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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 28th April 2008
Monday 28th April 2008
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Due to Monday's Bank Holiday our next week's newsletter will be sent on Tuesday 6th May 2008.

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 4 new features this week:

Creating the Ideal Hatching Climate
By Pas Reform. The transfer of eggs from setter trays to hatcher baskets is routine in the hatchery, while the embryo continues to develop.
Effect of Pellet Quality and Manufacturing Method on Fat Distribution in a Commercial Feed System.
In the poultry industry, flock uniformity is critical and the way and amount of feed that is distributed along a feed line could impact on the performance of the flock and the uniformity of the growth rates, writes ThePoultrySite Senior Editor, Chris Harris.
Challenging Year for Livestock Production
The livestock and poultry industry in the US will be increasingly challenged this year by rising feed prices that drive up costs and lower returns, and by consumers confronted with uncertain economic conditions.
UK Poultry and Poultrymeat Statistics - April 2008
By Defra. This monthly publication combines the UK Hatcheries Survey and Poultry Slaughterhouse Survey results together with other Defra statistics, and trade data.
Bird Flu Summary (click here for all this weeks bird flu news)

Canada has been declared free of a highly infectious strain of avian flu by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Twenty countries had banned Canadian poultry products.

Fresh outbreaks hit West Tripura in India. The government said the disease may have spread in from Bangladesh.

South Korea has increased the number of poultry to be culled in order to stop the spread of the H5N1 bird flu virus.
More information about Nobilis Rhino CV
* Global Poultry Industry News (link to all this weeks news)


Food for Thought: Does Meat Cause Hunger?
GLOBE - Not bio-fuel, but animals raised for meat are the main reason for the growing shortage of food in the world claims Pune Maharahtra.

  European Union

EU Vs US: No End in Sight for Poultry Row
EU - A senior German government official has said that the European Union's industry chief is unlikely to get the bloc's backing any time soon to settle a dispute with the United States over poultry imports.

Jansen Develop Egg-Packer
EU - An automated system for the on-farm packing of both table and hatching eggs has been added to the range of equipment on offer from Jansen Poultry Equipment.


Nutrigenomics Centre Opens Doors
IRELAND – The global animal health company Alltech cut the ribbon on its Centre for Animal Nutrigenomics and Applied Animal Nutrition this week. They are calling the facility the first of its kind in the world, as it is dedicated to the studying the effect of nutrition on gene expression.

  Russian Federation

Russia Vaccinates 400,000 Poultry
VLADIVOSTOK, RUSSIA - A bird flu campaign carried out in the Primorsky Territory of Russia has resulted in the vaccination of 400,000 poultry

Russia Distributes All Poultry Quota
RUSSIA - Last week the Russian Ministry of Economic Development and Trade (MEDT) announced that all of its 2008 poultry tariff rate quota had been distributed to foreign exporters.
Alpharma Animal Health
  United States

March Egg Production Down 2 Percent
US - U.S. egg production totaled 7.68 billion during March 2008, down 2 percent from last year, report the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS).

International Egg and Poultry Review
US - By the USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service - This is a weekly report looking at international developments concerning the poultry industry.

Weekly US Broiler Hatchery Report
US - Broiler Chicks Placed Down Slightly, report the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS).

Glycerin: A Different Kind of Feed
US - Crude glycerin, a byproduct of biodiesel production has recently been fed to poultry and pigs in a series of tests conducted by the Iowa State University. They say that the results indicate that as a feed, crude glycerin is viable and comparable to corn.

Scrutinous Eye on Frozen Chicken Labels
US - Food-safety officials are debating whether the packaging of many frozen chicken products bare adequate labelling to alert the consumer when the product is raw.

Tyson Appeals Chicken Advertising Injunction
US - US poultry giant, Tyson Foods, is to fight a court order preventing then from using the phrase "Raised Without Antibiotics" in their advertising.

USDA Discusses Poultry Improvement Plan
US - The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) has announced that it will hold a meeting regarding the national poultry improvement plan on the fifth of June.
Cobb - Primary Poultry Breeders
Peta Offer a Million for In Vitro Meat
US - The animal welfare organisation, PETA, have offered a $1 million reward to the first scientist to produce and bring to market in vitro meat. They say that the technology will relieve animal suffering and put an end to slaughter.

Fibrowatt Names Second Power Plant
US - Fibrowatt vice president, Terry Walmsley, named the second site for its poultry-litter-to-power plant at the International Biomass Conference & Trade Show.

AICR Calls on US to Slash Red Meat and Eggs
WASHINGTON, US - Experts at the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) say Americans can’t afford to wait any longer to make a cancer-protective shift in their eating habits. The evidence linking red meat to colon cancer is now so strong it should prompt a nationwide reduction in red meat consumption, they said.

