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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 20th August 2007
Monday 20th August 2007
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 4 new features this week:

Controlling Brachyspiras in layers
By David G S Burch, Octagon Services Ltd. and Alan Beynon, BVetMed MRCVS, St David's Poultry Team, Devon.
The global strategy for prevention and control of H5N1 highly pathogenic avian influenza
Economics Of Improving Chick Quality
By Martin ‘Tiny’ Barten, senior hatchery specialist, Pas Reform and published in World Poultry - Vol. 23 No 5. 2007.
Responsible Use of Antibiotics in Food Animals
A National Institute for Animal Agriculture Publication.
Hatchery automation systems from Pas Reform
* Global Poultry Industry News (link to all this weeks news)

Bird Flu Summary (click here for all this weeks bird flu news)

INDONESIA - 5,286 chickens were culled in Indonesia's Bali province after the death of a local resident infected with bird flu.
"The cull will continue for one week in areas within one kilometre radius of the bird flu victim's home at Banyar Dangin Tukar Aya village and its surroundings" said head of the Jembrana agricultural, forestry and fishery office -Gusti Sanjaya.
A temporary restriction zone has been put in place and a ban on transportation of poultry in or out of the effected area.

VIETNAM - On Wednesday the Agriculture Ministry detected a bird flu outbreak in the northern province of Cao Bang bordering China, making this the country's second infection among poultry so far this month.
Eighty-nine chickens and ducks died at a farm last Saturday and tests in Hanoi have confirmed they were infected by the H5N1 virus, the ministry's Animal Health Department said in a report.
The infected farm is in Thach An district, about 70 km south of the border with China's province of Guangxi.

FRANCE - French authorities announced on Tuesday that four ducks had tested positive for H5N1 in north-eastern France.
Two dead swans had already been discovered with bird flu at the end of July in the same area. The site is just 10 kilometres from where three other swans were found dead with the virus about a month earlier.


Livestock, Poultry Raisers Want Lower Feed Input Cost
MINDANAO - livestock and poultry raisers will urge the National Government to lower the importation costs of feed inputs in order to increase the productivity and profitability of the sector.

Farm Sector Growth Slows
Philippine farm output slowed significantly in the first semester from a year ago even before the onset of the dry spell, making the target set by the Department of Agriculture for the year difficult to attain.


Jamaica Bans Importation Of Meat From The UK
Jamaica has placed a ban on the importation of all meat and dairy products from the United Kingdom in the wake of the recent outbreak of foot and mouth disease.

United Kingdom

Supermarket Chicken Discounts 'Not Sustainable'
Heavy supermarket discounting on poultry meat - such as a chicken for £2 - is "not sustainable", an industry spokesman warned today.

Realistic Pricing Essential For Livestock Industry
Supermarkets must recognise the need for higher milk, pig and poultry meat prices, otherwise the UK's livestock industry faces a serious threat to its future, warns Tony Bell, Chairman of the Agricultural Industries Confederation's Feed Executive Committee.

Research Reveals Chicken Campaign Success
British Chicken Marketing's (BCM) annual MORI tracking research has revealed that an increasing number of consumers only want to eat British chicken and are now actively looking for the Red Tractor on pack - proving the campaign is having a positive impact.
Merial Gallimune Flu H5N9
United States

Sec of Ag to Reestablish Committee on Foreign Animal and Poultry Diseases
The Secretary of Agriculture has announced intent to reestablish the Secretary’s Advisory Committee on Foreign Animal and Poultry Diseases for a two-year period, determining that the Committee is necessary and in the public interest.

Poultry Plant Plans To Go Automated
GEORGIA - Equity Group Eufaula Division is planning to go automated, and it's asking the Barbour County Commission for help.

Farm Bill May Ease Rules For Meat Processors
When Greg and Jolene Heikens decided to expand their Iowa meat-processing business, they found they had to switch from having state to federal inspectors.

