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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 14th August 2006

ThePoultrySite Newsletter
Monday 14th August 2006
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

This week sees the launch of the upgraded website and new format newsletter. The upgrade to ThePoultrySite follows the recent upgrade of ThePigSite. We hope you enjoy the new functionalty of the upgraded site along with the clearer layout of the new newsletter.

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 4 new features this week:

Farm Animal Welfare Issues: Affect on Poultry Producers
By G.T. Tabler, Poultry Science Department at the University of Arkansas's Avian Advice - Livestock production practices have evolved at a rapid pace over the past 30 years. So much so that few people today are aware of current on-farm management practices.
Hot Weather Management
By Kenneth E. Anderson, Extension Poultry Specialist, North Carolina State University - As the summer weather continues, with high temperatures and humidity, producers must continually review how to keep their birds cool.
UK Poultry Disease Quarterly Surveillance Report (to March 2006)
By Veterinary Laboratories Agency - This report monitors trends in the major endemic poultry diseases and utilises the farmfile and VIDA (Veterinary Investigation Disease Analysis) databases.
Direct Marketing Meats... Selling Freezer Chicken
By The Alberta Agriculture, Food And Rural Development Department - Successful farm direct marketing depends on providing quality products in a clean and customer friendly environment.
Coccivac-B - Coccidiosis vaccine for poultry
* Global Poultry Industry News (link to all this weeks news)

BIRD FLU NEWS UPDATE: Get all the latest bird flu news here!.

NETHERLANDS - The Dutch government has confirmed its first H5N1 bird flu case in the country. Two owls were found dead at the Rotterdam Zoo and subsequent tests have confirmed the more dangerous strain of bird flu. Earlier this month, the low pathagenic strain was discovered on a poultry farm which has led 5 countries to ban imports of Dutch poultry.

THAILAND - Government officials last week said there was high risk of bird flu outbreaks in the capital and announced emergency measures to fight the spread of the deadly disease. The goverment is concerned about the close proximity of peoples homes and the poultry farms.

VIET NAM - Ho Chi Minh city has reinstated its ban on poultry farming this week. City authorities will continue to halt all poultry farming until February 2007. Earlier, Vietnam had decided to resume chicken farming while the duck ban remained in place at the beginning of August.

INDONESIA has confirmed a new human case of avian flu. A teenager was confirmed on Saturday as the latest bird flu case in Indonesia, the country worst hit by avian influenza with 44 human deaths recorded, health officials said.

CAMBODIA has had a new bird flu breakout in poultry in southeast Prey Veng province, officials said on Saturday. More than 1,000 ducks got sick last week and died, the report said.

CHINA should learn a lesson from the belated confirmation of a human case of bird flu, by focusing on current challenges like publicity, strengthening surveillance and improving communication mechanisms, the World Health Organization said on Wednesday.

INDIA has declared itself free of bird flu after no poultry cases in nearly four months. India had several outbreaks of bird flu between February 18 and April 18 this year in three out of its 29 states in the western and central regions of the country.
Colony Nest 2+ from Big Dutchman
  European Union

Reducing salmonella in European egg-laying hens: EU targets now set
In the European Union, Salmonella enterica serotypes Enteritidis and Typhimurium are the salmonella types most frequently associated with human illness. A recent study found a range of salmonella levels in hens of between 0% and 79%.

  New Zealand

NZ Poultry Industry combats Campylobacter
Consumer concerns about campylobacter have been high on the agenda at last week's meeting of the Poultry Industry Association of New Zealand.

Consumers remain loyal to fresh poultry
Consumers are still lining up for fresh chicken – despite recent renewed media interest in New Zealand’s unusually high rates of human campylobacter.

Disease scare fails to dent consumption of chicken
The chicken industry says sales have remained steady despite the scare about high rates of human campylobacter infection. A University of Otago study that appeared last month said New Zealand's campylobacter rates were the world's highest.

  Russian Federation

Russian Poultry Slaughter Up 20% On Last Year
Russia's Agriculture Ministry reports that poultry slaughters in Russia in the first half of this year were 19% higher in terms of weight than in the same period last year, according to the Interfax news agency.

  Czech Republic

Concern over continued price fall in Czech Republic
The Disc poultry sales co-operative in the Czech Republic says that the price received by Czech poultry producers for their production is continuing to fall.


