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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 6th August 2007
Monday 6th August 2007
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 3 new features this week:

Understanding and Control of House Sparrows
By Frank T. Jones, Center of Excellence for Poultry Science, University of Arkansas
Overview of the U.S. Poultry Industry
By Mississippi State University, taken from the Economic Impact of the Mississippi Poultry Industry — 2007.
UK Poultry and Poultrymeat Statistics - July 2007
By Defra - This monthly publication combines information from the UK Hatcheries Survey and Poultry Slaughterhouse Survey results together with other Defra statistics, and trade data, pulling all ‘official’ poultry statistics in one publication.
Merial Galivac Se
* Global Poultry Industry News (link to all this weeks news)

Bird Flu Summary (click here for all this weeks bird flu news)

INDIA -The Indian state of Manipur report that the authorities have completed the slaughter of 330,000 poultry after an outbreak of avian flu.
'The culling operation has ended after 331,606 chickens, ducks and pigeons were killed and buried. Now we're engaged in a mopping-up drive, cleaning the area and looking for any birds left out,' said a senior veterinary official, K Rashbehari, in the state capital, Imphal.

BURMA - On Thursday, authorities in the region of Bago confirmed a new outbreak.
"This time, it started among backyard chicken and ducks," government veterinary expert and former director general of the country's livestock breeding and veterinary ministry Than Hla said. "Then it spread to farms in some way."

FRANCE - Veterinary services in France confirmed on Saturday the discovery of 2 dead wild swans in the north-eastern region of the country, were infected with H5N1. This is the second discovery of the disease in the area in the past month.

United States

House of Representatives Passes 2007 Farm Bill
The U.S House of Representatives late last week passed the 2007 Farm Bill, which sets U.S. agricultural policies for the next five years, by a vote of 231 to 191.

Without U.S. Rules, Biotech Food Lacks Investors
This little piggy’s manure causes less pollution. This little piggy produces extra milk for her babies. And this little piggy makes fatty acids normally found in fish, so that eating its bacon might actually be good for you.

US Poultry Ready-to-Cook Weight Down 4 Percent from Last Year
The USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) comment on the lower poultry ready-to-cook weights in their monthly Poultry Slaughter Report.

International Egg and Poultry Review
By the USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service - This is a weekly report looking at international developments concerning the poultry industry.

FSIS to Hold Public Meeting to Address Health Concerns
The Food Safety and Inspection Service will hold a public meeting to discuss public health-based inspection in poultry slaughter to address Campylobacter, Salmonella, and other issues of public health concern.

Tyson May Buy Chinese Poultry Producer on Higher Meat Prices
Tyson Foods Inc. said it may buy a Chinese poultry company, part of a plan by the world's largest meat processor to meet rising consumer demand for good-quality food and capitalize on higher meat prices in the Asian nation.
Flex from Hubbard
Free-Range Chickens Aren't All That Free
"Free-range chickens" -- are they truly so? I have heard that in most instances, the chickens are granted release from constricted cages for a short time only and still spend their lives in small cages.

A Million Chickens Diet To Help Delaware Waterways
DELAWARE - Millions of chickens in Delaware--one of the nation's top poultry producers--have been on a diet to reduce their impact on the environment and improve the health of the state's waterways, and it appears to be working.

Pilgrim's Pride Has Something To Smile About
PITTSBURG - Both Tyson and Pilgrim's Pride have reported good third quarter fiscal results. Does this signify a new leaf in the poultry industry, or is it merely an optimistic blip.

Senate May Look To House's Farm Bill
The Democrat-controlled Senate may pick up some key parts of the House-passed farm bill, including a tax measure that Republicans opposed.

Retained Ownership Generates A Marketing Alternative For Livestock Producers
The summer here in South Dakota, presses on. High temperatures and lack of rain have caused hardships on both grain farmers and livestock producers. Past articles have talked about several marketing opportunities, this issue we will explore retained ownership.

Weekly US Broiler Hatchery Report
Broiler chicks placed up 2%, report the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS).

Bush Friends Stall COOL For 5 Years
It's not the high temperature of this Rocky Mountain summer that makes COOL (country of origin labeling) implementation imperative. It's the shocking disregard for public health found among foods imported into the United States.

Livestock Producers Fed Friendlier Prices
Livestock producer organizations have pushed Congress for policy that protects them against high feed prices resulting from federal policies to promoted biofuels from typical feed grains and oilseeds.

New Zealand

Egg Within Egg A Freak Of Nature
Maria La Frenais got more than she bargained for when she broke an egg for breakfast.

Invercargill Poultry Closed Down
The New Zealand Poultry Industry Association supports the decision of the New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA) to close an Invercargill Poultry Plant until it meets the required hygiene standards, Executive Director Michael Brooks said today.

King Holds Off Approval Of GE Corn
The Government says it will not immediately buy into a trans-Tasman food regulator's decision to declare a new form of corn genetically engineered for stockfeed to be safe for human consumption.

Poultry Farms Take Action To Combat Campylobacter
A comprehensive new manual updating New Zealand poultry meat farmers on the latest biosecurity guidelines has been released today.
Paracox-5 Coccidiosis vaccine
United Kingdom

Professor Gets Cash For Avian Infectious Bronchitis Virus Research
A scientist from the University of East Anglia has won funding to tackle a virus that kills millions of chickens and turkeys and has become the poultry industry's most damaging disease.

