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Professional advice for better business results

In most cases it is possible to increase your business results by just making a few adjustments. Sometimes small change of factors such as the supply of feed, water and light can already let chickens perform better. Jansen Poultry Equipment provides international and national poultry farmers successful advice and guidance that improve the business results. These advices are focused on all poultry sectors, whether it is the broiler-, rearing-, laying- or breeder sector.

Key factors for success
In each sector and in each house different factors play a role that affect the business result. Jansen Poultry Equipment takes this into account and gives tailor-made advice. The aim of this service is to create the best possible conditions for each situation that ensures maximum business results.

Research, analysis and advice
The process begins with an study of the current situation. An analysis of the house data and the management will often give quick insight where additional profit can be gained. If the health of the animals affect the results, than for example a professional autopsy can be performed on a number of chickens. On the basis of an analyses there can be decided which actions are need to be taken to eliminate the bottleneck that affects the production results. The poultry farmer receives a report with recommendations and, if necessary, he can also appeal to personal guidance until the results are and stay optimal.

Do you also want specialized advice that maximize your business results or do you want more information? Than you can contact our poultry specialist Jan van de Brink. Mail to:

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In each house different factors play a role that affect the business result.


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