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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 20th November 2006
Monday 20th November 2006
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 5 new features this week:

China Exporter Guide 2006
By the USDA, Foreign Agricultural Service.
US Poultry Outlook Report - November 2006
By U.S.D.A., Economic Research Service.
Nobilis Influenza H5 Vaccine in Ducks
By Intervet.
Ventilation of incubators, the secrets of carbon dioxide, humidity and finally temperature
By Ron Meijerhof, Senior Technical Specialist, Hybro B.V.
Poultry health through nutrition - a look at selenium
By Peter Spring, Zurich, Switzerland.
DuPont Animal Health Solutions
* Global Poultry Industry News (link to all this weeks news)

BIRD FLU NEWS UPDATE: Get all the latest bird flu news here!

VIETNAM - US President George W. Bush toured a bird flu lab Monday to encourage Vietnam in its successful battle against the disease, pledge U.S. support and urge Southeast Asia to be prepared to handle further outbreaks if they occur. The World Bank is now planning a second phase operation to assist Vietnam overcome the reoccurrence of the deadly avian influenza or bird flu that saw more than 45 million birds killed or culled in just three months in 2004 in the country.

THAILAND - Thailand's provincial livestock authorities countrywide have been ordered to disinfect poultry farms, especially those located in flood-hit provinces, to prevent further outbreaks of the deadly bird flu disease during this season, a senior official said Sunday.

INDONESIA - Poultry control measures must be tightened in Indonesia where public awareness of bird flu is poor even though it has the highest number of human deaths, the head of the country's main treatment hospital said on Tuesday.

HONG KONG - A group of scientists has discovered two spots on the H5N1 bird flu virus that need to mutate for the virus to infect people more easily. The virus has surface proteins that bind more easily to "receptors" lining respiratory tracts of birds, rather than receptors in humans. This means it easily causes disease in animals such as poultry but is much harder for humans to be infected.

EGYPT - With the onset of winter, there may be an increase in cases of the potentially lethal avian flu virus H5N1 among fowl and humans in Egypt, according to health ministry officials.

UK - Leading scientists say the UK government is failing to take advantage of scientific developments in the fight to prevent a flu pandemic. A report from the Royal Society and the Academy of Medical Sciences says it is inadequate to stockpile just one anti-viral drug. It warns the H5N1 virus can develop resistance to Tamiflu, and says the drug Relenza should also be stockpiled.

ROMANIA - Romania is prepared from a strategic viewpoint to combat a new outbreak of the H5N1 bird flu virus, local epidemiologists were quoted as saying on Tuesday by the national Rompres news agency.

US - The US Department of Labor last week released revised Occupational Safety and Health Administration guidance to help employers protect their workers from job-related exposure to H5N1 avian influenza.
Merial Trovac AIV H5

Hungarian Poultry Production Rises
Hungary’s Central Statistical Office reports that the production of poultry meat in Hungary in the first nine months of this year was 5.2 per cent higher than in the same period in 2005.

  United Kingdom

Poultry Board Chairman wins top award
NFU Poultry Board Chairman Charles Bourns has received the top award for services to the poultry industry, recognising the contributions he makes above and beyond the normal course of duty.

Leading turkey producer closes down factory days before Christmas
The UK’s third largest turkey producer and processor, Cherryridge Poultry, announced last week that it will close its processing factory on 22 December.

Defra investigates fraud in egg industry
The Government has called on the egg industry and retailers to ensure that the eggs they are selling are correctly labelled.

ISABrown Award goes to ‘huge supporter of UK egg industry
A lifetime of achievement in the egg industry was recognised with the presentation of the prestigious ISABROWN Award to Andrew Hignett.

Yorkshire packer calls for egg sector shakeup
A Yorkshire egg producer has called for a shake-up in the egg packing industry in the wake of allegations that consumers may have been sold mislabelled eggs.

Salmonella risk in imported eggs
The Food Standards Agency last week published its findings of a survey of salmonella contamination in eggs produced outside the UK and on retail sale in England. In the eggs sampled, salmonella was estimated to be in around one box in every 30 (3.3%).
See Also: Buy British eggs to avoid salmonella risk

Poultry firm doubles size with farms buy
A Yorkshire based poultry business has completed a major deal which will more than double its size. Ebco (Holdings), based in Bilbrough, North Yorkshire, has acquired the business and assets of five poultry farms from Sullivans Poultry Group, a subsidiary of Peterborough-based national pig and poultry animal feed company ABN.

