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MSD Animal Health is focused on the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of animal health products. The company offers customers one of the broadest, most innovative Animal Health portfolios, spanning products to support performance and to prevent, treat and control disease in all major farm and companion animal species. As a leader in the swine health industry the company provides veterinarians and farmers with numerous tools to improve productivity on individual farms.

Go Beyond Program
The Go Beyond program goes beyond disease control and by helping customers ensure food safety and intestinal health, adds value by improving manage productivity, carcass quality and flock uniformity.


Merck Animal Health swards scholarships to more than 50 veterinary students from United States, Canada, Latin America and Asia
Today, 54 veterinary students from around the world received scholarships from Merck Animal...
Merck Animal Health fosters next generation of poultry veterinarians: Announces 2019 AAAP scholarship recipients
In partnership with the American Association of Avian Pathologists Foundation (AAAP Foundation)...
IPPE Insights: MSD Animal Health and Rapid Genomics sign agreement on vaccine verification
MSD Animal Health announced a collaboration agreement with Rapid Genomics which grants the...


Our family of registered products differs from country to country.

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Convenience Program
Genetics, nutrition, health status and management improvements are shifting the way the poultry industry operates and how diseases are prevented. Our Convenience Program provides lifetime protection for major respiratory and immune diseases since the beginning and adds value by improving the process and performance in a convenient and efficient way.



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Anemia Infecciosa
Avian Influenza
Avian Pneumovirus
Bronquite infecciosa
Bronquitis infecciosa
Chicken Infectious Anemia
Enfeksiyöz Bronsitis (IB)
Enfermedad de Gumboro
Gumboro - Turkey
Intestinal Health for Poultry
Metapneumovirus Aviar
Metapneumovirus Aviário
Necrotic Enteritis Vaccine
Safe Poultry


Journal of Poultry Respiratory Protection

Live Vaccines

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Journal of Poultry Respiratory Protection

Inactivated Vaccines

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Journal of Poultry Respiratory Protection

Pharmaceuticals & Diagnostics

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