Georgian Poultry Numbers Drop By 60%
Statistics Georgia reports that there were a total of 4.19 million head of poultry on farms in Georgia on March 31 this year, as compared with 9.36 million on the same date in 2005.


Latvian Poultry Farm Switches To Free Range Eggs
The SIA Marupes lauksaimniecibas centrs poultry farm in Latvia has recently started producing free range eggs, the first poultry farm in the country to do so, according to Baltic Business News.
Yield from Hubbard
  United States

Defendant group await judge in poultry suit
A federal judge in Tulsa says he plans to rule next week on whether to remove several third-party defendants from Oklahoma Attorney General Drew Edmondson's lawsuit against 13 poultry companies.

Defendants want data from other poultry-producing counties
Defendants in a case alleging a substance fed to chickens has caused cancer in the Prairie Grove area say they believe cancer statistics from other poultry-producing counties should be allowed as evidence.

National Animal ID System: Tracking the livestock
A new federal program to monitor the nation’s commercial animals is drawing concerns, reports the Free New Mexican. Some farmers in Northern New Mexico are cooperating with an ambitious federal effort to inventory and monitor the nation’s livestock, but others see it as government intrusion they intend to defy.

Weekly Outlook: Crop Production Report
As the markets await the Aug. 11 release of the USDA's first corn and soybean yield and production forecast for the 2006 crops based on survey and field observation data, the soybean situation is more complicated, said Darrel Good from the University of Illinois.

Variability in Corn Yields
Better genetics and farming practices may be responsible for the lack of severe corn yield losses in recent years, according to a recent University of Illinois Extension study.

  Hong Kong

Poultry rest day set for August 10
The Food & Environmental Hygiene Department reminds poultry stall operators and the public that the next poultry rest day falls on August 10.

  United Kingdom

Battery-farm backlash boosts free-range eggs
Shoppers concerned about animal welfare in Britain's £3bn-a-year poultry industry have sent sales of free range and organic chickens and eggs surging.
Hatchery climate contol from Pas Reform
IPPC: Last minute nerves all round
Pig and poultry farmers on the continent are paying a good deal less for their IPPC permits than British producers. In Holland, for instance, the charge is just £250, whilst in Britain most pig-keepers will pay over £3,000, says the NPA's Digby Scott.

Beware of heat stress in stock, producers warned
With temperatures exceeding 36°C in some parts of the UK over the last month, farmers are finding their livestock are struggling to keep cool, dramatically affecting productivity.

Selling what grows naturally becomes a growth industry
Organic produce has a mixed history, but farmers are increasingly returning to it as supermarkets respond to consumer demand - and the City is taking an interest.


Sumac increases poultry shelf life, reduce pathogens
A water-soluble sumac berry extract has been found to increase shelf life and decrease bacteria contamination of chicken wings. The discovery could be a major boost for the poultry manufacturers looking for new ways to preserve and protect their products with natural ingredients.


Five countries ban Dutch poultry
Five countries have banned imports of Dutch poultry and poultry products after the Netherlands found a low-pathogenic H7 bird flu strain at a farm last week, the Dutch agriculture ministry said.


Farms are raided to crack egg scam
Large producers of eggs have been raided by food inspectors in the first stage of a state government-ordered investigation into free-range egg substitution.


DA conducts avian population survey
As part of an AI preparedness plans, the Department of Agriculture are in the process of conducting avian population survey in the Eastern Visayas region.
DuPont Animal Health Solutions

Ukraine's pig, poultry numbers up; cattle, sheep down
The numbers of poultry in the Ukraine on Aug 1 was 201.5 million, an increase of 1.3 percent compared with Jul 1, according to the state statistics committee. Ukraine poultry output is likely to increase this year to 550,000 tonnes from 419,200 tonnes in 2005.


Cameroon lifts poultry products import ban
The government of Cameroon has lifted the ban on import of poultry products from countries not affected by avian flu.

Company news

Pas Reform Smart expansion for Ukraine’s Mironovsky
Ukraine’s leading integrated poultry producer, Mironovsky Hliboprodukt, has contracted Dutch hatchery technology company Pas Reform to supply new equipment and training for a major new expansion project over the next two years.

That's all for this week!


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