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AirStreamer™ concept
In order to achieve optimal hatchability and day-old-chick quality, eggs need to lose a certain amount of weight during incubation.
For this purpose, water needs to be transported from within the egg, through the eggshell to the environment.
By controlling the humidity level in the incubator, the rate of this water (and, therefore, weight) loss, can be managed, taking into account the eggshell water vapour conductance of the specific batch of eggs present in the machine.
The patented Dynamic Weight Loss System™ (DWLS™) takes care of the on-line weighing of eggs during all incubation stages.
Humidity levels are automatically adjusted to achieve the optimum weight loss trajectory from egg setting to transfer.

DWLS™ is a standard feature on all AirStreamer™ setters with FOCUS™ controls.

Weighing Unit specifically engineered to weigh the Petersime Weighing Tray loaded with eggs.
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