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FOCUSLINK™: Stay in touch with your hatcheries from anywhere in the world

FOCUSLINK™ runs on a standard Windows® platform.
This means that, via a PC and modem, remote consultation/collection of hatchery data is always possible whenever telephone lines are available. This communication link can also be used for remote software upgrades of any FOCUS™ controller in the network (upgrades via e-mail). Poultry integrations operating multiple hatcheries can centralise their hatchery data at their headquarters by collecting it over the phone. With FOCUSLINK™, the hatchery manager can monitor and/or programme up to 500 incubators in a two-way mode. While FOCUSLINK™ mainly features a graphical user interface, it is supplied with 10 different languages.

Powerful memory capacity and presentation tools

Incubation histories are kept for more than a year.

All alarms and user interventions are systematically logged. Overviews covering a specific time period can be generated and are available in a format ready to be printed and/or e-mailed. As a Windows® based application, FOCUSLINK™ supports drag and drop, cut, copy and paste of any kind of information to any other Windows® application.

FOCUSLINK™ lets you edit and manage a library of incubation programs on PC using Windows®. Incubation programs can be sent from a library or other incubators to one or more other incubators.

Settings on the machines can be changed from your PC or even from a location remote from the hatchery.

Flexibility: hatchery layout editor

The hatchery manager can customise FOCUSLINK™ to suit his/her particular needs:

» Individual hatchery layout (built in CAD program)
» Overviews per room, machine, time zone

With FOCUSLINK™, Petersime has developed a system that provides you with all available hatchery data on your desktop PC. One glance at the screen gives you an overview of the status of your machines, whether you are actually present at the hatchery or not.

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