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The PoultrySite Newsletter - 7th April 2008
Monday 7th April 2008
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 4 new features this week:

Histomonosis and the Differential Survival of Poultry Species
Since an EU ban on nitroimidazole treatments in 1995 and a greater tendency towards outdoor production of turkeys, incidence of Histomonosis (Blackhead disease) have been increasing, writes Chris Harris, Senior Editor, ThePoultrySite.
Mexico: Poultry and Products Semi Annual Report 2008
By the USDA, Foreign Agricultural Service - This article provides the poultry industry data from the USDA FAS Poultry and Products Semi-Annual 2008 report for Mexico. A link to the full report is also provided. The full report includes all the tabular data which we have ommited from this article.
UK Poultry and Poultrymeat Statistics - March 2008
By Defra. This monthly publication combines the UK Hatcheries Survey and Poultry Slaughterhouse Survey results together with other Defra statistics, and trade data.
Anaerobic Digesters
By Mahendran Navaratnasamy and Brian Koberstein of the Agriculture Stewardship Division, and Bruce Partington, Rural Utilities Division, Alberta Agriculture and Food. The anaerobic digestion process is gaining attention in the agriculture industry because of its potential for renewable energy production and manure stabilization.
Hatchery automation systems from Pas Reform
* Global Poultry Industry News (link to all this weeks news)

Bird Flu Summary (click here for all this weeks bird flu news)

Bird flu continues its sweep through central Vietnam forcing authorities to cull 26,660 birds.

Bangladesh continued to cull birds as a precautionary measure. Officials say the disease has begun to subside across the country.

Fresh outbreaks occurred in India and several were announced in South Korea.


CPF Chicken Gets OIE Certification
THAILAND - Two chicken processing compartments of Charoen Pokphand Foods (CPF) have won certificates from the Livestock Development Department, making it the first Thai processor to raise chicken in compliance with guidelines of the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE). CPF's compartment systems in Nakhon Ratchasima cover 15 farms, and have the capability of raising 5.34 million broilers.


China Begins Bird Flu Vaccine Production
BEIJING, CHINA - A Chines pharmaceutical firm was given the green light to begin production of a human bird flu vaccine yesterday. The decision follows more than two years of laborious clinical trials.

China Bans Turkish Poultry
BEIJING, CHINA - China has banned imports of poultry and related products from Turkey to prevent the spread of bird flu, the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) said on Wednesday.

The State of China's Livestock
CHINA - A new report analysing China's feed market notes that it experienced a hard time in 2006. Bird flu occurred from time to time, resulting in a massive slaughter of poultry and a depression of poultry product market.

European Union

Decontamination and Antibiotic Resistance
EU - Four antimicrobial substances that are used to decontaminate poultry carcasses have been analised for their potential tolerance and resistance to antibiotics.

The EU Feed Proposal
EU - Last month the European Commission presented a proposal for a new framework regulation on the labeling and marketing of feed.
Fluxx Breeder from Big Dutchman
United States

Weekly Outlook: Three Friendly Reports For Corn
US - The USDA’s quarterly Hogs and Pigs report, quarterly Grain Stocks report, and annual Prospective Plantings report all appeared to be supportive for corn prices, says Darrel Good, Extension Economist, University of Illinois

Safety Expert Condemns Poultry Practises
WASHINGTON, US - A safety coordinator will testify as witnesses at a Senate hearing today addressing the dangerous pattern of large corporations ignoring or avoiding their obligations to insure a safe workplace.

Tyson Looks Back at its Environmental Footprint
US - Tyson Foods have releases a new sustainability report which aims to outline the company's corporate responsibility efforts. The 64-page publication titled “Sustainability - It’s In Our Nature,” focuses on economic, social and environmental concerns, which company officials call their “triple bottom line.”

Cargill Acquires Willow Brook Foods
WICHITA - US international food and agricultural giant Cargill has bought turkey meat processor Willow Brook Foods (Willow Brook).

Ohio Firm Mislabels 1,420 Pounds of Chicken
US - Koch Foods, a Fairfield, Ohio, establishment, is recalling approximately 1,420 pounds of frozen chicken breast products because they were packaged with the incorrect label. The frozen, pre-browned, raw products were labeled as "precooked" and therefore do not provide proper preparation instructions. These raw products may appear fully cooked.

Salmonella Chicken Plants Named
US - Plants troubled by persistent Salmonella concerns are being named in a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) publication. 21 facilities where more than 10% of positive samples were found contaminated in recent tests.

International Egg And Poultry Review
US - By the USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service - This is a weekly report looking at international developments concerning the poultry industry.

Fieldale Farms Cracking Under Pressure
US - Another large poultry producer has been forced to reduce chicken production due to intense market pressures and the escalating cost of feed, particularly corn.

