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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 19th March 2007
Monday 19th March 2007
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 5 new features this week:

Growth Promoting Antibiotics in Food Animal Production: An Economic Analysis.
By Jay P. Graham, MBA, Ellen Silbergeld, PhD, from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and John J. Boland from The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, PhD.
Keeping Your Litter Dry Will Improve Bird Performance
By Sanjay Shah, Biological and Agricultural Engineering, North Carolina State University.
Effect of Dietary Salmon Protein Concentrate on Growth Performance of Broiler Chickens
By Cole Wagner, Graduate Research Assistant; Kristjan Bregendahl, Assistant Professor of Poultry Nutrition
Feed for fuel? Heating costs - a hot topic in many ways
By Ron Meijerhof, senior technical specialist, Hybro B.V.
USDA Poultry and Products Semi Annual Reports 2007 Summary
This article provides the poultry data from the USDA FAS Poultry and Products Semi-Annual 2007 reports.
More on Ross Breeders, part of Aviagen
* Global Poultry Industry News (link to all this weeks news)

  Bird Flu Summary (click here for all this weeks bird flu news)

US- It was announced this week that the USDA will be doubling its anti-smuggling operations at ports, restaurants and markets, in an attempt to prevent avian influenza entering the country and a growing concern that the virus may be capable of spreading into other areas of the food chain, the FDA announced a study would be undertaken to determine the potential risks.

EGYPT- Fears of a possible virus mutation were being examined in the region this week after a human case where the patient failed to respond to anti - viral drugs. New legislation is currently being worked on to restrict the movement of live poultry. Health officials say the creation of four zones containing a 10-15km buffer between them should contain the potential spread.

NIGERA- UNICEF is aiding Nigerian radio producers in its continuing battle against bird flu in the region. Workshops are being set up to help strengthen their skills in making interactive programming critical in providing accurate and consistent information the general public. The fear of a potential outbreak has pushed the River State Ministry of Agriculture to ban all imports of eggs in to the state. They stressed that this was not an indication the disease was on the increase but a precautionary measure.

TOKYO- The H5N1 strain is responsible for the death of a rare eagle - further tests are underway to determine the origin of its infection. The discovery has increased chances that the virus could have been carried to Japan by wild life.

  New Zealand

Poultry prices up 7.1 percent
Food prices increased 0.1 percent in the February 2007 month, Statistics New Zealand said today. The main contribution came from higher prices for the meat, poultry and fish subgroup (up 1.7 percent), driven by higher prices for poultry (up 7.1 percent).

New feed mill to quadruple production
Construction of a $3 million feed mill is under way at Morrinsville feed firm Seales Ltd.

Cobb - Primary Poultry Breeders

Chileans eat more poultry and pork
The latest national meat consumption statistics in Chile reveal a 5% increase on 2005 meaning that it is now considered to be a developed country.

  Viet Nam

Deputy PM calls on people to fight bird flu
Standing Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Sinh Hung asked for increased action to raise people's awareness and make them voluntarily join the fight against bird flu, which has become a permanent threat to both production and human health.

Cargill building animal feed factory in central Vietnam
Cargill Inc. of the US is building a US$6 million plant to make animal feed in Vietnam’s central Binh Dinh Province.


Centre examining corn futures ban
The Central government is examining demands by some of the country's poultry farmers to ban futures trading in corn, agriculture minister Sharad Pawar said.


Tajikistan imposes restrictions on poultry imports from Russia
Tajikistan has introduced temporary restrictions on poultry imports from Russia, Turkey, Japan, China, Thailand, Iran and Pakistan, the country's chief veterinary official said Friday.

  Hong Kong

20,000 jobs on chopping board, claim legislators
Legislators Tuesday accused the government of attempting to change the proposed central slaughterhouse into a processing center for all poultry products - in effect putting 20,000 people out of work.

Alpharma Animal Health
  Sri Lanka

Small scale poultry farmers likely to be hit by price control
The All Island Poultry Association (AIPA) says price control in poultry will affect the small scale poultry farmers who represent 60 percent of the industry.

  United Arab Emirates

Poultry products are hit by ban uncertainty
ABU DHABI - The ban on sale of Indian poultry products, including eggs, continues to stay, Dr Mohammad Saeed Al Kindi, Minister of Environment and Water, said yesterday.

