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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 13th August 2007
Monday 13th August 2007
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 3 new features this week:

Major Poultry-Producing Countries
By Mississippi State University, taken from the Economic Impact of the Mississippi Poultry Industry — 2007.
Keeping Birds Cool in Hot Weather
By Brian D. Fairchild, Extension Poultry Scientist and Michael Czarick, Extension Engineer, the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Service.
EU 27 Poultry and Products Annual 2007
By the USDA, Foreign Agricultural Service
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* Global Poultry Industry News (link to all this weeks news)

Bird Flu Summary (click here for all this weeks bird flu news)

INDIA - UN official Dr Jacques Diouf, Director General of Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) warned this week of the potential catastrophe looming for the Indian poultry industry following a series of outbreaks over the past month.
"Considering the presence of bird flu H5N1 viruses in neighbouring countries, it is possible India will face repeated incursions posing a threat to animals and humans," he said.
Diouf called for a strategic and integrated approach to manage risks in food safety, animal and plant health in the wake of the threat.

Health Officials in Manipur yesterday began the completing a second phase of culling, mopping and sanitizing in several poultry farms within a 5km radius of the original Avian Flu outbreak.
More than 300,000 chickens have been culled and six thousand mopped since the disease was detected.

JAKARTA - A shortage of health authority field officers is hampering the fight against infection in the region. Heru Setijanto, a veterinarian with the Bogor Institute of Agriculture, warned that the bird flu cases reported could be the tip of the iceberg.
"Chickens die everywhere. The problem is that the deaths are not always reported," he was quoted as saying. Avian influenza has killed no less than 500,000 chickens in Greater Jakarta in the last six months.

United States

Monthly US Egg Products Report
Shell eggs broken down 3 percent from last year, report the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS).

International Egg and Poultry Review
By the USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service - This is a weekly report looking at international developments concerning the poultry industry.

Weekly Outlook: Corn Yield
URBANA - Those who argue that the 2007 corn crop is already "made" and out of harm's way are ignoring history, said a University of Illinois Extension marketing specialist.

A Problematic ID System
USDA Needs to Resolve Several Key Implementation Issues to Achieve Rapid and Effective Disease Traceback
Aviagen, Ross Breeders, Arbor Acres, Nicholas Turkeys, L.I.R.
Antibiotic-Free Necrotic Enteritis Cure Fed To Poultry
DENVER - A recent study by poultry specialists has confirmned that a new product can replace the use of anti-biotics in the fight against necrotic-enteritis.

Weekly US Broiler Hatchery Report
Broiler chicks placed up 3%, report the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS).

Government Sues Poultry Producer Over Workers' Back Wages
DALLAS - The Labor Department is suing East Texas poultry processor Pilgrim's Pride for 3 million dollars in back wages.

Report to Detail Major Food Safety Concerns At Leading Kosher Meatpacking Plant
WASHINGTON - Research into food safety records at one of the nation’s leading kosher meatpacking plants has unveiled startling violations. Food and Commercial Workers researchers will release documents showing a pattern of food safety issues including recalled products, mad cow related safety concerns and repeated fecal and bile contamination.

A Meeting Of Foreign Animal And Poultry Diseases
The Secretary of Agriculture’s advisory committee on foreign animal and poultry diseases will meet August 21 to discuss the U.S. animal health emergency management system and the United States response to foreign animal diseases worldwide.

"Humane" Livestock Production Costs Hard to Gauge
KANSAS CITY - Whether animal rights activists or livestock producers and processors are right in the dispute over animal rights and humane treatment comes down to whose ox is being gored.

Paltry Facilities For Poultry
Chickens and turkeys being raised at Snafu Acres Dairy Farm in Monmouth won't have far to travel to be market-ready.

Livestock, Poultry And Crops Stressed By Heat And Drought
Blistering heat is just the latest challenge for farmers, who have been hosing down cows to keep them cool, blowing fans on poultry and hoping for rain to revive crops parched by drought.

Growers Scratching Out A Living
More than a hundred Northwest Arkansas poultry farmers are lobbying Tyson Foods Inc. for contractual agreements that give them more money, a response to what they call years of inaction by the meat giant amid skyrocketing business costs.

NCC Comment On Immigration Enforcement
"The nation's chicken companies are committed to full compliance with applicable federal employment laws, and they work hard to verify an applicant’s eligibility to work.

