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Feeding high-quality chelated trace minerals offers significant production advantages. Novus technology, helps deliver a superior level of nutrition that supports animal health, immunity and structure.

MINTREX® | Double the nutritional power of mineral sources with the HMTBa in MINTREX.

MINTREX® Zn | Optimize zinc nutrition.

MINTREX® Mn | Optimize manganese nutrition.

ZORIEN® SeY | Optimize selenium nutrition.

Increased bioavailability of minerals not only increases performance, but also reduces mineral waste. Producers experience fewer instances of downgrading and culling resulting in greater profitability.
Environmentally compatible production methods present an image of responsibility and accountability for individual producers and the industry as a whole.
Chelated trace mineral nutrition eliminates the need for overfeeding minerals to compensate for lack of bioavailability. Fewer minerals fed means fewer minerals excreted, reducing environmental concerns.
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Novus - MINTREX® Mn

MINTREX® Mn chelated trace mineral combines HMTBa with manganese in a 2:1 chelated structure.

Novus - MINTREX® Zn

MINTREX® Zn is a fully-defined structure that delivers 16% zinc as zinc methionine hydroxy analogue chelate and 80% methionine value.

MINTREX chelated trace minerals are a highly bioavailable source of trace minerals protected by HMTBa (ALIMET® feed supplement). Since Novus manufactures the ligand in MINTREX, the product is fully defined and guaranteed. Research has proven MINTREX delivers more bioavailable trace metal to the small intestine than other leading trace mineral solutions.

Novus - MINTREX® Cn

MINTREX® Cu chelated trace mineral combines HMTBa with copper in a 2:1 chelated structure.

Novus - ZORIEN® SeY

ZORIEN® SeY yeast feed additive is a special strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae enriched with selenium in an organic form, selected and propagated for use in complete feeds for poultry, pork, pets and ruminants. The benefits of ZORIEN SeY include high bioavailability resulting in optimized animal health.

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