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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 19th February 2007
Monday 19th February 2007
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 3 new features this week:

Cellulitis/Dermatitis in Turkeys
By Donna Carver, Associate Professor of Poultry Science and Extension Veterinarian, North Carolina State University - Condemnations of turkeys due to cellulitis or dermatitis are on the rise according to some turkey producers in North Carolina.
Advances in Immunology - The Best Shot at Disease Prevention
By the USDA's ARS - 2005 was a good year for immunology. That was the year officials at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention declared the elimination of rubella in the United States.
Animal Industry Report 2007
By the Department of Animal Science, Iowa State University - This article is Iowa State University's annual report of the research activities that relate to the animal agriculture industries. This report combines research reports from faculty associated with various departments on campus, including Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, Animal Science, Natural Resource Ecology and Management, Economics, Veterinary Diagnostics, and Production Animal Medicine.
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* Global Poultry Industry News (link to all this weeks news)

Global Poultry Industry News (link to all this weeks news)

RUSSIA - An avian flu outbreak was recorded in two areas in Moscow Region on Sunday. Earlier last week, the H5N1 strain was found in three other locations. Officials do not rule out the possibility of bioterrorism.

US - Stocking up on food is as simple as a trip to the grocery store, a veritable land of plenty for Americans. But will fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, bread, milk and other household staples still be available if the U.S. is hit with an anticipated bird flu pandemic? The country's main avian influenza research program is poised for a major renovation, including the possible creation of a new research laboratory that would become one of the largest buildings in Athens.

HONG KONG - Preliminary tests on a common kestrel found dead in Hong Kong on Saturday have indicated it was infected with the milder H5 strain of bird flu.

UK - Bird flu investigators have failed to perform tests to see if gulls and other wild birds are spreading the deadly H5N1 virus from the stricken Bernard Matthews farm in Suffolk, although they accept that it is a threat. Health officials are urgently investigating fears that the disposal of contaminated waste from the Bernard Matthews plant may have allowed the virus to spread to other parts of the country.
For information on the bird flu outbreak on the Bernard Matthews plant, see UK news below.

EGYPT - A 37-year-old Egyptian woman who tested positive for the bird flu virus has died in a Cairo hospital, bringing the number of deaths from the disease in Egypt to 13, a government health official said on Friday.

TURKEY - Bird flu has spread to 10 villages in southeast Turkey, where four children died of the virus a year ago, but no human cases have been reported, agriculture officials said on Friday.

INDONESIA - Indonesia says it will continue withholding its bird flu virus samples from foreign laboratories pending a new global mechanism for virus sharing that has better terms for developing countries.

  United States

Poultry industry looks for better '07
Higher input costs and greater poultry supplies nationwide resulted in a tough 2006 for profits, and area companies may be reducing production numbers to rebound the 2007 market, industry experts said.
More on Nicholas Turkeys, part of Aviagen
Ethanol Demand Threatens Food Prices
Rising corn prices are already affecting everything from the cost of tortillas in Mexico City to the cost of producing eggs in the United States.

Gold’n Plump Poultry Redefines Natural With Its All Natural Line
Gold’n Plump Poultry recently launched a new line of all natural products, made from chickens raised with no antibiotics by more than 250 Midwest family farmers. In addition, the line offers all of the USDA-required attributes for natural labeling like no added hormones, no artificial ingredients, no preservatives, and no injected solutions.

Corn prices concern livestock industry
Not everyone is excited about rising corn prices. "Livestock producers have some concerns about the high prices. Last year corn was selling for $2 (a bushel). This year, it's $4," said Patrick Kirchhofer, manager of the Peoria County Farm Bureau.

Demand for eggs expected to raise prices again soon
Consumers who’ve been paying more for eggs recently could see another price increase soon. Domestic egg producers have been exporting more than usual in the last few months, driven by demand for U.S. eggs after avian-influenza outbreaks in Asia.

Retail Meat Analyzed for Parasites
A recently completed survey of meats for a common microscopic parasite found none in raw beef and poultry and a low level in pork.

Weekly US Broiler Hatchery Report
Broiler-Type Eggs Set In 19 Selected States Down Slightly, report the National Agricultural Statistics Service(NASS).

Weekly US Turkey Hatchery Report
Eggs in Incubators on February 1 Up 3 Percent from Last Year, report the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS).

Alabama Agriculture Commissioner Concerned About Chinese Chickens
State Agriculture Commissioner Ron Sparks says he is worried about chickens from China.

Tasker Products Adds Online Re-Processor Application to Its Suite of Poultry Processing Products
Company Forwards Its Plan to Offer First End-to-end, Bacteria Eradicating Solution to Poultry Processors.

Single set of rules required for Ag industry to operate
Should the state legislature limit counties' ability to regulate concentrated animal feeding operations?

State proposes mobile trucks to do on-farm slaughtering
With few options for slaughtering their chickens, the Clarks rely on a butcher to come to their Hyde Park farm. That means they can sell the meat only off the farm, because it's not inspected.
Cobb - Primary Poultry Breeders
Changes in works for meat, poultry inspections
The first major changes to food inspection in a decade will increase federal scrutiny of meat and poultry plants where the danger from E. coli and other germs is high or where past visits have found unsafe practices.

Selecting Non-Competitive Animals Can Improve Production
A new statistical method of determining genetic traits that influence social interactions among animals may provide for more productive livestock.


Poultry pressure to ease by March
Poultry Producers Association of Malawi chairman Alex Stewart said yesterday the current pressure on poultry products is expected to ease from month because of government’s decision to lift a ban on breeding stock.

  United Kingdom

New turkeys arrive at bird flu farm
A consignment of turkeys arrived at the Bernard Matthews plant in Suffolk on Tuesday morning - just hours after the Government gave the go-ahead to restart operations.

