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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 16th July 2007
Monday 16th July 2007
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 2 new features this week:

Applied Broiler Research Farm Report: Electricity Usage Before and After Renovation
By G. Tom Tabler, Manager, Applied Broiler Research Unit - Savoy Center of Excellence for Poultry Science, University of Arkansas.
Paying attention to design pays off
By Conny Bakker, Info-Eco, The Netherlands. For every £100 a business spends on design, turnover increases £225, says the British Design Council, and this strategy has paid off for The Dutch hatchery technology company, Pas Reform.
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* Global Poultry Industry News (link to all this weeks news)

  Global Bird Flu Round-up

United States
Tuesday, a Virginia agriculture official announced that a turkey flock in Shenandoah County has tested positive for antibodies to a nonlethal H5 avian influenza virus, indicating possible past exposure. On Wednesday the Agriculture Department said the virus was not H5N1. Sales of poultry from the state we banned for the remainder of July. A study has revealed that most people in the United States have little confidence in the administration’s preparedness to handle a major outbreak of an infectious disease.

Despite the Philippines’ reputation of being free from avian influenza (bird flu), some lapses abound in procedures to prevent its spread, at least in Mindanao. Though recent testing of birds and fowls undertaken by the Department of Agriculture (DA) in Sorsogo showed negative for the presence of the bird flu virus.

Bird flu has spread to another district in Bangladesh forcing health and veterinary workers to cull 2,000 chickens, officials said on Sunday.

Viet Nam
Bird flu has hit three more Vietnamese provinces, while several localities nationwide have met criteria for announcing an end to bird flu outbreaks in their territory.

Czech Republic
Tests have confirmed the H5N1 type of the bird flu virus in poultry at two farms in the eastern Czech Republic, the State Veterinary Authority (SVS) said on Thursday.

Japan's farm ministry has suspended imports of live day-old chicks, poultry meat and eggs for use in processing from Germany after a pet goose there tested positive for a lethal strain of avian flu, a ministry official said on Monday.
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Codex adopts new food hygiene standards keep chicken, eggs safe
ROME - A U.N. food commission has revised hygiene rules for eggs and egg products in a bid to prevent diseases, and planned to develop more guidelines for making bacterial contamination in chicken less frequent.


Canadian Egg Farmers "Get Cracking" with Hockey and Soccer Sponsorships
CANADA - Canada's top two participation sports for families with children are getting a major boost from Canada's egg farmers. The Canadian Egg Marketing Agency (CEMA) has announced a four-year sponsorship agreement with Hockey Canada and the Canadian Soccer Association that will inject close to $1 million into national team and grassroots programs in both sports.

  United States

Researcher explores way to burn poultry litter to provide heat source
US - An agricultural engineering researcher at the University of Arkansas said he has found a way to burn poultry litter to heat poultry houses. He said it could be better for the birds, better for the farmers and better for the environment.

Drug-Resistant Campylobacter Persists in Poultry
US - Doctors use the fluoroquinolone class of antibiotics to treat food poisoning caused by Campylobacter. But after poultry farmers began using fluoroquinolones to treat respiratory disease in flocks, the drugs became less effective in people, writes Angela Spivey,

International Egg and Poultry Review
US - By the USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service - This is a weekly report looking at international developments concerning the poultry industry.

High Corn Prices Drive Up Eggs
US - Never mind whether it's the chicken or the egg that comes first.

Weekly US Broiler Hatchery Report
US - Broiler chicks placed up 3%, report the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS).

Monthly US Turkey Hatchery Report
US - Turkey eggs in incubators up 3%, report the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS).

U.S. meat exporters troubled by China trade flap
WASHINGTON - China's decision to block some U.S. pork and poultry imports is a blow to exporters who rely on the Asian market for sales of products shunned by consumers at home, an industry group said on Sunday.

Poll Underscores Value of Existing U.S. COOL for Imported Meat and Poultry
WASHINGTON - The following is a statement by AMI President J. Patrick Boyle:

Meat conglomerate and fuel company launch renewable venture
US - Tyson Foods, Inc., the world’s largest producer and marketer of chicken, beef and pork, is moving closer to its aim of becoming a leader in renewable energy. The company has launched a new venture with the Syntroleum Corporation, a Tulsa-based synthetic fuels technology company, to produce synthetic fuels for the bio-diesel, jet, and military fuel markets.

Fresh meats market to reach 251 million tons by 2010, says new report
US - A rise in disposable incomes and changing consumer preferences are key forces shaping growth in the world fresh & processed meats market. The market is projected to reach 251 million tons by the year 2010.

Scientists study livestock emissions
US - Scientists at eight universities are conducting the largest-ever study of air emissions at the nation's hog, dairy and poultry farms.
Alpharma Animal Health
  European Union

EU import conditions for live poultry and poultry products
EU - Import rules in the European Union for live poultry (including hatching eggs) and poultry products (including egg products) are fully harmonised and the European Commission acts as the competent authority on behalf of the 27 Member States. The EU Commission is the sole negotiating partner for all non-EU countries in questions related to import conditions.

Lift the ban on feeding fishmeal and fish oil to ruminants says MEPs
EU - The European Parliament adopted a report by Struan STEVENSON (EPP-ED, UK) calling on the Commission and the Council to lift the ban on feeding fishmeal and fish oil to ruminants. The report stresses that "there is no scientific evidence to support a total ban on fishmeal on the grounds that it may transmit BSE or other TSEs".

