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Novus MINTREX® chelated trace minerals

MINTREX® chelated trace minerals are highly bio-available source of trace minerals protected by ALIMET® feed supplement.

  • Supports optimal mineral nutrition through enhanced stability and bioavailibility of key trace minerals.
  • MINTREX minerals are nutritionally dense, delivering both highly bioavailable trace minerals and an excellent source of methionine activity.
  • MINTREX minerals are fully defined, characterized and quality controlled, ensuring consistently high standards.

Product Description

MINTREX® Poultry chelated trace minerals are a cost-effective blend that provides the benefits of MINTREX Zn, Cu and Mn in one convenient package with 54% methionine value.

Feeding Instructions

Feed continuously as a component of a complete ration.

  • Broilers, turkeys, ducks, breeders and layers
  • 0.5–1.0 kg/metric ton (1.0–2.0 lb/ton) of complete diet
  • Delivers 20-40 ppm zinc; 20-40 ppm manganese; 10-20 ppm copper

Nutrient Values

  • Zinc (as zinc methionine hydroxy analogue chelate) minimum: 4.0%
  • Copper (as copper methionine hydroxy analogue chelate) minimum: 2.0%
  • Manganese (as manganese methionine hydroxy analogue chelate) minimum: 4.0%
  • Methionine activity (as methionine hydroxy analogue): 54%
  • Poultry AMEn: 2,628 kcal/kg
  • Protein value: 32.3%

Product Characteristics

  • Appearance: Gray-tan powder
  • Odor: Sulfur
  • Bulk density: 0.7 g/cm3 (43.7 lb/ft3)
  • Packaging: 25 kg bag
  • Shelf life: Minimum 3 years when stored as directed

Storage Instructions

Store at ambient temperatures in a sealed container. Keep dry at all times.

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