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AirStreamer™ concept

AirStreamer™ concept - Product Range - Control system

Incubation has become a science rather than an art in the modern world. Exact and appropriate up-to-date data, presented instantly in a user friendly way, are essential for the hatchery manager of today.

Remote control with hand-held infra-red mouse
Remote control with hand-held infra-red mouse

The «point-and-click»-interface will make any user immediately familiar with the way to operate FOCUS™. When activating the remote control, FOCUS™ will instantly identify it and give the user access to his pre-defined authorisation levels. Only those screens and actions to which a particular user has access are displayed.

Large 7.7" colour display for perfect historical trend analysis

FOCUS™ has very extensive data display facilities, retrieving the last 40 days history of every incubation parameter as well as alarm conditions and user intervention data.

Bio-response incubation parameters

Hatchability, chick quality and post-hatch performance largely benefit from actively controlling the bio-response parameters. Only Petersime incubators equipped with FOCUS™ are compatible with Dynamic Weight Loss System™ and OvoScan™.

Unlimited extendibility

FOCUS™ is designed to stay in tune with future developments in incubation. Future versions of the FOCUS™ system software can be purchased and downloaded from Petersimes head office via No intervention by service technicians is required, therefore saving you time and money. The FOCUS™ hardware is modular. The BASE unit can always be extended with extra plug-in modules, such as Automatic Disinfection System, OvoScan™ or Dynamic Weight Loss System™. The way FOCUS™ is designed allows for the unlimited integration of other incubation parameters that scientific research is likely to introduce to industrial incubators in the future.

Excellent synergy with FOCUSLINK™

FOCUSLINK™ is an advanced PC communication network for Petersime incubators equipped with FOCUS™ (or VISION) controllers. It ensures on-line, two-way incubation monitoring with powerful graphics and pictograms.

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