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Petersime provides world leading incubators, hatchery equipment and turnkey hatcheries aligned with the expertise and support to maximize return on investment.
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OX Days in Egypt: sharing incubation knowledge and experiences
The Petersime Operational Excellence Days are booming! Another edition of our event for sharing information,...
DIP CMI prefers Petersime and sees the future with great optimism
Around the time Ira and Ray Petersime built their first electrical incubators, Don Juan Bautista Gutierrez,...
A big turnout for the first OX Days about turkey incubation
Turkey incubation is an art of its own and standard poultry conferences often lack depth for turkey specialists....
Michel De Clercq bows out of Petersime as Stef Vanneste becomes new CEO
After 34 years of service, Michel De Clercq will be stepping down as Managing Director of Petersime at...
Global poultry leaders meet at Petersime HQ for a look into the future
The poultry world is continuously evolving, but one thing is for sure: keeping on top of the latest developments...
Petersime marks a milestone: 10.000th OvoScan™ technology project
Petersime’s OvoScan™ technology hits its 10,000th sale this year. This means that over 30,000 OvoScan™...
Olav Boel reinforces Petersime’s commercial team
Olav Boel has joined Petersime as CCO (Chief Commercial Officer) since the beginning of May 2018. ...
VIBRA Group aims for excellent results with Petersime
Maximising the genetic potential that’s inside the eggs, delivered by their own breeding activities....

Operational Excellence Programme

Petersime - world leader in the development of incubators and hatcheries

Best practices to maximize your return on investment. Operational Excellence makes the difference between a good and an excellent hatchery. Good management of all aspects in your operation and having the guidance for this will get you the best return on investment. Adopting best practices within your hatchery will make your organization a real hatching champion.



Petersime - world leader in the development of incubators and hatcheries

Petersime is a world leader in the development of incubators, hatchery equipment and turnkey hatcheries. Petersime incubators are designed and built to maximize hatchery performance technically and economically... year after year. Moreover, at Petersime we know that the equipment in your hatchery plays a crucial role when it comes to an efficient hatchery workflow.



Petersime - world leader in the development of incubators and hatcheries

Headquartered in Belgium with offices in Brazil, China, Russia, Malaysia and India and a worldwide sales network, Petersime adopts a full customer care commitment policy. We understand the need to be close to you. We strive to offer the best support and ensure maximum business continuity, so you can maximize your profit for life.



Petersime - world leader in the development of incubators and hatcheries

Our technologies are developed to get the optimal hatchability rates and highest chick quality. Guided by nature, the Embryo-Response Incubation™ technology reacts to the needs of the embryos and interactively adapts the incubation parameters to create the optimal environment for them. Thanks to our energy management systems, optimal hatchability rates and better chick performance go hand in hand with saving energy. Our automatic monitoring and control system gives you peace of mind, 24/7.


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