  Viet Nam

Spending billions of dollars to carry coal to Newcastle
VIET NAM - Though an agricultural country, each year Vietnam spends billions of US dollars to import materials to process animal feed. Since early June 2007, animal feed producing companies have been increasing the prices of animal feed by several thousands of dong per 25kg sack.

Frozen chicken leaves consumers cold
HA NOI — Frozen chicken sales are at a standstill despite promotions from the Government and related sectors that have encouraged investment in hygienic poultry production ever since bird flu struck Viet Nam in 2004.


Agri Dept asked to prepare plan for raising growth rate
INDIA - Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y S Rajasekhara Reddy today asked the Agriculture Department to prepare an action plan for raising the growth rate of agriculture to be presented, before Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, during his visit to the state on July 31.

Houseflies can spread bird flu virus: Study
INDIA - Recent North American research has made the startling conclusion that several insects, particularly Musca domestica or the common housefly, are capable of carrying and transmitting Newcaslte Disease Virus and the highly pathogenic avian flu strain, H5N1, which is transmittable from animals to humans, writes Asit Jolly, Asian Age.


Wealthy countries should fund bird flu aid, says director-general
AUSTRALIA - The head of the World Organisation for Animal Health says wealthy countries should be helping to fund research in developing countries to try to prevent the spread of diseases like bird flu.

Food prices could fall as drought eases
AUSTRALIA - Families could pay less for their Christmas dinner this year as the drought eases throughout NSW, state Primary Industries Minister Ian Macdonald says.
  Russian Federation

Russian farm produce to grow 23% in five years - PM
MOSCOW - Russia's premier said domestic farm production will increase 23% by 2012 under the government's five-year agricultural program, with agricultural development being one of the national welfare projects.

  United Kingdom

Poultry Meat Price Rises Inevitable, says BPC
UK - Spiralling wheat prices worldwide are driving up the cost of poultry production making price rises for poultry meat in the UK inevitable, says the British Poultry Council.

Battery hens 'as happy as birds that can roam outside'
UK - Hens kept in battery cages are no more stressed than their free-range counterparts, researchers say.

Prices to rise as 'era of cheap food is over'
UK - The price of a loaf of bread is likely to rise 5p as a result of spiralling wheat prices, a leading firm of agricultural accountants has said.

Antimicrobial usage and bacterial resistance: report published
UK - The Government has published a new report that for the first time combines a range of information on antimicrobial resistance in bacteria in farmed animals, humans, and food.


Closer watch on salted eggs
SINGAPORE - Salted and preserved eggs will come under increased scrutiny from Friday as the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) introduces new requirements for the import of such food.

  Saint Lucia

St. Lucia’s boiler industry under threat
ST LUCIA - A former St. Lucian government minister has said a decision by the government to implement measures governing the importation of chickens from the United States could result in a crisis for the local poultry industry.

  Trinidad and Tobago

Fire delayed poultry from Guyana
TRINIDAD & TOBAGO - Agriculture Minister Jarette Narine said a fire at the sole supplier selected to export chicken from Guyana to Trinidad and Tobago, and not sanitary requirements, delayed the arrival of the poultry products.

  South Africa

Bird-flu scare gives poultry producers little cause to crow
SOUTH AFRICA - SA’s ban on poultry products imported from Germany, which reported an outbreak of bird flu earlier this week, was not expected to hugely benefit local producers, said the Southern African Poultry Association yesterday.
More information about MG 6-85

Wendy's aims to improve animal welfare
DUBLIN - Wendy’s International, Inc. has strengthened its animal welfare guidelines by giving preferential buying to its pork and chicken suppliers who improve systems for humane animal welfare.


Traders urge tight control over entry of smuggled meat
PHILIPPINES - The livestock and poultry industry sector in the city is asking the government to press hard in controlling the entry of smuggled meat.

Davao city's poultry, hog farms facing closure
THE PHILIPPINES - The Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. (DCCCII) said some livestock and poultry farms in this city are facing closure due to zonification plan.

RP poultry, livestock output up by 2%
The Bureau of Agricultural Statistics (BAS) revealed production of the country's poultry sub-sector as of March this year has recovered from the slump it experienced last year.


Kuwaiti fund lauded for supporting Egypt''s poultry industry
KUWAIT - Egypt's Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, Amin Abadha, has lauded the support by the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development (KFAED) to the country's poultry industry.


China blocks some U.S. meat imports
SHANGHAI - China has blocked the import of some U.S. meats, making good on a threat to scrutinize more food shipments entering its borders.

Company news

Hubbard appoints Dr. James Bentley as Nutritional Consultant
Hubbard - A Trusted Name with a New Focus FRANCE - Hubbard is very pleased to announce that Dr. James Bentley will act as Nutritional Consultant for Hubbard SAS. Dr. Bentley holds a PhD in Animal Science from Reading University where he studied under Dr. Trevor Morris and a BSc in Agriculture from University College of North Wales, Bangor.

Grand Parent Poultry in Pakistan inaugurates new breeder hatchery
PAKISTAN - During May 2007 Grand Parent Poultry (Pvt) Ltd in Pakistan held a commemoration ceremony in collaboration with Hubbard SAS from France to herald the successful completion of its 15 years as leading producer of broiler parent stock in Pakistan and the inauguration of one of the world's largest breeder hatcheries equipped with the latest machinery.

Cobb - Primary Broiler Breeders Technical service appointment in the US
US - Charles Swain has joined the Cobb team as a technical service representative in the United States.

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