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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 12th June 2006

Monday 12th June 2006
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*Latest News (link to all this weeks news)

This week we start in Myanmar, where the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) will lead in a joint media project with the government and non-governmental media on prevention against bird flu among the public.
     Myanmar experienced two-month-long bird flu outbreak in March- April this year and was claimed to have been brought under control and restriction of movement in the 13 bird-flu-affected townships of the two divisions have been lifted.

Human-to-human transmission of bird flu probably occurred in Indonesia's seven cluster cases, a minister said, according to Peoples Daily Online, but he ruled out a pandemic of H5N1 across the archipelago.

In Azerbaijan, chicken and other poultry products might fall in price in a month or two, head of the Republic Poultry Keepers Aydin Valiyev told APA.
     He said the recent rise in price of poultry products is due to some bans related to bird flu pandemic. He said it is not allowed to export one-day chickens and pedigreed eggs to the republic due to the disease.

Vietnam must reform its poultry slaughtering system and change breeding practices to meet export standards, speakers at a seminar said on Friday.
     Provincial leaders, businesses, scientists and experts from the Netherlands, Thailand, India and Vietnam discussed the country's poultry husbandry and slaughtering procedures as well as the restructuring of the poultry sector until 2010.

In Tanzania, as the government intensifies efforts to stave off the looming threat of bird flu to the country, Zanzibar announced at the weekend that it had impounded another consignment of poultry and poultry products imported from Brazil.

In the Ukraine, the number of poultry on Jun 1 totalled 178.39 million, an increase of 5.1% compared with the same date last year, according to the state statistics committee.
     In the last few years, despite bird flu, a number of serious investors entered the pork and poultry markets and considerable financial resources had been invested in upgrading the existing facilities and creating new ones.

The European Commission said Friday that a H5 highly pathogenic strain of bird flu had been found in a domestic flock of geese in Hungary.
     Samples will be sent to the EU's reference laboratory for avian flu in Weybridge, UK, for further tests to determine whether it is the deadly H5N1 strain, the commission said in a statement.

In the UK, following news that one of Scotland largest poultry producers is cutting output, NFU Scotland has made calls for fairer prices within the poultrymeat and egg sectors.
     NFU Scotland understands that Grampian Country Foods are being forced to cut their capacity, due to poor trading conditions, strong competition supplying the retail and manufacturing sector and rising costs. In addition, they face constant pressure from supermarkets and cheap imports.

Ross Breeders - Generations of innovations
Ross Breeders - Generations of innovations

The NFU has accused some of Britain’s major supermarkets of abusing their power, creating a climate of fear among suppliers and putting supply chains at risk. In its response to the Competitions Commission’s investigation of the grocery market the NFU has identified a number of specific examples of malpractice including:

Liberal Democrat MP Andrew George has said the Competition Commission cannot ignore the fact that supermarkets have prospered while the farming industry has struggled.
     Mr George has published figures, obtained from Defra and the House of Commons library, which show the power of the major retailers and the impact this has had on the farming community, according to FWi.

The Nfu has accused Chancellor Gordon Brown of shooting at the wrong target in singling out the Common Agricultural Policy for further reform. Mr Brown spoke at length about his vision for the CAP when he addresses the CBI last week.
     The Nfu agrees that the European Union needs to meet the challenges of globalisation, but in identifying the CAP as the sole offender he is shooting at the wrong target.

Britain's quest for cheap food is causing animal welfare problems on some farms, veterinary experts have warned. Lower incomes, tighter profit margins and a flood of food imports mean livestock farmers are being forced to cut corners, a meeting of the British Veterinary Association animal welfare forum was told last Wednesday.

VIROCID - The Global Disinfectant
VIROCID - The Global Disinfectant

In Ireland, the Minister for Agriculture and Food, Mary Coughlan T.D., today announced the introduction of a new Scheme to support the demonstration of new and emerging technologies to further assist the agriculture sector in meeting the requirements of the Nitrates Directive.

In the US, a biotechnology firm said on Wednesday it had developed a new technique to produce genetically modified chickens that could be used to produce treatments for human diseases.
     The technology, devised by scientists at the privately-owned California company Origen Therapeutics and researchers at the University of California, Davis, may also lead to improved poultry production and chickens resistant to avian flu.

