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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 26th June 2006

Monday 26th June 2006
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Welcome to this weeks newsletter

*Latest News (link to all this weeks news)

This week we start in Australia, where farmers and bureaucrats will meet next month to work out their differences over the nation's quarantine rules.
    The move follows a damning parliamentary report which attacked the handling of an outbreak of citrus canker by the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service.

The Australian Government has offered to set up a compensation scheme for Indonesian poultry farmers hit by bird flu, according to the country's Health Minister Tony Abbott. The government feels that a lack of such a compensation scheme is hindering the efforts to fight bird flu in Indonesia.

Four people have died after catching avian flu from infected swans, in the first confirmed cases of the disease being passed from wild birds, scientists have revealed.
     The victims, from a village in Azerbaijan, are believed to have caught the lethal H5N1 virus earlier this year when they plucked the feathers from dead birds to sell for pillows. Three other people were infected by the swans but survived, reports The Guardian.

The recent family cluster of H5N1 avian influenza cases in Indonesia marks the first time laboratory tests confirmed human-to-human transmission, the WHO told reporters Saturday.
     According to news reports, WHO officials said the virus mutated slightly when it infected a 10-year-old boy, and he passed the altered virus on to his father.

There are no more bird flu locations in Malaysia and neighbors can freely import Malaysian poultry, according to Itar-Tass. Malaysia is the only Southeast Asian country which has not had a single case of avian flu transmission from birds to human beings, they report.

Iraqi poultry experts say the industry is slowly recovering in Sulaimaniyah, months after the government stemmed an outbreak of the deadly bird flu virus.
     Locally-sourced poultry and eggs, which the government pulled from the market when the H5N1 strain of avian flu killed at least one person in January, have returned to the markets and shops in this northeastern Kurdish city.

In this weeks China Broiler Weekly, eFeedLink report that prices of China breed broilers were sharply lower in week ending Jun 21 after news of a human bird flu case in Shenzhen prompted Hong Kong authorities to impose a three-week ban on live poultry imports from the mainland.

The Avian Influenza virus which struck Vietnam in late 2003 has prompted the country to re-zone its fowl breeding sector with focus on establishing large concentrated farms, slaughterhouses and markets, reports Peoples Daily Online.
     Vietnam, in which poultry used to be raised almost everywhere, both rural and urban areas, even adjacent to houses, has already banned the breeding of fowls in inner areas of major cities and towns.

Bird flu may be spread by using chicken manure as food in fish farms, that's according to Birdlife International, the worlds leading bird conservation organization in 100 countries.

VIROCID - The Global Disinfectant
VIROCID - The Global Disinfectant

In the US, many large livestock farms that are looking to grow - including at least four proposed for northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio - must factor in neighborhood opposition as a cost of doing business.
     Few rural residents want to see a million chickens but farmers say these large operations are needed to increase farm profits, according to

Concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs), such as large pig, veal and poultry, beef and dairy farms, would continue to be required to properly manage the manure they generate under a rule proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency. The move, in response to a 2005 court ruling, would revise the current permit system for such farms.

The American Farm Bureau Federation last week commended the EPA for its proposed Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations rule, saying it would make it easier for farmers and ranchers to operate without onerous federal regulation.
     AFBF said that the proposed rule appeared to comply with the 2005 court ruling that only those livestock operations that actually discharge or propose to discharge pollution are required to apply for discharge permits.

Des Moines Water Works and state environmental regulators are opposing an attempt in Congress to protect livestock farms from lawsuits and exempt them pollution-reporting rules.
     A House bill that has 170 co-sponsors, including all of Iowa's delegation, would exempt manure from being considered a hazardous substance under the federal Superfund law.

The Pew Charitable Trusts have bankrolled a $2.6 million national study of large-scale livestock production - a key issue in Iowa. The commission, which will hold a private board meeting in Des Moines Monday through Wednesday, is expected to "conduct a comprehensive, fact-based and balanced examination of key aspects of the farm animal industry."

Scientists report that the quality of early-deboned chicken differs between broiler strains. A cooperative research project at the University of Arkansas and Auburn University revealed that the tenderness of cooked breast meat – deboned two hours after slaughter – differed significantly between five common commercial broiler strains, reports MeatNews.