FSA warns that safety standards must take priority on farms
Farmers must come to terms with the fact that they are part of the food chain. This is appreciated by most progressive individuals who act accordingly, but the majority of industry participants will now be subject to a greater degree of scrutiny.
Viper; All-in-one climate control and production computer from Big Dutchman
Revisions to Scotlands Nitrate Vulnerable Zones
New rules to strengthen protection for the water environment were proposed last week.

NFUS Expresses Disappointment Over NVZ Proposals
NFU Scotland has expressed its concern over proposals that have been included in the Scottish Executive’s consultation on new rules in Nitrate Vulnerable Zones (NVZs). These would mainly come into force in stages, starting 6 months after the rules are approved by Parliament.


Poultry in toxin scare cleared for sale
Queensland health authorities say 150,000 chickens exposed to potentially toxic levels of a chemical used to control parasites are safe to eat. A total of 200,000 chickens at two poultry farms near Brisbane were exposed to a food mix containing dangerous levels of Nicarbazin. About 49,000 chickens died, according to The Australian.


Poultry rates ease amid improved supply in Pakistan
Poultry rates have eased amid improved supply from other provinces. Poultry prices had surged to unjustified level during last two months.

  Russian Federation

Russian Meat Production Rises
Poultry meat production in Russia in specialized enterprises this year has hit the levels achieved in 1990 for the first time.

  United States

Weekly US Broiler Hatchery Report
Broiler-Type Eggs Set In 19 Selected States Down 3 Percent, report the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS).

Monthly US Turkey Hatchery Report
Turkey eggs in incubators up 9%, report the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS).

International Egg and Poultry Review
By the USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service - This is a weekly report looking at international developments concerning the poultry industry, this week looking at the latest in the EU.

Skinny turkeys won't go as far in U.S. school lunch program
Schools that get turkey from the Agriculture Department are having to turn elsewhere this year for Thanksgiving lunches for students. There's not enough for the lunch program that feeds 29 million kids.
Paracox-5 Coccidiosis vaccine
Tyson warning on food versus fuel debate
Tyson, the world's largest protein producer, last Monday weighed into the food-versus-fuel debate with a warning that ethanol-driven corn prices would push up the cost of beef and chicken for US consumers.

Weekly Outlook: Corn
A change to the trend of higher corn prices would not be expected until there is some evidence of a slowdown in consumption, said Darrel Good, a University of Illinois Extension marketing specialist.

USDA's New Web-Based Awareness Tool Estimates Energy Use for Animal Housing Producers
Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns last week unveiled a Web-based energy awareness tool designed to help agricultural producers reduce energy costs related to animal housing.

Feds admit $2.8 billion in improper farm payments
The Agriculture Department on Wednesday acknowledged making improper payments to farmers worth more than $2.8 billion last year.

Sustainable Food for the World
Genetically modified crops and new information technologies will be central to meeting the food demands of a rapidly growing world population sustainably, said a University of Illinois agricultural economist in a recent article in the Harvard International Review.


Sudan Red found in Chinese duck eggs
Duck eggs containing the carcinogenic dye Sudan Red IV have been pulled from shelves in Beijing, in the latest food scare to hit the city.

China Broiler Weekly
In this weeks China Broiler Weekly, eFeedlink report that prices were stable to higher in most regions.


Perdigao: Third Quarter Indicates Tendency Towards Recovery in Growth
Perdigao's third quarter 2006 results reflect a tendency towards recovery in relation to the second quarter of the year.


Euro Tier 2006: BioEnergy Europe heralds in new era for world’s farmers - sustainable energy production.
The premier of BioEnergy Europe at Euro Tier creates an impressive backdrop to a new world opening up for all farmers, and makes a persuasive case for the immediate practical potential offered by the technology.
Flex from Hubbard
  Korea, Republic of

S. Korea authorizes poultry imports from Chile
South Korea's Agriculture and Forestry Ministry has authorized the importation of Chilean poultry products, Chile's Export Promotions Program (ProChile) said in a statement on Wednesday.


Spain fights salmonella accusations
The Spanish Ministry for Agriculture has discredited a Food Standards Agency report which states that one in every eight Spanish egg boxes tested positive for salmonella in a survey of non-UK eggs.

Company news

Pas Reform take their machines to a new level
Pas Reform Some time ago Pas Reform equipped the Cobroed Hatchery in Holland with their machines and more recently they have installed some of their newest Smart incubators in the hatchery.

That's all for this week!


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