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With its patented "Twin Touch" plate, the AccuVac delivers maximum accuracy- in vaccinating day-old chicks (DOC), while reducing stress on both the chick and the operator. This subcutaneous vaccinator helps the operator precisely align chicks, requires less force to activate the vaccinator, and reduces the possibility for repetitive motion injuries. The two-module AccuVac was designed for easy, more efficient cleaning to reduce the possibility of contamination. Disposable syringes, tubing and needles also make cleanup faster and more, effective. The AccuVac's rain-tight base module houses the highest quality, most reliable pneumatic logic components to ensure dependable, durable performance.

The specially designed TwinShot needle holder has the capacity to hold two different size needles at a time. This machine is efficient and eliminates unnecessary stress on a chick that is vaccinated with two vaccines back to back. A regular AccuVac can easily be converted to a TwinShot with a few minor adjustments. The TwinShot offers the operator all the great features of the AccuVac.

Spra-Vac was the first coarse-spray applicator designed for mass hatchery vaccination of DOC against Newcastle disease (ND) and Infectious Bronchitis (IB). Today, Spra-Vac continues to set the standard for coarse-spray application. Thanks to ongoing research and development, Spra-Vac has been redesigned to meet the needs of modern poultry operations by providing the best performance and reliability available. Spra-Vac permits simultaneous vaccination of 100 DOC which results in vaccination rates of 40,000 to 60,000 birds per hour. Spra-Vac's original freestanding style can also be adapted to most automated chick-handling equipment in the hatchery.

The rodless cylinder design on the Spra-Vac C allows the operator to mass vaccinate DOC against coccidiosis in the hatchery. There are two fan nozzles that ensure adequate coverage and reduce the vaccination period. The Spra-Vac C uses the same syringe assembly as the Spra-Vac to distribute the vaccine.

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