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AccuDos is a backpack, hand-operated sprayer mat is perfect for applications where Spra-Vac is not practical. With its liquid storage tank and hand-held volume control and lance assembly, AccuDos can be used to spray DOC at the farm upon delivery. Nozzles on the AccuDos syringe/lance assembly can be changed to deliver the appropriate droplet size. Unlike pump-type sprayers, the me tered-volume syringes unique to the AccuDos ensure consistent dosage across multiple boxes of chicks.

The Avijet needleless vaccination injection system was designed using military technology developed for mass vaccination. This needleless injector ensures the highest levels of safety and performance when administering inactivated vaccines to birds more than 12 weeks of age.

Avijet's advanced design helps reduce the possibility of horizontal transmission of infectious diseases and allows vaccination of up to 3,000 birds per hour.

The Avijet injector administers preset dosage of vaccine via high pressure through specially designed orifice. This needlelcss administration ensures greater biose-curity and protection against accidental vaccination of the operator. The unit's battery pack can be carried by a convenient shoulder strap or mounted on a belt. The Avijet is available in 0.1 ml and 0.5 ml dosage settings.**

The patented Field Bag Boost method of water vaccination was developed as an alternative to standard water vaccination methods. Vaccinations are delivered from the Field Bag Boost system's water reservoir directly into the drinker lines.* Direct administration reduces travel of the vaccine through water supply lines that may not have been properly cleaned and helps prevent contamination or destruction of the vaccine before it reaches the birds. In addition, the IB virus remains in suspension and will not settle, as commonly occurs with traditional water vaccination methods. Administering vaccines through the drinker lines ensures greater consistency of distribution throughout the bouse. Since different vaccines require different exposure times, exposure to the vaccine can be regulated by the volume in the Field Bag Boost water reservoir.

The Field Spra-Vac is a backpack sprayer designed to make the administration of live vaccines to DOC easier and more efficient in small hatcheries or on the farm. An electric pump and pressure regulating valve assures that the single spray lance provides a pre-set dose to a box of chicks. Each dose is administered by simply activating a thumb switch located on the spray lance. This thumb switch assures that the operator will endure less physical stress on both the hand and arm. A selection of four fan nozzles can deliver a volume suitable for your vaccination needs.

The Layer Sprayer Cart is designed to make the vaccination of poultry in cages accurate and easy The adjustable spray nozzles uSat are mounted to a folding vertical spray mast allow the cart to maneuver quickly and easily around the tightest of layer houses. The operator can spray layers up to 6 tiers high while vaccinating two rows at a time or they can simply close one of the flows and vaccinate only one row. The 50 liter tank, electric pump, and pressure regulator ensure the Layer Sprayer Cart delivers superior vaccine administration every time.

The Layer Sprayer Pack is a backpack sprayer that is equipped with a hand-held spray mast. This unique design allows the operator more freedom when vaccinating layers. It has three screw-on sections uSat can be easily adjusted to accommodate up to 6-tiers of layers. The Layer Sprayer Pack offers the same great features of the Field SpraVac except for a continuous spray volume.

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