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AirStreamer™ concept

Airstreamer™ setters

Customer input and years of intensive research and development at Petersime have resulted in the revolutionary AirStreamer™ incubation concept. A key feature of the AirStreamer™ concept is the patented airflow system, which presents major benefits for the user.

Constant air volume

The system guarantees the constant flow of air within the incubator cabinet at any position of the inlet damper. This constant air volume and fixed air velocity, in conjunction with the highly efficient pulsator fan, ensures exceptional temperature balance and improved embryonic heat exchange.

CO2 controlled ventilation

While air velocity is constant, regardless of the stage of incubation, the composition of the air entering the incubator cabinet is fully CO2 controlled (mixture of fresh and recycled air). The incubator cabinet is designed for hermetically sealed operation.

Symmetrical construction

The split turning ensures that the air distribution within the incubator remains balanced at all times, independently of fresh air intake, turning position or embryonic development stage.

AirStreamer™ concept
AirStreamer™ concept
AirStreamer™ concept

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