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Good gut health builds a strong foundation for poultry performance. Novus offers solutions to support gut health through nutrition, ingredient management, stress mitigation and disease prevention.

SANTOQUIN® | Manage gut-level oxidative stress by stabilizing nutrients to support a healthy environment.

ACTIVATE® | Create an environment that supports ideal microflora.

CIBENZA® | Support thorough digestion and absorption of nutrients.

OASIS® | Support early nutrition to drive optimal gut development.

ADVENT® | Protect against damaging organisms as a part of a vaccination program.

Good gut health management optimizes production for greater profitability while managing increasing financial and regulatory pressures.
In addition to addressing consumer concerns about animal welfare, gut health management practices support disease prevention to produce a more desirable product.
Producers who maintain the healthiest birds will win the confidence and ultimately the purchases of consumers focused on food safety. Maintaining optimal gut health also provides a good foundation for the entire chain of production.

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SANTOQUIN® feed preservatives provide unsurpassed protection from oxidative rancidity. Oxidation decreases the value of unprotected ingredients as soon as they are produced and continues to degrade the nutrients over time. SANTOQUIN protects feed ingredients and prolongs nutritional shelf life in complete feed.


ACTIVATE® nutritional feed acid is a dry combination of Gut Environment Modifiers (GEMs) and HMTBa. ACTIVATE is used to maintain a healthy gut flora and during antibiotic-free periods due to vaccination windows or withdrawal diets.

Novus - CIBENZA®

The CIBENZA® feed additive is a special blend of enzymes that allows for maximum flexibility in dietary formulations. CIBENZA can optimize dietary energy and protein while providing an excellent feed cost-saving tool.

Novus - ADVENT®

ADVENT® coccidiosis control is a vaccine against coccidiosis, one of the greatest threats to poultry. The product is sprayed onto broiler chicks shortly after they are hatched, providing protection through a single, antibiotic-free application.

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