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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 30th April 2007
Monday 30th April 2007
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 3 new features this week:

Minimizing Floor and Slat Egg Problems
By Pete Sbanotto, breeder specialist for the Cobb World Technical Support team.
Small Flock Biosecurity
By Carlyle Bennett, Terry Whiting and Glen Duizer Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives.
UK Poultry and Poultrymeat Statistics - April 2007
By Defra.
Merial Gallimune Flu H5N9
* Global Poultry Industry News (link to all this weeks news)

  Bird Flu Summary (click here for all this weeks bird flu news)

CHINA - A $2.65 million grant from the World Bank was issued to the Chinese government last week to further its fight against avian flu. Officials say this isn't enough and more needs to be invested at a grass roots level "China is a developing country. Although the government has invested a lot of money in the fight against bird flu and pays it great attention, we need more money and technical aid to raise preparedness" said Li Jianguo, deputy director-general of the health ministry's centre for public health emergencies.

INDONESIA - The pledge to send avian flu samples to the World Health Organisation dissolved this week in the face of mounting international criticism. Many scientists have accused the Indonesian government of holding the virus hostage, preventing experts from monitoring its possible mutations. Dr Triono Soendoro, head of the National Institute for Health Research responded with "We don't care," maintaining that his country was fighting for a bigger cause.

KUWAIT - The Dr. Ahmad Al-Shatti - head of the committee for bird flu combat praised the efforts of the Public Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources with its speedy containment of the latest outbreak at an ostrich farm in Al-Wafra. He said a radius of three kilometres of the infected area had been sealed off and some 200 ostriches were culled, as well as other birds in the area. Al-Shatti also called on citizens and residents to refrain from transporting birds between areas so as not to contribute to spreading the virus.
Fluxx Breeder from Big Dutchman
  New Zealand

NZFSA's Campylobacter Strategy Progresses Well
NZFSA's Campylobacter strategy progresses well The New Zealand Food Safety Authority's strategy to tackle New Zealand's unacceptably high levels of human campylobacteriosis is progressing well: several areas of research and monitoring work are now well underway.


China Sets Its Lawyers On Animal Disease
As the world's largest producer of poultry, livestock and aquatic products, China has much to lose from outbreaks of animal diseases. It is estimated that animal diseases cost China 40 billion yuan annually.


Meat Processors Are Losing Out On Valuable Export Trade Because Of Import Restrictions.
The suspension of meat imports, particularly pork and poultry meat, is beginning to effect output from a number of meat manufacturing enterprises, many of which are owned by foreign investors.


CPF Looks Overseas As Thai Production Drops To 80%
Charoen Pokphand Foods (CPF), the SET-listed flagship of the CP Group, forecasts its sales will drop throughout the first half of this year mainly due to diminishing domestic demand for meat due to ongoing economic worries.

The Heat Is On For Greenhouse Gas Methane
Across the globe, chickens and pigs are doing their bit to curb global warming. But cows and sheep still have some catching up to do.


IFC Supports Women Farmers and Poultry Entrepreneurs in Bangladesh
DHAKA - IFC Advisory Services for South Asia—the SouthAsia Enterprise Development Facility—and the Women Entrepreneurs Association of Bangladesh today signed an agreement to provide support for women farmers and entrepreneurs in the poultry sector.
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  Sri Lanka

Poultry Industry Mulls Price Increase
The poultry industry is looking for a price increase next month due to high production costs.


Where Have All The Eggs Gone?
Supermarket chains have been busy since the beginning of the year trying to find out where all the eggs have disappeared to.


Poultry Workers Brace For Plant Shutdown
The clock is ticking for hundreds of poultry workers in the Annapolis Valley who have only two days of work left.

Canada's New Government Invests $560,000 to Explore Market Demand for Pork, Chicken, Veal and Lamb
ONTARIO - Wajid Khan, Member of Parliament for Mississauga-Streetsville, on behalf of the Honourable Chuck Strahl, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food and Minister for the Canadian Wheat Board, today announced $560,000 in funding for a coalition of agricultural commodity groups to examine Canadian consumer purchasing habits of pork, chicken, lamb, and veal.


Indian Poultry Farming Has Transformed Into 'Dynamic Agro Industry’
LUDHIANA - The XXIV Conference and National Symposium of Indian Poultry Science Association (IPSA), with the theme of poultry production for rural employment and nutritional security, was inaugurated today by Veterinary Council of India president Dr AL Chaudhary.

Rising Income To Fuel Demand For Poultry Products: IPSA
Rising income, urbanisation and population would fuel the demand for eggs and meat in India by 2020, said Indian Poultry Science Association.

JCIL Makes Foray In Kashmir Poultry Will Open New Vistas For Farmers
A joint venture between the $ 1.5 billion Japfa Comfeed International Pte, Singapore and MoMa Foods Pte Limited Sinagapore – has tied up with Tramboo Group here to produce and supply poultry inputs in Jammu and Kashmir.

  United Kingdom

Loss Of Avian Alu-Free Status Has Cost £25million In Lost Exports
Poultry breeders are losing out on millions of pounds of revenue in exports due to the length of time being taken to cleanse the sheds at the heart of the Bernard Matthews avian flu outbreak.

Maintaining High Biosecurity Can Help Combat Disease Spread
Biosecurity is a great buzz word, but what does it really mean?