Weekly Outlook: Crop Production Forecasts
URBANA - Widespread concern about grain storage space this year may exist in some quarters but it is unfounded, said a University of Illinois Extension marketing specialist.

Happier Factory Chickens?
Tyson Foods has launched an antibiotic-free line of chicken, labeled as “Raised Without Antibiotics” and “100% Natural” at the grocery store.

Monthly US Turkey Hatchery Report
Turkey Egg In Incubators Up 9%, report the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS).

Antimicrobial Coating Promises Meat Protection
ILLINOIS - Armato Enterprises, Inc. has added an antimicrobial coating system to their line of coatings. The specifics line of UNIGUARD-10 coating systems has been formulated for the meat, poultry and food industries.

Do You Know Where Your Food Comes From?
In the wake of banned seafood from China and years of concern over mad cow-tainted beef from Europe, many consumers are worried about where their food is coming from.

Weekly US Broiler Hatchery Report
Broiler chicks placed up 3%, report the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS).

Poultry Industry, Others Wary Of New Federal Immigration Policies
With fruit rotting in fields, unmilked cows suffering in barns and shuttered farmhouses, growers are painting a bleak picture of their industry under new federal immigration policies - and the poultry industry is wary of the new rules, as well.

Poultry Association Meeting Focused On Food Safety
Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle told poultry industry officials on Wednesday that the state of Georgia places a high priority on maintaining food safety.

Poultry Profits Haven't Reached Growers
Tyson Foods' top performing breeder operations in Hempstead County can barely make ends meet in the face of inflationary pressures that have stripped the businesses of positive cash flow.

FSIS To Conduct Dioxin Survey
The Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), in conjunction with the Agricultural Research Service (ARS), will conduct a Dioxin 08 survey beginning September 4.
Classic from Hubbard

Govt’s Bid To Procure Eggs At Cheaper Price
With a view to procure eggs meant for noon-meal scheme at a cheaper and fair price, the State Government has ordered floating tenders every month, instead of calling them once in three months.

Plan To Launch Packed Eggs
Considering the increase in consumption of eggs in the State, the Kerala Poultry Development Corporation is planning to launch packed eggs in the market, Kamala Sadanandan, chairperson of the Corporation has said.

Eat-Chicken Message Via Imphal Feast
IMPHAL - It’s official. Eating chicken is safe in Manipur, even in the 5-km radius of the farm affected by bird flu.

Local Supply From Kerala Hurts Namakkal Egg Trade
It’s not quite the sunny-side up for Namakkal (Tamil Nadu) egg producers counting on making good the pinch on price margins last week with plump market volumes from Kerala.

Govt Okays New Scheme To Push Agri Growth
The scheme will enable the States to draw up plans for their agriculture sector more comprehensively, taking agro climatic conditions, natural resources, and technology into account, and by integrating livestock, poultry and fishery sectors.

Hong Kong

HK resumes poultry import from UK's Suffolk county
Hong Kong has decided to immediately resume the processing of applications for importing poultry and poultry products from UK's Suffolk county, the Center for Food Safety announced Monday.


Rising Costs Prompt Calls For Action On Prices
The rising cost of food has prompted calls for the government to take measures to stabilize prices, which climbed 15.4 percent year-on-year in July, with the cost of pork and other meat jumping 45.2 percent.


NGO, Prison Launch Poultry Project For Inmates
- Food for the Poor (Guyana) Inc and the Guyana Prison Service recently launched the Prison Poultry Project which aims to equip inmates with a skill while maintaining the dietary needs of the prison.


Farmers' Union Wants Labels On Food Indicating Use Of GM Products
Prime Minister also calls for labelling. The Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners (MTK) said on Tuesday that it wants voluntary labelling of food products to indicate any phases of the production chain in which genetically modified products have been used.
Fluxx Breeder from Big Dutchman

Poultry Farmers Take On Herbs to Control Diseases
Farmers have embraced medicinal plants in treating poultry diseases. A research carried out by Makerere University in central and eastern Uganda revealed that about 80% of the poultry farmers know how to use medicinal plants to treat poultry diseases.