More Del. Farmers Putting Their eggs In Organic Basket
A hen with a crooked beak and one good eye roams Carolyn Donald's front yard in Georgetown, foraging for stray bugs, grass and grain.

Cage-Free Eggs Leaves Buyers Scrambling For More
The toy industry had its Tickle Me Elmo, the auto makers the Prius and technology its iPhone. Now, the food world has its latest have-to-have-it product: the cage-free egg.
Cobb - Primary Poultry Breeders

Chicken Egg Farmers to Register
The Livestock Department tightens its regulation on chicken egg farmers.


No GMO From Feed Found In Meat Or Eggs: EU Agency
BRUSSELS - Animals that have eaten genetically modified (GMO) feed show no residual traces in their eggs or meat, the EU's food safety agency said on Friday.

Viet Nam

Viet Nam Promotes Biological Safety In Poultry Raising
"Ensuring biological safety in poultry raising" is the theme of a forum which was held by the National Centre for Agricultural Promotion (NCAP) in northern Hai Duong province on Aug. 7.

United Kingdom

Putting All Their Eggs In One Basket
Sunny Hill Free Range Eggs, the largest producer of free range eggs in North-east England, has merged with the largest producer of free range eggs in the Scottish Borders, Oxenrig Eggs.

Livestock Industry Pushes For Fast Track To Abattoirs
UK - The livestock industry hopes a scheme to allow stock to go directly from farm to slaughter may be introduced by the end of the week.

The Real Price Of The £2 Chicken
With its pasty flesh, tightly sealed under cellophane wrapping, the chicken sitting on a blue polystyrene tray on the shelf at Asda really doesn't look like much of an 'icon'.

United Arab Emirates

Import Ban Pushes Up Retail Price Of Eggs
ABU DHABI - The price of eggs has gone up by 5 to 15 per cent in Dubai and the northern emirates, with major suppliers increasing wholesale rates.

Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of

Macedonia Bans Import Of British Meat
Macedonian Veterinary Administration banned imports of animals and animal products from Great Britain because of incidence of mouth and foot disease in this country.

Hong Kong

Next Poultry Rest Day August 10
Poultry retailers and the public are reminded that the next rest day for poultry outlets is August 10.
Alpharma Animal Health
Inflation Fears Rise
Mainland consumer prices will remain high in the second half as recent price increases are neither accidental nor temporary and inflation risks should be noted with concern, the People's Bank of China cautioned yesterday in its second-quarter monetary report.


400 cr Investment Plan For 1 cr Eggs Per Day
The State Government is looking for Rs 400-crore investment in the poultry sector over the next four to five years to raise egg production by one crore per day.

Chief Secretary Wants Poultry Concealment Penalized
MANIPUR - State chief secretary Jarnail Singh Thursday instructed the district deputy commissioners of Imphal east and west to penalize persons or farmers who concealed poultry under relevant laws as the third round of control and containment operation of avian influenza is set to begin.


Safety Of Meats Has Been Assured — But At A Cost
OTTAWA - The federal government has issued nearly 90 food recalls and alerts so far this year - and only four involved meat contaminated with potentially dangerous bacteria.


Incentives For Poultry Urged In Pakistan
LAHORE - The Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry has urged Chief Minister Pervaiz Elahi to announce a package of incentives for the local poultry industry similar to the one offered to the foreign investors in the sector.


Poultry Farmers Urged To Implement Bio-Security Measures
Poultry farmers have been urged to implement bio-security measures on their farms to prevent an outbreak of Avian Influenza (Bird Flu). Dr Joseph Adongo Awuni, Head of Bird Flu Surveillance Team, made the call at a day's poultry development workshop organised by Tema Municipal Poultry and Livestock Development Board yesterday.


Japan imports less meat in June
Japanese protein imports in June fell in all three major categories – beef, pork and chicken – compared with the same month last year.

Czech Republic

Czech Republic - Adex Agro Goes Bust.
Adex Agro, the Czech Republic's largest turkey meat processor, has gone bust, according to the CTK news agency, citing company sources.
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Company news

New House For 50.000 Pullets Bound For Laying Aviaries
Big Dutchman FRANCE - Eggs from layers kept in alternative layer systems are on the rise in France.

Genetic Discovery Will Improve Feed Values And Environmental Quality
Dupont Animal Health Solutions IOWA - Scientists have identified the plant gene that controls Phytic acid, a naturally occuring organic acid that influences the digestibility of feed grains. Deactivating it will reduce the amount of phosphorous and other pollutants, excreted in animal waste, say researchers.

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