Diplomatic row over raw meat shipped from Matthews plant to Continent
Six lorryloads of turkey meat sent to Hungary last week from the Bernard Matthews plant at the centre of the avian flu outbreak were raw and may have returned the H5N1 virus to Central Europe.

Poultry jobs at risk as experts argue
The finger of suspicion was last night pointed again at Hungary after government scientists confirmed the Suffolk strain of bird flu was "essentially identical" to the virus found in the east European country.

Turkey products held back from sale
Some Bernard Matthews turkey products are being held back from sale because they may contain meat from a restricted zone in Hungary, the food watchdog has said.

Defra under pressure over meat imports
Defra was under pressure to push for tighter restrictions on meat imports this week after being told infected poultry from Hungary was almost certainly the source of the UK’s bird flu outbreak.

Turkey boss defends his company
Food company boss Bernard Matthews has defended his firm following an outbreak of bird flu at one of his farms.

RSPCA launches advertising campaign to boycott eggs from caged hens
The RSPCA announced last week that it will launch an advertising campaign to deter shoppers from buying eggs from caged hens this month.
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International Egg and Poultry Review
By the USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service - This is a weekly report looking at international developments concerning the poultry industry, this week looking at the latest Poultry Outlook.

UK Market Poultry Sales Halted
Hatherleigh Market has cancelled all its poultry sales until further notice. The decision follows a notice by the Department of Environment Food and Rural Affairs or Defra on February 3 which has banned all "markets, bird fairs and shows in England, Wales and Scotland".

Residents Fight Farm Plans For Chicken House
Plans for a chicken unit at a Dymock beauty spot have made residents see red. The plans are for a free range chicken house, catering for 12,000 birds, on land near the village.

Defra updates avian influenza disease control measures
Defra has announced changes to its disease control measures following the publishing of the interim epidemiological report into the outbreak of avian influenza in Suffolk.

Defra under pressure over meat imports
Defra was under pressure to push for tighter restrictions on meat imports this week after being told infected poultry from Hungary was almost certainly the source of the UK’s bird flu outbreak.

'String of flaws found' at Bernard Matthews plant
The Bernard Matthews plant infected with bird flu had serious biosecurity shortfalls, a government investigation has found: holes in the turkey sheds where birds, rats and mice could get in and spread the H5N1 disease, leaking roofs, and uncovered bins where seagulls were seen carrying off meat waste.

Avian influenza reports published
Two reports have been published today in response to the outbreak of avian influenza in Suffolk.

Branded as British meat – but 1.6m tonnes comes from abroad
Shoppers are buying a massive 1.6m tonnes of foreign meat a year as imports soar to a new high – and it can be passed off as British.

Factory life of ‘organic’ chickens
Organinc chickens are being bred in conventional flocks, fed chemically treated feed and routinely given vaccinations, a Sunday Times investigation has found.

  Hong Kong

Hong Kong on Alert for Bird Flu as Demand for Chicken Rises During Lunar New Year Festival
Hong Kong has increased live chicken imports from China in anticipation of high demand for poultry during the coming Lunar New Year celebrations. But health experts warn of the risk of spreading bird flu during the season. From Hong Kong, VOA's Heda Bayron has this report, written by Juliet Ye.
More information about Gumboro D78 at
HK Poultry rest day set for February 20
The Food & Environmental Hygiene Department has declared February 20 the next poultry rest day. Market stalls and fresh provision shops selling live poultry must suspend business for thorough cleaning and disinfection.


RFID Livestock Tagging Attracts New Interest In China
Advanced ID says it has been in talks with representatives in several countries, including China, to provide products for livestock tagging trials.

  New Zealand

Poultry and apples main factor in food price rise
Higher prices for poultry and apples were the main cause of a 1.4 per cent rise in food prices in January, Statistics New Zealand (SNZ) says.

  Viet Nam

Vietnam Poultry Markets Rebound, Anti-AHI Measures Set Worldwide Model
Less than an hour west from Hanoi, Vietnam’s buzzing capital city, life takes on a far more traditional rural pace. High school students pedal home on their push-bikes, passing paddy fields where farmers are ankle deep in water, planting rice for the new season.

WTO challenges worry Vietnamese farmers
Vietnam's accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) opens opportunities for many businesses to penetrate into larger export markets and for consumers to enjoy better goods with lower prices, local farmers, however, worry that joining the trade body would not only bring them benefits, but also great challenges.

  South Africa

South Africa: Food prices to rise
Meat is meat but people won’t eat as their pockets begin to shrink. Rocketing food prices are forcing the big-spending middle class to cut back on clothing and luxury items to feed their meat-eating habits.


Provinces urged to issue farmer passbooks
Governor State Bank of Pakistan Dr Shamshad Akhtar on Tuesday urged the provincial governments to ensure speedy issuance of passbooks to the farmers in order to enable them to get bank credit.

  Russian Federation

H5N1 caused poultry deaths near Moscow: chief epidemiologist
Russia's chief epidemiologist and the head of the government's food security watchdog confirmed on Friday that the H5N1 strain of bird flu was the cause of poultry deaths in the south of the Moscow Region according to Xinhua.

Bird flu identified on two farms near Moscow, strain unknown
All poultry farms in the Moscow region have been put under under strict quarantine, following the identification of the bird flu virus at two farmsteads, acting Moscow regional governor Alexei Panteleyev told Itar-Tass.

Bio-terrorism a suspect in Moscow Bird Flu Outbreak - veterinary official
Bio-terrorism must not be discarded as a cause of an outbreak of bird flu at Moscow's poultry market, but this should be tackled by the Federal Security Service and other law enforcement services," chief veterinary official of the Moscow region, Valery Sitnikov, told Interfax on Sunday.

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