Czech Republic

Producers Say Czech Poultry Prices Will Grow Markedly
Poultry meat prices on the Czech market will increase considerably owing to growing prices of grains and other inputs, representatives of breeders and meat processors said at a news conference of the Agricultural Chamber Wednesday.

Czech Republic Gets Higher Poultry Prices.
Poultry producers and processors in the Czech Republic say that poultry meat prices are likely to increase substantially as a result of higher input prices, according to the CTK news agency's Business News.

Viet Nam

The Public To Participate In Poultry Vaccinations
The Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) Bui Ba Bong has affirmed that the ministry and the Veterinary Department are discussing a new poultry and animal vaccination program which will not be subsidized by the state.

Tanzania, United Republic of

Fish, Chicken Prices Still High Despite End Of RVF
Prices of fish and chicken have remained high in most parts of Dar es Salaam despite the disappearance of Rift Valley Fever (RVF), it has been learnt.


Poultry Price Jumps To Rs 96 Per Kg
KARACHI - The retail price of live broiler chicken has surged by Rs 24 in last three weeks to Rs 96 per kilogramme due to short supply and high demand of the commodity, traders said on Friday.


With Avian Flu Fear Gone Brazil Doubles Chicken Exports
Brazilian chicken meat exports totaled US$ 440 million in July, representing an increase of 106% compared with the same month of last year. A total of 284,000 tons were shipped, 53% more than in July 2006. The data were disclosed by the Brazilian Poultry Exporters Association (Abef).


Camagüey Reports Remarkable Egg Production
CAMAGUEY - Once the poultry industry began a gradual recovery three years ago, the egg production grew in a sustainable manner up to 2006 when 104 million units were reported, in the current year the producers foresee to compute a total of over 120 million eggs.
Paracox-5 Coccidiosis vaccine
Company news

Aviagen Congratulates Mach Hatcheries
Aviagen CZECH REPUBLIC - Aviagen representatives were delighted to take part in the 15th anniversary celebrations of Mach Hatcheries in the Czech Republic this month. The company has been a Ross Parent Stock customer during this time.

Aviagen Strengthen UK Customer Focus Team
UK - Aviagen is underlining its commitment to supporting its UK customer base with the addition of Adrian Rushby to its UK team as Head of Sales.

New Arbor Acres Performance Objectives Released
GLOBE - Aviagen, the world's leading poultry breeding company, has unveiled new editions of its Arbor Acres performance objectives for both breeder and broiler products.

Lohmann And Pas Reform Academy Deliver Exemplary Training For Hatchery Managers
Pas Reform NETHERLANDS - Lohmann Breeders recently teamed up with Pas Reform Academy and PTC+ in Barneveld (The Netherlands) to deliver a bespoke training program for 15 hatchery managers from eight businesses in former Soviet Union countries Russia, Armenia, Ukraine, Latvia and Lithuania.

Bounty Fresh Launches First Single-Stage Smart Hatchery Project In The Philippines
PHILLIPINES - Having monitored the development of single-stage incubation technologies for several years, Bounty Fresh Foods inc. (formerly Tyson Agro) has elected to install its new broiler hatchery project in Cagayan d’Oro, Mindanao, with single-stage, closed-door Smart Incubators from Pas Reform, the Dutch incubation equipment supplier.

Pas Reform Boosts Customer Service For Worldwide Projects
NETHERLANDS - To meet the demands of increasing numbers of new hatchery projects worldwide, Pas Reform has boosted its customer service and support department with the appointment of Erik Meijer to the role of Service Manager.

Cobb Appoints New US Sales Manager
Cobb - Primary Broiler Breeders US - Heath Wessels has been appointed US sales manager for Cobb-Vantress, filling the position recently vacated by Dr Aldo Rossi, now general manager for North America.

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