Vencomatic - Complete Solutions in Poultry Equipment
Complete Solutions in Poultry Equipment

Eliminating antibiotic drugs from food animal production may have little positive effect on resistant bacteria that threaten human health, according to the Institute of Food Technologists.
     In fact, such actions abroad have resulted in more antibiotic use and more resistant bacteria in some cases according to the international, nonprofit scientific society and its latest Expert Report, Antimicrobial Resistance: Implications for the Food System, released today.

Although canola is one of Canada’s most important and widely grown crops, volatile market demand is a problem for producers. This volatility is the result of only having one high value product to market - canola oil - which only makes up 40% of the crushed seed. The remaining 60% is currently used to make a low-value feed meal.

With confirmed cases of human-to-human transmission of the avian influenza virus, scientists are now warning that mass vaccination of domestic poultry may hinder detection of the deadly H5N1 strain of the disease, according to Food Production Daily.
     Mass vaccination is seen as one way of calming consumers' fears about the safety of the EU's poultry flock. Consumption of poultry and poultry products have plunged by as much as 70% in some countries at the start of this year.

In the UK, the future challenges facing the egg industry was the focus of the annual Temperton Fellowship for poultry research. Peter Challands, Andrew Jorêt and David Tromans presented the 14th Temperton Fellowship Report on June 12th at Butchers Hall, London.
     Their report, entitled The Challenges Facing the UK Egg Industry, looked at how the sector has adapted to the challenges it faces and the changes that have to be made to meet consumer needs.

Defra secretary David Miliband has announced that the Rural Payments Agency will pay interest to those farmers who have not received their single farm payment by 30 June, so long as the fault lies with the RPA. In a statement to the House of Commons on Thursday, Mr Miliband repeated his apologies for the distress caused by SFP delays, reports FWi.

Reaching new peaks of performance
Reaching new peaks of performance

The National Fallen Stock Company has reported that 500,000 collections have now taken place under the Fallen Stock Scheme. It has also pointed out that since the scheme’s launch only around 700 complaints have been received by the helpline.
     About 500 of these complaints related to a delay in stock being picked up and 200 being general complaints about the scheme itself. “This equates to there only being around one complaint made for every 1000 collections taking place,” said NFSCo.

Around a quarter of Belgian laying hen farms are contaminated with salmonella, higher than the EU average and three times the rate recorded in the Netherlands, the Belgian newspaper Het Nieuwsblad reported on Tuesday.
     Around 26% of the major commercial layer farms in Belgium were infected with the virus, they said. The rate is higher than the EU average of 20.3%. Just 7.9% of Dutch farms are infected.

The Barbados Egg and Poultry Producers Association says the demand for eggs has increased since it launched a campaign to encourage more people to use the product. Vice president Wayne Clarke, says however there's still some work to be done, to convince people that eggs are healthy.

In Saudi Arabia, poultry producers have sought the intervention of the government to stop foreign producers from flooding their products in the local market. The Saudi Society for Poultry Producers has sent a plea to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry asking it to intervene to save the industry from impending collapse, a report in Gulf News said.

Company news

Intervet Intervet has strengthened its international poultry marketing team by appointing Rick van Oort in the position of International Product Manager. He will be responsible for the management of the breeder/layer vaccine portfolio. Van Oort is a 31-year-old poultry professional with an Agricultural Sciences background.

Visit and learn about salmonella in poultry
Visit, learn about salmonella in poultry

Cobb's Technical School in Kiev attracted more than 40 delegates from Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. The event was organised by Vasyl Babych, Cobb Germany market manager for Ukraine and Belarus, who is based in Ukraine, and was co-sponsored by Cobb Germany, Cobb Europe and Broiler Budushego.

*This Week's Feature Articles

We have 3 new features this week

Seeking out Salmonella
By Ron Meijerhof, Senior technical specialist, Hybro B.V. and published in International Hatchery Practice Volume 19 Number 6, 2005 - Thinking of the hatchery as a crossroad is a useful analogy for understanding why it plays such a key role in the control of Salmonella. Eggs from various origins arrive, and resulting chicks depart for different farms.
FAWC Report On Farm Welfare: Introduction and Background
By the Farm Animal Welfare Council - This article is part of a report on labelling in relation to the welfare provenance of livestock products. This Report concentrates on the purpose and nature of labelling and its justification, whether such labelling should be voluntary or mandatory, and how best to convey relevant information.
How to gauge optimum timing for pulling day old chicks
By Pas-Reform - This article looks at what factors influence the length of the incubation period for day-old chicks.

Arbor Acres - Helping Success take Shape
Arbor Acres - Helping Success take Shape

That's all for this week!

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