  United Kingdom

Imagine producing the perfect egg time after time after time. See the uunblemished white and brown and a shell as smooth as marble; plump at the base, perfectly rounded at the top and when you sink your knife across it you know the yoke will break like sunrise.

Genus sets eyes on poultry breeding
Animal genetics company Genus Plc has stated it is starting to look at acquisitions again, following the successful integration of pig breeder Sygen which helped it to almost double annual sales.

Poultry plants ‘small but competitive’
Poultry processing plants in Ireland are small compared with the main players in other countries, but increasing the number would not serve the interests of the industry.

Battery eggs 'sold as free range'
Traders may be incorrectly labelling more than one million imported battery eggs each week and then selling them as free range, say government officials.

  Russian Federation

Stavropol Broiler 12 percent rise in production
Russian poultry producer Stavropol Broiler (affiliated to Agros group) announced its preliminary results for the year 2006.

Russia Restricts More Chicken Imports
MOSCOW - Russian agriculture officials said Friday they had restricted imports of more processed chicken products from Brazil and Germany after finding salmonella.
More information about Gumboro 228e at

Guyanese poultry supply on hold
A fire at Guyanese poultry producer DIDCO Trading Company has resulted in a delay of final inspection of the farm by a TT technical team necessary to secure Guyana as an import market for chicken.

  United States

Animal Fats into Jet Fuel
RALEIGH - Airlines could soon be looking to acquire chicken grease and hog lard to convert into jet fuel, if recent research is anything to go by.

New Report Expels Myth Of Cost Effective Chicken Feed
In the first of its kind a controversial study has concluded that the widespread practice of adding antibiotics to chicken feed to boost growth is not cost-effective

Weekly US Broiler Hatchery Report
Broiler chicks placed down 1%, report the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS).

Weekly Outlook: USDA Reports
URBANA - Two upcoming USDA reports will set the state for prices during the spring months, said a University of Illinois Extension marketing specialist.

Monthly US Turkey Hatchery Report
Turkey eggs in incubators up 4%, report the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS).

International Egg and Poultry Review
By the USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service - This is a weekly report looking at international developments concerning the poultry industry.

Change is on the way for meat/poultry processors
Meat and poultry processing plants are in for a change -- more concentrated risk-based inspection system (RBI).

Animal Health deal links makers of poultry vaccines
DELAWARE - A multibillion dollar international sale last week will make the small town of Millsboro an important base for what may be the largest animal health vaccine manufacturer in the world.

Talks under way to speed meat labels, animal ID
Linking the two programs seen likely to win over detractors

Lawmakers Asked To Give Hens More Room
CONCORD - New Hampshire lawmakers are being asked to guarantee egg-laying hens will have room to spread their wings.

Lithuanian Poultry Meat Consumption Increases.
Poultry meat production in Lithuania increased by 19.8 per cent year-on-year in 2006, partly as a result of poultry meat becoming more price competitive as compared with other meat types, according to Baltic Business News.


US feedlot consultant predicts meat price increase
An American feedlot consultant says Australian shoppers will have to learn to pay more for meat because of rising grain prices.


COA to create monitor system for key farm products against price slides
The Council of Agriculture (COA) will set up a production information monitoring system for 17 more vegetables, fruits, livestock, and fishery products to help prevent overproduction and slides in market prices.

  Taiwan, Province of China

Taiwan prepared to fight flu
Taiwan has been rated as well-prepared to fight a potential flu pandemic that may be caused by the highly pathogenic H5N1 avian influenza virus, National Science Council Chairman Chen Chien-jen said yesterday.


Jakarta gives two-week deadline for poultry checks
Jakarta’s governor has given a two-week deadline for door-to-door checks to be completed to enforce a ban on domestic poultry, reports said on Saturday.

Company news

Vencomatic Easy Nest optimises hatching egg collection
THE NETHERLANDS - Vencomatic have launched a new product which it hopes will revolutionise the collection of hatching eggs.

Regional technical appointments in Europe at Cobb
EU - Two regional technical managers have been appointed by Cobb Europe — with Wassim Sakr promoted to the role for the Middle East and Philippe Gouault taking on the responsibilities for Western Europe covering France, Italy and Spain, as well as southern Africa.

Intervet Intervet bought up by Schering-Plough
NETHERLANDS - American based company Schering-Plough has announced it is to acquire the Dutch veterinary company Intervet as part of its buy out of Organon BioSciences, the pharmaceutical division of chemical company Akzo Nobel.

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