More Uncertainty Facing Egg Industry And Producers
The egg industry has warned that the Competition Commission’s decision has generated yet more uncertainty for producers.

Scots Poultry Farmers Urged To Be On Guard
SCOTLAND - Donnie Macleod fears restrictions could affect his organic products
  United States

US Poultry - Production and Value 2006 Summary
The combined value of production from broilers, eggs, turkeys, and the value of sales from chickens in 2006 was $26.8 billion, down 5 percent from the $28.2 billion in 2005, report the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS).

March Egg Production Down 1 Percent
U.S. egg production totaled 7.77 billion during March 2007, down 1 percent from last year, report the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) in their monthly Chickens and Eggs report.

International Egg and Poultry Review
By the USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service - This is a weekly report looking at international developments concerning the poultry industry.

USDA Farm Bill Won't Curb Rising Costs, Farmers Say
Farmers, angry over rising farm fuel costs, energy and fertilizer say the USDA is not doing enough to help and even though grain crop prices are at record highs - so are the costs associated with them.

Congress Examines Industry Concentration Issues
Both houses of Congress last week began the examination of consolidation and concentration in the livestock industry. The hearings quickly generated a firestorm of controversy among competing interests in the business.

Missouri Poultry Farm May Have Tainted Food-FDA
U.S. Food and Drug Administration officials said on Tuesday they are working with a poultry farm in Missouri as part of the agency's broader investigation of contaminated pet food ingredients.

FDA: Farm Animals Under Quarantine
Food and Drug Administration officials reported Tuesday that thousands of hogs were fed with the industrial chemical contaminated pet food in as many as six states. Also, it appears that a pultry farm in Missouri was also contaminated.

Weekly US Broiler Hatchery Report
Broiler chicks placed up 1%, report the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS).

Mountaire Farms Signs Trade Deal With Cuba
Delaware Governor Ruth Ann Minner and John Wise, president of Mountaire Farms, announced that Mountaire Farms of Delaware has signed a trade agreement with Cuba.

From Turkey Droppings To Kilowatts
The nation's first manure-burning power plant is expected to go into production in Benson, Minn., in June.

F.D.A. Says Livestock Were Fed Pet Food With Suspect Chemical
F.D.A. officials were cited as saying Tuesday that melamine was in food given to hogs and chickens in several states, and the Food and Drug Administration is trying to determine if the animals entered the human food supply.

Creswell Poultry Processor Closing
Foster Farms, the largest chicken processor in the Western United States, will shut down the remnants of its Creswell operations on Saturday.

Gard Defends Bill On CAFOs
INDIANAPOLIS — The Indiana Farm Bureau and the Indiana Pork Producers Association are endorsing proposed new fees for large swine, poultry and dairy farms to help pay for more state inspections of the farms.

Demand For Corn Increasing Prices
The corn that is used to produce ethanol is the same corn that makes up a large part of the feed for cattle and hogs, and more importantly, poultry. The increased demand for the corn is resulting in higher feed costs, and in turn, higher meat prices.
Classic from Hubbard
  Russian Federation

Russia Bans Meat Imports From Kazakhstan
Russia has put off imports of livestock and meat products from Kazakhstan due to outbreaks of cattle disease in the central Asia country, the RIA Novosti news agency reported on Wednesday.


Pakistan Poultry Products’ Prices Soar
The prices of poultry products has gone up in whole sale and retail markets of Karachi ranging from Rs 10 to Rs 15 per kg in the wake of increasing demand and consumption of the commodity on account of the ongoing marriage season.


Collagen could boost nutrient retention in meats
Injecting meatballs with collagen may boost the retention of key nutrients in the meat, suggests new research from Poland.

  Brunei Darussalam

Asean Holds Talks On Livestock And Biosecurity
ASEAN - "The veterinary officials from Asean countries, who are represented by ASWGL, have worked together for more than 15 year towards the common goal of strengthening the region's biosecurity and trade in the livestock sector.

Company news

Aviagen Aviagen Group Establishes Italian Company
ITALY - Aviagen Group, the world’s leading poultry breeding company has announced the addition of a new company to the Group, Aviagen Italia srl. The move underlines the company’s commitment to the Italian marketplace and its growing customer-base.

Peter Page Departs From Aviagen
US - Aviagen, the world’s leading poultry breeding company, have announced the departure of Peter Page, who has accepted the position of Chief Executive Officer of a publicly quoted international food company and will be leaving Aviagen at the end of May.

New Cobb Trophy Rewards Polish Success
Cobb - Primary Broiler Breeders POLAND - The new trophy awarded by Cobb Germany for the best breeder flock in Poland has been won by Janra, one of the country's leading broiler chick suppliers.

Hybro geneticist receives PhD degree
THE NETHERLANDS - On April 16, 2007, Hybro’s geneticist Birgitte Ask successfully defended her PhD project with all her enthusiasm at the Veterinarian Faculty (University of Utrecht). With a successful defence she obtained the degree of Doctor (Dr.), after a period of about four years of hard work.

Sales Manager Roles in Western Europe and Asia
Big Dutchman GERMANY - The Big Dutchman group develops and sells housing equipment and computer-controlled feeding systems for modern pig and poultry management and the company is currently seeking two sales managers for positions in Asia and Western Europe.

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