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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 20th February 2006

Monday 20th February 2006
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This week we start in the UK, where fears are growing that bird flu will reach Britain within days, after the deadly H5N1 form of the virus swept across Europe, the Middle East and south-east Asia yesterday, says the Sunday Telegraph.
     The Government conceded yesterday that it is now increasingly likely that bird flu will arrive in Britain, and the National Farmers' Union (NFU) told members to prepare to take poultry indoors at short notice.
     Defra is reiterating the same message for producers to prepare plans to bring their flocks indoors, said Prime Minister Tony Blair's spokesman.
     "Defra is issuing new guidance today telling poultry farmers that they should prepare plans to bring their flocks in if that is necessary" he said.

In France, the H5N1 subtype of bird flu has been confirmed in a dead wild duck, making it the first case of the disease in the country. President Jacques Chirac, speaking to reporters during a trip to Thailand, called for a calm but serious approach to the bird flu case.
     France, the European Union's leading poultry producer, is already on alert to try to ensure that avian flu does not spread from the wild, where the disease is not unusual, to its 200,000 farms that raise 900 million chickens, turkeys, ducks and other birds each year.
     The suspected case of H5N1 was reported two days after France announced new anti-bird flu measures, ordering all poultry to be either vaccinated or confined indoors. An official said some 900,000 birds in France would be vaccinated.
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Europe set up protective zones from Bucharest to Berlin yesterday to keep the bird flu from crippling its huge poultry industry, as researchers warned a future pandemic could kill 142 million people worldwide.
     Officials in Asia and Africa also announced further measures to stem the relentless spread of the H5N1 virus, which has killed 91 people since 2003, all but a handful in China and Southeast Asia.
     In Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Thursday that there was “no reason to panic” after 10 new cases of the highly pathogenic form of the H5N1 bird flu virus were detected on the German Baltic island of Ruegen.
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Slovenia has confirmed that a swan found dead in the north of the country had the deadly H5N1 bird flu virus. The swan was sent for testing in Italy after it was found last week near the city of Maribor, close to the Austrian border. It is Slovenia's first case. It comes two days after Austria confirmed its first cases of bird flu.
     The H5N1 strain of the virus has also been found in Italy, Germany, Greece and Bulgaria highlights the BBC.

Scientific information will not be the sole driver of future animal welfare legislation, according to a five-year animal welfare action plan adopted by the European Commission.
     The plan proposes current minimum standards for animal welfare be upgraded across the European Union ‘in line with latest scientific information and public demand’. The Commission may establish a ‘European Centre for Animal Welfare’ to collect and exchange of information on animal welfare issues.
     The action plan foresees a classification system for animal welfare practices, to differentiate between minimum standards and cases where even higher standards are used. It foresees setting up standardised indicators whereby production systems which apply higher animal welfare standards than the minimum standards get ‘due recognition’.

Coccivac-B - Coccidiosis vaccine for poultry
Coccivac-B - Coccidiosis vaccine for poultry

With cases of bird flu cropping up across Europe, the world's biggest insurance broker, Marsh, is urging businesses to prepare for situations where more than one quarter of their workforce could be off sick. Six member states of the EU have now confirmed the presence of the H5N1 strain of the virus, potentially lethal to humans, which is spreading across the continent after showing up in Turkey and central Europe.
     "An outbreak of avian flu will severely test even the best-laid business continuity plans, and business are well advised to review and revise their plans in the light of this threat," the US-based insurance giant said.

In Indonesia, the Jakarta city administration is ready to disburse its emergency funds totaling Rp 700 billion (US$76 million) to compensate for the cull of poultry which have allegedly been infected with deadly avian influenza (AI) virus.
     "We have indeed prepared funds for emergency things, but poultry farmers will only receive at least 50% of the total loss as the compensation. They will receive Rp 10,000 for each poultry," Jakarta governor Sutiyoso said.

Vietnam has allowed chicken breeders to resume production and this week restarted vaccinating bird stocks nationwide after three months without bird flu outbreaks in people. The H5N1 avian influenza virus has killed 42 people in Vietnam, the highest number of cases in any of the nations where bird flu has infected people.
     The government enforced strict control measures last year to control the disease and officials say these steps have paid off. The Health Ministry said Vietnam has had no bird flu cases in humans in the past three months. The Agriculture Ministry signed early this week a directive to allow chicken breeders at large-scale farms to resume hatching, a practice banned by the government since late November 2005.

DuPont Animal Health Solutions - ANTEC® BIOSENTRY®
DuPont Animal Health Solutions - ANTEC®  BIOSENTRY®

In this weeks China Broiler Market Weekly, eFeedLink report that broiler prices were mixed as buying interest remained weak (week ending Feb 15). Prices of AA broilers were mostly up but those of China breed broilers were generally lower.
     In the provinces of Shandong, Henan and Jiangsu, AA broiler prices were higher on low supplies. Sluggish demand and heavy snow hampering broiler delivery to the south had led prices of AA broilers in Liaoning province to slacken. Prices of China breed broilers gave up accumulated big gains made in the pre-Spring Festival period due to worries over bird flu cases in Hong Kong.

