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Novus offers a number of nutritional solutions for poultry that, when combined with best management practices, result in birds with healthier bones, skin and internal organs. Employing a strategy to enhance leg quality and tissue integrity optimizes production, offering benefits on multiple levels.

ACTIVATE® | Optimize gut health to reduce incidence of diarrhea and wet litter.

CIBENZA® | Enhance protein digestion to reduce nitrogen output.

ALIMET® and MHA® | Optimize amino acid formulation to minimize excess dietary protein.

MINTREX® | Support optimal development of skeleton and tissue.

Tissue Health Best Practice | Maintain clean, dry litter and a well-ventilated house.

Healthy birds have fewer problems that can result in downgrading or rejection and associated monetary loss experience.
Consumer consciousness of food safety continues to rise. Addressing these health issues in production assures people that they're buying a product of the highest integrity.
As consumer awareness of animal welfare issues increases, the most successful, highly regarded producers will be those who maintain the healthiest birds.

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Novus - ALIMET®

ALIMET® feed supplement is an 88% active source of methionine. In addition to proven performance, ALIMET delivers an organic acid effect, reduces nitrogen excretions and provides better performance during heat stress.

Novus - MHA®

MHA® feed supplement is a proven effective source of methionine activity. Because of its dry granular powder form, MHA is the leading source of HMTBa inclusions in premixes and farm feed mills. MHA delivers organic calcium, reduces nitrogen excretion and provides better performance during heat stress.


ACTIVATE® nutritional feed acid is a dry combination of Gut Environment Modifiers (GEMs) and HMTBa. ACTIVATE is used to maintain a healthy gut flora and during antibiotic-free periods due to vaccination windows or withdrawal diets.

Novus - CIBENZA®

The CIBENZA® feed additive is a special blend of enzymes that allows for maximum flexibility in dietary formulations. CIBENZA can optimize dietary energy and protein while providing an excellent feed cost-saving tool.

Novus - MINTREX®

MINTREX® chelated trace minerals combine HMTBa with an essential trace mineral in a two-to-one chelated molecule. The result is greater bioavailability, digestive tract stability and a residual methionine effect that can reduce the required level of supplemental methionine per ton of feed.

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