Egg Prices Doubled in Six Years
US - According to recent statistics, egg prices in the US have more than doubled since 2002 and show no signs of abating any time soon.

Soybean and Livestock Go Hand in Hand
US - Livestock and poultry consume about 98 percent of domestically used soybean meal, making them the No. 1 customer for U.S. soybean producers.

US Risk Assessment of Denmark and France
WASHINGTON, US - The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) today announced the availability of risk assessments on the animal health status of Denmark and France. Both countries had an outbreak of the H5N1 subtype of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) in poultry in 2006.
Paracox-5 Coccidiosis vaccine

Organised Poultry Farmers Want Compensation Too
KOLKOTA, INDIA - Now that unorganised poultry owners have been reimbursed by the government, large scale poultry companies have also demanded compensation, especially as greater losses could be just around the corner.

Will Indian Poultry Get a Waiver too?
INDIA - The Indian government is considering to set aside an Rs 60,000-crore farm loan waiver package for poultry and aquaculture farms.


Karachi Chicken Rates at Record High
KARACHI, PAKISTAN - Chicken rates in Karachi have sky-rocketed to Rs 205 per kg, an all time record for the area, but the high rates are pushing down demand for the meat in to a sharp decline.


Perdigao Sees Income Rise by 174 per cent
BRAZIL - Brazilian poultry, pig meat, beef and food processor Perdigao has seen its income for 2007 rise by 174 per cent to R$ 321.3 million (US$ 188.4 million) compared to 2006.


French Farming Dialogue
FRANCE - The French farm minister Michel Barnier is encouraging fellow citizens to discuss where their food comes from on a new Website parlons agricuture.

United Kingdom

Red Mites are Potential Source of Salmonella Transmission
UK - Red mites, which are difficult to eradicate as they shelter in cracks and crevices in poultry houses during the day, are a potential source of salmonella transmission, according to biosecurity experts at agriculture specialists Kiotechagil.

Fife Poultry Farm Plan Ban
FIFE, UK - 5 years worth of campaigning and 12,000 objections later, and a public enquiry has helped dismiss plans to build a massive poultry farm in Fife once and for all.

Chicken About Welfare? Shame on Tesco
UK - Another wave of chicken welfare campaigns swept across the UK today as demonstrators hit Tesco Supermarkets in Ecclesall, Southey and Woodseats of Sheffield, South Yorkshire, writes Adam Anson, ThePoultrySite Reporter.

Prebiotics to Protect Animals From Salmonella
UK - Research is being conducted on the effectiveness of certain types of prebiotics in protecting animals from Salmonella infection.
Classic from Hubbard
Hong Kong

1 Year Later: German Poultry Back in Hong Kong
HONG KONG - The Hong Kong Centre for Food Safety has accepted the import of German poultry meats once more.


Aussies Quietly Confident on Food Safety
AUSTRALIA - A consumer confidence survey has touted that 65 per cent of Australian believe that food safety has either stayed the same or improved over the last year. But of those foods of concern 17.9 per cent still had doubts on the safety of raw poultry products.

New Zealand

Rare Salmonella Crops Up in NZ
NEW ZEALAND - A rare and deadly strain of Salmonella is causing concern in New Zealand, but, as of yet, the source of the outbreak is still unknown.


Poultry Clampdown in Phuentsholing
BHUTAN - 12,000 eggs and dressed chicken have been seized and destroyed in Phuentsholing since the ban on poultry products from India was imposed earlier this year.

United Arab Emirates

Millions Dead - UAE Farmers Want More Compensation
UAE - Poultry Farmers in the United Arab Emirates have asked the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Agriculture to reconsider the amount of compensation due after avian bird flu ravaged the poultry industry, resulted in the culling of millions of birds.
Merial Gallimune Flu H5N9
Company news

Aviagen Restructures for Core Businesses
Aviagen US - The Aviagen Group, the world’s leading poultry breeder has announced that the company has been divided into two separate business units: “Aviagen Broiler Breeding” and “Aviagen Turkeys and other Aviagen Operations”.

Pas Reform Appoints International Project Manager
Pas reform NETHERLANDS - Dutch hatchery technology company Pas Reform is expanding its international Project Management Team, with the appointment of Mr. Wim Hazekamp to the role of project manager.

Morris Goes Single-Stage with Smart in the USA
US - Single-stage incubation specialist Pas Reform makes its operational debut in the USA in New York State, with a new agreement from Morris Hatchery, Inc. for the delivery and installation of a state of the art single stage hatchery.

Year-End Profits Will Spur-on Further Development
GLOBAL - Natural feed additives specialist Kiotech International reports a profit for 2007. Its the first year the business has shown profit since it became a public company in 1997 and proves that its acquisition of Agil just around 18 months ago, has been very beneficial.

That's all for this week!


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