Egyptian authorities closed Cairo zoo and seven other state-run zoos around the country for two weeks from Sunday after 83 birds died there, some from the deadly H5N1 strain of bird flu.
     Witnesses saw dead and sick birds inside the zoo grounds on Sunday and the Health Ministry said that six of the 83 dead birds had tested positive for bird flu.
     A ministry statement said they included species of duck, turkey and Chinese geese. The zoo has slaughtered 563 birds and drained all the ponds there, it added.

At ground zero of India’s first outbreak of avian flu, rapid response teams today began a farm-to-farm mass slaughter of chickens and a house-to-house surveillance of people.
     At least 45 veterinary teams began culling operations in the infected zone around Navapur in northern Maharashtra, while others fanned out into neighbouring areas to look for signs of unusual sickness or death in poultry or other birds.
     The outbreak of bird flu is not in areas that supply export markets, but the government needs to take urgent steps to seal off the affected region, the chief of India's leading poultry trade body said. Shashi Kapur, president of the Poultry Federation of India, said domestic poultry prices, which have fallen up to 40%, could remain depressed for a couple of weeks.

Fluxx Breeder from Big Dutchman
Fluxx Breeder from Big Dutchman

In Australia, the federal government has signalled vaccine company CSL will be protected from legal action if new bird flu treatments have damaging side-effects. As Health Minister Tony Abbott handed more money to researchers to protect Australia from the flu threat, he promised the government would do everything possible to help CSL fast-track production of a human vaccine.
     Melbourne-based drug maker CSL has predicted its vaccine against the deadly bird flu virus could be available in Australia within six weeks of a pandemic.

In the US, an Oklahoma-Arkansas dispute involving the water quality of the Illinois River has been scheduled for U.S. Supreme Court consideration. Edward Turner, a court spokesman, said the disagreement was among issues scheduled for private court discussion Friday. He said if the court didn’t discuss the matter then, it could take it up at the next conference Friday.
     Oklahoma filed a federal lawsuit last June in Tulsa after four years of failed negotiations, alleging that Arkansas poultry companies were responsible for pollution of the Illinois River watershed.

Salmonella, one of the planet's most problematic food-poisoning bacteria, may have an accidental ally: transparent, nearly invisible animals called protozoa, according to the USDA's ARS.
     Microbiologist Maria T. Brandl has provided new evidence of the mostly mysterious interaction between these microscopic protozoa and Salmonella. Brandl's discoveries may lead to new, more powerful, and more environmentally friendly ways to reduce the incidence of Salmonella in meat, poultry and fresh produce, they say.

Hatchery Automation Systems - Improved quality and reduced costs
Improved quality and reduced costs

Company news

Yesterday the French Ministry of Agriculture announced the intention to vaccinate outdoor ducks against Avian Influenza in three western parts of France (Landes, Loire atlantique and Vendée).
     The French Ministry sees these regions at risk for transmission of the influenza virus by migrating birds. The Ministry has requested approval from the European Commission for these plans. Intervet will supply at least 30 million doses, a substantial part of the vaccine tender called by the French Ministry of Agriculture. Early next week the first delivery of Nobilis Influenza (H5N2) will be supplied by Intervet to prevent the Avian Influenza strain (H5N1) that has been identified in migrating birds in Western Europe.

*This Week's Feature Articles

We have 4 new features this week

Impact of Water Acidi?ers on Microbial Loads in Poultry Drinking Water
By Miranda Bowen and Susan Watkins and published by the University of Arkansas's Avian Advice - A broiler producer called with a complaint about flock performance. He explained that he used iodine for 2-3 days and then would switch the birds to an acidifier.

A Guide To The Food Hygiene & Other Regulations For The Meat Industry
By The Meat Hygiene Services and the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development in Northern Ireland - This Guide is relevant to those UK food businesses that slaughter animals for human consumption or cut or process meat, particularly those establishments that are subject to approval and, in the case of slaughterhouses, cutting plants, game handling establishments and co-located premises, veterinary control.

US Poultry Outlook Report - February 2006
By U.S.D.A., Economic Research Service - This article is an extract from the February 2006: Livestock, Dairy and Poultry Outlook Report, highlighting Global Poultry Industry data.

USDA Poultry and Products Semi-Annual Reports 2006: China and Hong Kong
By USDA, FAS - This article provides the poultry data from the USDA FAS Poultry and Products Semi-Annual 2006 reports. This week's articles cover the following countries; China and Hong Kong.

Yield from Hubbard - A Trusted Name with a New Focus
Yield from Hubbard

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