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Characteristics of GALLIVAC Se

With several years of proven results in Europe, GALLIVAC Se has established a reputation for reliability and safety. Developed by IDT in Germany, a vaccine laboratory with world renowned expertise in Salmonella control, GALLIVAC Se is a highly immunogenic homologous live Salmonella enteritidis vaccine developed to meet your needs.


    Features & Benefits of GALLIVAC Se

    • Registered as two-dose regimen.
    • Licenced for drinking water administration.
    • Homologous strain Salmonella enteritidis vaccine stimulating the most appropriate immune response.
    • Stimulates comprehensive active and passive immune response; 'inhibition phenomenon', local, cell mediated and humoral/circulating immunity.
    • Onset of active immunity 6 days post the first vaccination.
    • No interference by maternally derived antibody to S.e.
    • Double attenuated, genetically stable & avirulent.
    • Easily distinguishable from field strains by means of a rapid, specific diagnostic test.
    • No cross reacting antibodies to the S. gallinarum test are generated.

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