utilization and bird density and simple management. Slats and manure belts create a healthy living climate.

VolMaxx® colony housing system


Jansen Poultry Equipment - Laying NestLaying nests are designed from the perspective of hygiene, comfort and optimal egg quality. The nests offer hens the ideal nest environment.

Premium+®, XL and XXL laying nests

LayMaxx® laying nest


Jansen Poultry Equipment - OtherProducts that we provide in addition to the systems. For example the AutoShov® sytem.

Slat washer

Autoshov® litter removal system


Jansen Poultry Equipment - Rearing SystemsRearing systems prepare young hens for their future in aviary systems by training them to jump and fly. Hens reared in rearing systems perform optimally.

RearMaxx® rearing system

NivoVaria® rearing system


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