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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 5th June 2006

Monday 5th June 2006
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Welcome to this weeks newsletter

*Latest News (link to all this weeks news)

This week we start in Indonesia, where bird flu could threaten survivors of Indonesia's earthquake, an aid agency warned, after finding people whose homes were destroyed staying in chicken sheds.
     More than 50 people were staying Saturday in two large empty chicken coops in Pentong in Bantul district, according to CNN.

The World Health Organization has confirmed that there is no evidence that efficient transmission of the HPAI virus has emerged from a family cluster of cases in Indonesia.
     Analysis now has indicated that the virus itself has not undergone the genetic mutation that might mark its development of a capability for efficient and sustained human transmission, the report says.

The IOE says lack of funding in China, Indonesia and Africa may result in underreporting of cases of bird flu. "Farmers will probably not report sick animals" in Africa because of inadequate funding, education, time and distance, a spokesman said at an international conference of more than 300 scientists from 100 countries in Rome on Wednesday.

Just $286 million has been spent to fight bird flu out of nearly $1.9 billion pledged last January by nations and organizations that said they wanted to make a "massive effort" against the virus, according to a World Bank report.
     Only Japan, Switzerland and the Czech Republic have fully spent the money promised at a meeting of big donors in Beijing last January, according to the report, a copy of which was obtained by Reuters.

The multi-billion-dollar trade in poultry and wild birds, especially illegal trading, may have helped spread deadly bird flu around the world, leading bird flu experts said on Tuesday. "In this outbreak of H5N1, it's a combination - there is no doubt that the wild birds play their role in spreading the virus, but so do humans," Robert Webster, a leading avian flu expert, told reporters.

The role of swans and other wild birds in spreading bird flu is still unclear and uncertain, according to scientists. Many of the assumptions being made about the part played in the spread of the disease by wild birds simply do not stand up to analysis, the BBC reports.

In Taiwan, the Ministry of Economic Affairs will move to prohibit the slaughter of poultry at traditional domestic markets, starting December 1, as part of the government efforts to forestall avian flu.
     The Commerce Department under the MOEA and the Market Administration Office under the Department of Economic Development of the Taipei City Government yesterday launched a publicity drive for the new move in Taipei.

In Vietnam, a Joint Government-Donor Meeting was held last Friday during which donors pledged over 60 million U.S. dollars for the 2006-2008 period to help fight Bird flu.
     High-level representatives from the Vietnamese government, 23 donor countries, 7 international agencies and 3 international non-governmental organizations attended the meeting which centered on challenges in controlling avian and human influenza.

Paracox-5 - Coccidiosis vaccine for poultry
Paracox-5 Coccidiosis vaccine

In this weeks China Broiler Weekly, eFeedLink report that broiler prices across China registered substantial gains in the week ending May 31, with the exception of Sichuan province. Prices of China breed broilers in Guangdong province and Guangxi Zhuang Region rose sharply while in Jiangsu province, AA broiler prices made impressive gains.

Stating that the ban on the import of egg-laying chicken will continue, a Jammu and Kashmir Minister on Sunday urged officials to achieve self-sufficiency in meat and poultry production in two to three years.

The United Arab Emirates banned on Saturday imports of all kinds of wild and domesticated birds and pets and their related products and droppings from Fion town in Denmark, where cases of bird flu were reported, the local news agency WAM said.

Hungary says it has invented an effective human vaccine against bird flu. The trouble is, the country can't seem to prove it, reports Bloomberg. Seven months after proclaiming the product effective against a potential pandemic virus, the Hungarian government and Omninvest Kft., the private company that developed the vaccine, haven't sold a vial.

The EU has widened an import ban on Romanian poultry to the whole country because the lethal H5N1 strain of bird flu has resurfaced and is "spreading rapidly," officials said.