An Antimicrobial Crisis
US - An older woman feeding several chickens running around in her yard appeared on the screen.

Study: Eggs Keep Away Breast Cancer
OHIO, US - A recent study which is yet to be published claims that eggs help reduce the risk of breast cancer, due to a secret nutrient.

CAFO's Milk Millions Off Taxpayer
WASHINGTON, US - Science group calls for Policies that Reduce CAFO Subsidies and Encourage Modern, Sustainable Meat, Milk and Egg Production.

US Industry Backs Petition to Relax Ethanol Mandate
US – The US poultry industry has backed a call from Texas Governor Rick Perry for a 50 per cent waiver from the federal renewable fuel standard (RFS) mandate for ethanol produced from grain.
More on L.I.R., part of Aviagen

Pilot Project On Poultry Feed
INDIA - A pilot study on the removal of highly carcinogenic chromium from the leather wastes used in the manufacture of poultry feed has been given the go-ahead. The project will be undertaken in the Tamil Nadu State Council for Science and Technology, in Chennai, and has been awarded a Rs.1.10-lakh research grant.


Acquisition of Stork Food Systems Completed
ICELAND - The European competition authorities has given the go ahead to the takeover of Stork Food Systems by the Icelandic food equipment company Marel Food Systems.


35,000 Egg Shipment Rolls into Iraq
IRAQ – Eight months of preparation and planning paid off yesterday when the Mahmudiyah chicken hatchery received the first of three shipments of eggs for incubation.

  Sri Lanka

Maize Prices Hinder Sri Lankan Poultry
SRI LANKA - The Sri Lankan Poultry Farm Owners’ Association has requested that the government provide relief by relaxing the restrictions on the import of maize.


Indonesia Self Sufficient in Chicken and Eggs
INDONESIA - Indonesia has been self-sufficient in chicken meat and eggs for years but the domestic poultry industry is not making progress, Agriculture Minister Anton Apriyantono said.

Vencomatic - Complete Solutions in Poultry Equipment
Brazilian Eggs Filling the Gulf
BRAZIL - Exports of the product to the Arab world posted significant growth, from US$ 114,600 in the first quarter of 2007 to US$ 9.8 million in the same period this year. Cases of avian flu in Asia have depleted the region's supplies.


Rapid Diagnostics Makes OZ Poultry Fly
AUSTRALIA - Australian poultry producers are benefiting from a range of rapid, cost-effective diagnostic tests previously unavailable in Australia thanks to a Poultry CRC project being undertaken at The University of Melbourne.


Stable Pecking Order Decreases Aggression
CANADA - A recent study at the University of Alberta was designed to help understand what factors contribute to the ‘romantic’ and not just aggressive aspects of procreation in male broiler breeder chickens.

  United Kingdom

Compostable Poultry Packaging
UK - British supermarket, Sainsbury's, have begun selling their Scottish So Organic chickens in compostable trays. The supermarket says it is trying to find new ways of reducing packaging waste.

Feed Contamination Investigated
UK - Animal Health (AH) is currently conducting an investigation and tracing exercise after taking routine samples from wheat feed stock at a feed business operator.

Company news

Cobb - Primary Broiler Breeders New Website for Cobb Germany In Seven Languages
GERMANY - A new website providing technical information for Cobb customers in central and eastern Europe in their own language has been launched by Cobb Germany.

Hubbard - A Trusted Name with a New Focus Hubbard Brings Customers Together
INDIA - March 2008 Hubbard organised a visit for SIPRA from the Ivory Coast to Skylark Hatcheries in India. The main purpose of the visit was to give SIPRA a better understanding of the way of operating in India and to enhance interaction between the two companies by sharing their own experience in different parts of the world.

Aviagen Aviagen Announces Formation of Aviagen Turkeys
HUNTSVILLE, US - The Aviagen Group has decided to fully merge its two turkey breeding companies, Nicholas Turkey Breeding Farms (Nicholas) and British United Turkeys (B.U.T.), which have been operating as separate companies since the acquisition of B.U.T. in September 2005.

Arbor Acres Successful Seminar in SA
SOUTH AFRICA - Aviagen, the world's leading poultry breeding company, recently participated in a series of successful workshops in South Africa.

Aviagen Appoint Regional Technical Manager
UK - Aviagen have appointed Dave Watts as Regional Technical Manager for the UK and Aviagen's Ross European Association distributor territories. In this role, he will lead the experienced regional technical team and will be responsible for co-ordinating the provision of technical service to Aviagen customers within this region.

That's all for this week!


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