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OptiSec is a new manure belt-drying tunnel developed by Big Dutchman, which provides optimum drying (up to 90 % DM) of fresh or pre-dried manure from poultry cages and enriched cages as well as biomass as e.g. fermentation substrates from biogas plants. OptiSec is characterized by its large capacity which is achieved thanks to its large width.

OptiSec is a manure drying tunnel from Big Dutchman which was developed for optimum drying of fresh or pre-dried manure from cage systems and aviaries. Dry matter contents of up to 90% are possible. This creates ideal conditions for safe storage and further processing options.

OptiSec is available with 4 to 14 tiers and is characterised by its large intake capacity, which is achieved thanks to its large belt width of 1.78 m. Depending on the size of the farm, every tunnel is planned based on the amount of accumulating manure.

One belt-drying tunnel can be used to dry the manure from up to 200,000 laying hens. It is also possible to use OptiSec for drying of fermentation substrates from biogas plants or separated solids from liquid manure. Let our experts advise you to find the best solution for your individual requirements.

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