Chicken farmer Sang Park pays to have his poultry houses cleaned three times a year. But his neighbors still complain about the odor from his operation.
     "They don't like chicken houses," Park said. "They say they smell bad, but depending on the wind direction and temperature, you can only smell them a couple of hundred feet away."

U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Mike Johanns said Thursday that the next farm law needs a balance between programs that take farmland out of production and programs that improve soil conservation on cropland.
     Johanns spoke at the World Pork Expo and unveiled a 41-page paper that contains possible changes in the next farm bill's soil and water quality conservation programs.

The University of Delaware's College of Agriculture and Natural Resources has announced the formation of a new Avian Biosciences Center, which will bring together resources from an array of disciplines to conduct research and communicate information in areas vital to the poultry industry.

The state of Oklahoma may seek to enter poultry growers' properties this week as part of the attorney general's lawsuit against several poultry companies. The state would take soil, water and litter samples as part of a lawsuit Drew Edmondson filed against 13 companies, accusing them of polluting the Illinois River watershed with poultry litter. Court documents show that the state will be ready to start sampling tomorrow.

Reaching new peaks of performance
Reaching new peaks of performance

A state agency has begun a voluntary farm identification program it says is designed to help Arkansas maintain the safety of its portion of the nation's food supply. State Livestock and Poultry Federation chief Phil Wyrick says registering farms is the first step in developing a national animal identification program for protecting animal health.

Peggy Taylor makes a habit of purchasing eggs produced by hens that are not confined to cages but can roam freely inside barns or warehouses. The concerns of shoppers like Taylor are part of a growing public interest in where food comes from, reports
     Egg producers respond that keeping chickens in cages is much cheaper for consumers. Producers also argue that caging is safer for the birds, keeping them more disease-free.

Brazil's total chicken export volume fell 5.5% to 1.04 million metric tons in the first five months of the year because bird flu caused a general decline in chicken consumption in Brazil's principal export markets, the Brazilian Chicken Exporters Association said Friday.

Company news

Big Dutchman have announced Natura 60, a spectacular new generation of aviaries. The unparalleled concept is based on the idea to decisively reduce management requirements in laying hen aviary housing and, at the same time, increase the product reliability. The inspection aisle, the most important feature of the well thought-out Natura60 design, facilitates overall management by remaining free of litter, hens and manure.
     Also this week, carrying award-winning certificates and a fine trophy, the Big Dutchman colleagues have returned from VIV Europe which took place in Utrecht, Netherlands. At this year's leading show for modern poultry production Big Dutchman was the only housing equipment manufacturer to receive two of the highly coveted "World Poultry Awards".

Vencomatic - Complete Solutions in Poultry Equipment
Complete Solutions in Poultry Equipment

Hubbard SAS and Joice and Hill Poultry Ltd have made an agreement that will give Hubbard the exclusive use of the Joice and Hill hatchery at Fulletby, Lincolnshire, which will hatch eggs from the Hubbard UK grand parent farms. This arrangement is part of Hubbard’s plan for further expansion into the UK market.

Leading Dutch broiler breeding company Hybro BV has completed the second phase of a comprehensive redevelopment programme at its pure line pedigree farm in Herveld (The Netherlands). The programme of expansion and facilities improvements has taken 18 months to complete, running entirely on schedule throughout - and already demonstrating substantial improvements.

*This Week's Feature Articles

We have 3 new features this week

Adding Fiber to the Diet of Laying Hens Reduces Ammonia Emission
By Stacey Roberts, Kristjan Bregendahl, Hongwei Xin, Brian Kerr, and James Russell, the Department of Animal Science, Iowa State University - This article is taken from Iowa State University's annual report of the research activities that relate to the animal agriculture industries.
Single Stage Incubation Has Big Advantages For Turkeys
By Pas-Reform - The demand for the single stage incubation of turkey eggs is being stimulated by a greater awareness of the growing variability between batches of eggs, which is determined by flock age and genetic background.
Poultry and Egg Statistics 2006
By Statistics Canada - This publication provides data on the production, supply and disposition and value of Canadian poultry meat and eggs.

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That's all for this week!

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