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Novus offers solutions to help manage this single most important and costly input. Our products allow for greater flexibility in formulation and increased control over feed inputs, which leads to greater productivity and profitability.

CIBENZA® DP100 | Optimize protein digestion.

CIBENZA® CSM and CIBENZA® DE200 | Optimize energy digestion.

CIBENZA® PHOS | Optimize phosphorus digestion.

SANTOQUIN® | Protect the value of feed and its nutrients from degradation.

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Formulations incorporate a wider variety of cost-effective proteins while maintaining performance levels associated with more expensive feed ingredients. Poultry operations increase margins by saving money on feed costs without losing production.
The industry accomplishes more with less, meeting the needs of sustainable production along with increasing consumer expectations for environmentally friendly practices from food providers.

Novus - CIBENZA®

The CIBENZA® feed additive is a special blend of enzymes that allows for maximum flexibility in dietary formulations. CIBENZA can optimize dietary energy and protein while providing an excellent feed cost-saving tool.


SANTOQUIN® feed preservatives provide unsurpassed protection from oxidative rancidity. Oxidation decreases the value of unprotected ingredients as soon as they are produced and continues to degrade the nutrients over time. SANTOQUIN protects feed ingredients and prolongs nutritional shelf life in complete feed.

Novus - IDEA™

IDEA™ assay is a proprietary process that quickly and accurately allows users to determine the protein amino acid digestibility of feed ingredients like soybean meal, poultry and feather meal, fish meal, meat and bone meal and DDGS.

Novus - ALIMET®

ALIMET® feed supplement is an 88% active source of methionine. In addition to proven performance, ALIMET delivers an organic acid effect, reduces nitrogen excretions and provides better performance during heat stress.

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