Over 740 wild birds across 13 member states have tested positive for the H5N1 strain of avian flu since early February, according to official figures just published by the EU Commission. However, a decline in the incidence of the disease has also been noted over the past weeks, suggesting the worst is over – for now, according to FWi.

DuPont Animal Health Solutions - ANTEC® BIOSENTRY®
DuPont Animal Health Solutions - ANTEC®  BIOSENTRY®

In Malta, a survey of agricultural holdings conducted by the National Statistics Office has revealed that almost all holdings are owned by individual farmers with a mere 1.6 per cent owned by partnerships and only 0.3 per cent owned by companies. The survey, which also deals with livestock, confirms the decline of the poultry industry since EU membership in 2004.

Norway has revoked its ban on free-range poultry in its southern counties on Thursday, according to peoples daily online. The Norwegian Food Safety Authority took the decision after observing that the risk of an H5N1 bird flu pandemic was diminishing, and no areas in Norway were at high risk.
     The health authority made a statement that "because of the bird flu situation now ... there are no special demands for the raising of poultry or other birds now."

UK government funding of £20m for the National Fallen Stock Scheme has been extended by a year to November 2008, reports Defra. The extension was made following the publication of an independent review of the National Fallen Stock Scheme and Company by Bob Bansback, a well respected figure in the livestock and meat industry.

More than 1000 livestock farmers across north Wales are without a fallen stock service after trading standards officers closed a storage plant near Wrexham. The collection centre at Marchwiel was closed by Wrexham trading standards after the owner of a neighbouring premises complained about the smell.

Fluxx Breeder from Big Dutchman
Fluxx Breeder from Big Dutchman

In the US, poultry experts are turning to sophisticated computer imaging to help them prepare for the expected arrival of the deadly bird flu virus in the United States later this year.
     Geographic Information System (GIS) technology is being used to pinpoint the location of commercial poultry flocks, feed mills and processing plants, said Sherrill Davison, professor of avian medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.

Warnex reports that its quantitative Campylobacter test is the first quantitative real-time PCR test available to the food industry to be AOAC-validated.
     An independent third-party review showed that the Warnex test detected and quantified Campylobacter in poultry rinses as well as, or better than traditional culture methods.

More investment by governments in agriculture and the right farm policies would help keep rural populations on the land and reduce migration, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization.
     This is among the conclusions of a major FAO research programme aimed at analyzing the various roles played by agriculture in the societies and economies of developing countries.

Company news

It has been 50 years since the first Hybro broiler breeders were introduced - and to mark the occasion, Hybro organised a party during VIV Europe in Utrecht (May 15 - 18,Utrecht, The Netherlands) to welcome a host of national and international colleagues, customers, breeding partners and other associates from around the world to the Hybro stand, to celebrate a half-century of dedication to broiler breeding worldwide.

Hatchery Automation Systems - Improved quality and reduced costs
Improved quality and reduced costs

*This Week's Feature Articles

We have 3 new features this week

Quality Control In Feed Manufacturing
By Frank T. Jones, Center of Excellence for Poultry Science, University of Arkansas and published in Avitech's Technical Bulletin - Feed manufacturers are often forced by circumstances to focus on short-term concerns such as: How many tonnes were produced this week, how many customers do I have, or how much down time did I have this week? While important, short-term problems can cause manufacturers to focus on solving problems rather than pursuing the company’s mission.
Enhancing Early Egg Size and Maintaining Shell Quality in Layers
By the Alberta Government - Underweight pullets are one of the most common causes for small early eggs. It is known that underweight pullets produce more small eggs early in the production cycle.
A balancing act: managing heat loss to maximise incubation performance
By Ron Meijerhof, Senior technical specialist, Hybro B.V. - Embryonic development is determined by embryonic temperature inside the shell. It is often assumed that this temperature is fully dependent on the air temperature around the egg. Yet, while this is an important factor, it is not the only factor to consider.

Flex from Hubbard - A Trusted Name with a New Focus
Flex from Hubbard

That's all for this week!

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