Scientists Start War On Animal Diseases
Endemic animal diseases cost UK farmers, and indirectly consumers, hundreds of millions of pounds a year and cause significant animal welfare problems. £11.5M of new research launched today aims to tackle some of the most harmful and widespread diseases that commonly affect farmed animals in the UK.

Farmer Fury At Dutch Freedom Food Imports
EGGS from Holland are being imported into the UK under the RSPCA’s Freedom Food label in a move that has been condemned by the NFU as a ‘betrayal’ of British egg producers.

Study Set To Establish Vital Link Between Economics And Welfare
The Farm Animal Welfare Council (FAWC) has set up a Working Group to examine the challenges and opportunities surrounding economics and animal welfare.

Foot and Mouth disease confirmed on UK cattle farm
Only six years has past since the the last epidemic, now a fresh outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease has been confirmed in the the UK.

Eggs Are Not What They Are All Cracked Up To Be
Do you choose a box of eggs with your weekly shop because it says "country fresh", "Class A" or "organic" or has a picture of a hen sitting under a tree? Or do you pick up the newer but "retro" free-range pale blue, pink or eau-de-nil Clarence Court Old Cotswold Legbars favoured by celebrity chefs Rick Stein and Jamie Oliver?


PPA Demands Level Playing Field With Foreign Investors
LAHORE - Pakistan Poultry Association (PPA) has demanded of the government to provide a level playing field for local poultry producers with foreign investors. Undue incentives to the foreign investors would disturb the local investors who have been serving the country for the last four decades.


'Ccpur Poultry Deaths Due To Bacterial Infections`
LAMKA - There is no bird flu as yet in Churachandpur but it is chronic chollibasilosis that is affecting poultry in some villages of Churachandpur like Saikul causing large scale death of the birds, said Dr Saidokhum Joute, the district veterinary officer, DVO, today during an interaction with IFP at his office.

Punjab Conduct Livestock Census
The Punjab Government will conduct a fresh livestock census in the state from September 14 to October 15.

Bird Flu Scare Hits Egg Exports
The bird flu scare in Manipur has affected the table egg exports from Namakkal to a few Gulf nations once again and triggered a distress sale in the domestic market due to surplus supply.
Colony Nest 2+ from Big Dutchman
United Arab Emirates

Egg Prices To Rise On Ban
The price of eggs in the UAE could rise by 10-30% following a ban on all poultry products from India.


Ignoring The Meat Of The Global Warming Issue
We all emit greenhouse gases simply by breathing - one kilogram of carbon dioxide a day, on average, per person. Scientists don't hold these emissions against us. What public policy options, after all, exist? Breath control?, writes Neil Reynolds.

New Recipe For Sustainability: Stem-Cell Burgers
OTTAWA - "Fifty years hence, we shall escape the absurdity of growing a whole chicken in order to eat the breast or wing by growing these parts separately under a suitable medium." Winston Churchill.

Saudi Arabia

Live Poultry Sale Ban Comes Into Effect
JEDDAH - The closure of live poultry stores within city limits as a precautionary measure against avian flu and other hygiene concerns went into effect yesterday after a three-year grace period, which included one extension.


In-Breeding Spells Doom
Livestock breeders have been cautioned against practicing in-breeding to avoid associated dangers.

Viet Nam

Deputy PM: Animal Diseases And Market Needs Attention
Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Sinh Hung has urged government ministries and agencies to continue to ramp up efforts in the fight against livestock diseases, while still boosting production and stabilising market prices from now till year-end.


Bulgaria Animal Feed Shortfall To Spike Poultry Prices
The ongoing animal feed shortage is set to bump up domestic poultry and egg prices, said Boris Stoimenov, chairman of the Poultry Breeders Union in Bulgaria.


Probe Over 30 Sick With Salmonella
Public health officers are investigating a severe outbreak of salmonella after 30 people were diagnosed with the bug in a four-week period.
Incubators from Pas Reform
Company news

New House For Ring Less Rearing Of 8,500 Turkeys
Big Dutchman According to the saying „Nothing ventured, nothing gained“, Andrea and Rüdiger Lämmle from Baden-Württemberg in Germany looked for planning and construction off the beaten track for their new turkey rearing house.

Hubbard Establishes JV For New GP Operation In Hungary
Hubbard - A Trusted Name with a New Focus HUNGARY - Hubbard has signed an agreement with ABONA kft to establish a local Joint company called "AGRABONA kft" which will be producing and distributing the Hubbard FLEX breeders in Hungary.

Seminar Shows Strong Support For Iradia And Cobb In Former Yugoslavia
Cobb - Primary Broiler Breeders GLOBE - On the eve of the agricultural exhibition in Novi Sad, a seminar organised by Iradia and Cobb Germany brought together more than 120 people from Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia to hear about the latest trends in the world poultry industry.

Regional Sales And Marketing Appointments
GLOBE - A series of new appointments has been made within the Cobb sales group serving Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

That's all for this week!


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