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The PoultrySite Newsletter - 19th May 2008
Monday 19th May 2008
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 4 new features this week:

Poultry Transport Biosecurity
By DuPont Animal Health Systems. The importance of biosecurity for all vehicles associated with poultry production cannot be stressed enough.
What Measures Can be Taken to Keep the Hatchery Free of the Fungus Aspergillus
What is Aspergillosis? In what ways does Aspergillus enter the hatchery? How can I recognise Aspergillosis in the hatchery?
US Feed Outlook
Allen Baker, Edward Allen, and Heather Lutman, ERS USDA. This monthly report examines supply, use, prices, and trade for feed grains, including supply and demand prospects in major importing and exporting countries. Focuses on corn; also contains information on sorghum, barley, oats, and hay.
US Poultry Outlook Report - May 2008
By U.S.D.A, Economic Research Service - This article is an extract from the May 2008: Livestock, Dairy and Poultry Outlook Report.
Optisec; High-capacity manure drying tunnel for a maximum dry-matter content
* Global Poultry Industry News (link to all this weeks news)

Bird Flu Summary (click here for all this weeks bird flu news)

Bird flu has been detected in West Bengal. A poultry cull was scheduled to begin yesterday.

The Jhapa region of Nepal has stepped up measures to prevent bird-flu after the disease appeared in the Indian districts bordering the country.

South Korea culled all domestic fowl in the Seoul area in an attempt to contain a second outbreak of bird flu to hit the capital.

United Kingdom

Measuring Carbon Footprints of Pigs and Poultry
UK - A new programme to map the carbon footprint of the production of pig and poultry products was launched at the British Pig and Poultry Fair this week.

UK Consumers Want it all: Cheap and British
UK - Shoppers want to buy British chicken but producers need to receive a fair price to ensure they can meet the demand in the long term, the National Farmers' Union said today.

Advice Issued on Removing Nicarbazin Residues
UK - A new report, published today by the Food Standards Agency, has advised British farmers to devise a system making sure that any bin receiving nicarbazin is completely emptied in the five day run up before the first birds go for slaughter.

UK Turkey Famers Fly High on Salmonella Survey
UK - The British Poultry Council and Quality British Turkey today welcomed the results of the EFSA survey of European turkey flocks. The low level of salmonella of public health significance in British turkey flocks confirms the success of British turkey breeders and farmers in combating salmonella.

Changes to Chick and Eggs Regulations
UK - The UK's Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs is to update the Eggs and Chicks (England) Regulations.
Incubators from Pas Reform
United Arab Emirates

Fresh Chicken, Rare Chicken in the UAE
QUATAR, UAE - The lack of fresh chicken in Quatar still shows no signs of abating. Supermarkets are running out of supplies and their seems to be nothing left in stock.

UAE to Collect Halal Fees on Foreign Plants
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - UAE officials indicate that they will approach approved foreign Halal certifiers directly in an effort to identify slaughter houses that produce meat for export to the UAE for the purpose of collecting annual Halal fees.


10 Year Poultry Row Could be Extinguished
BRUSSELSS, BELGIUM - US and EU officials are to meet up today to discuss a ten year ban on American poultry products from European markets. Many believe the Transatlantic Economic Agenda (TEC), held in Brussels, could finally resolve the dispute.

Knocking Down Barriers: EU, US Close to Trade
BRUSSELS, BELGIUM - A European Commisioner, talking from a press conference in Brussels, has said that the commisions contiuing ban on US poultry meat may well be lifted after reports reveal that it may be unjustified.


Mistreatment of Animals Irks Activists
UGANDA - Animal rights activists in Uganda have urged the government to punish people who cause deliberate pain to animals during transportation.

Newcastle Disease Hits Ugandan Poultry Flocks
UGANDA - The Ugandan poultry industry is being hit by Newcastle disease because of problems over storage of vaccine.


Myanmar’s Food Bowl Devastated
MYANMAR - The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) today called for US$10 million to assist poor farming and fishing communities in Myanmar devastated by cyclone Nargis.

Relief Estimates for Cyclone Hit Livestock
MYANMAR - In parallel to ongoing priority humanitarian aid assistance, Relief Web says that we need to start looking at the longer term, in particular as time is running out to secure planting in June of rice seeds for the main 2008 rice harvest.
Yield from Hubbard
United States

Online Organic Meat Orders Delivered Overnight
US - On organic meat company yesterday announced that it would be making its meat products available online. Customers will be able to order the meat anywhere within the US and receive it by post.

One Health Initiative gets Nod from ASM
WASHINGTON, DC - The American Society for Microbiology (ASM) has endorsed the One Health Initiative, which recognizes the inter-relationships among human, animal, and environmental health, and tries to understand how they can protect livestock and consumers from zoonotic diseases whilst reaffirming food safety and environmental protection.

Colorado Bans Farm Confinement Systems
COLORADO, US - Farm Sanctuary, the nation’s leading farm animal protection organization, applauds Colorado in joining Florida, Arizona and Oregon in outlawing gestation crates, and joining Arizona in outlawing veal crates.

International Egg and Poultry Review
US - By the USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service - This is a weekly report looking at international developments concerning the poultry industry.

Weekly US Broiler Hatchery Report
US - Broiler Chicks Placed Down 2 Percent, report the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS).

Monthly US Turkey Hatchery Report
US - Turkey eggs in incubators up 1%, report the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS).

Brochitis, and the Hatching of an Anti-Viral Plan
US - An company has announced plans to take its product to a commercial level after recieving positive results on tests for an anti-viral compound.

Record Setting Texas Ag Goes Through the Roof
TEAXAS, US - Texas agricultural production for 2007 was a record $21.8 billion due to higher crop and livestock prices, according to a Texas AgriLife Extension Service report.

TV Campaign to Promote Tyson Fresh Chicken
US - Plans to drive retail consumption of Tyson fresh chicken during the summer grilling season will include a national, multi-million dollar TV campaign.

S.C. OSHA to study poultry industry
US - A special task force to study South Carolina's poultry industry and suggest ways for keeping workers safe is to be established by the state's Labor office, SC OSHA.

Tough Times for Poultry Growers
US - Poultry growers in the US have called on one of the leading processing companies for more money to help them out of the present difficulties.

European Union

New Biosecurity Products for a New World
EU - A company that specialises in solutions for safer feed and food, has chosen VIV Europe, to launch two new products which it says will benefit even the modest modern feed mills.

Salmonella in a Third of EU Poultry Flocks
EU - The European Food Safety Authority have released a survey on Salmonella which claims that one third of commercial turkey farms in the EU carry a full range of salmonella bacteria.
Merial Gallimune Flu H5N9

Food Producers Unite Against Retail Domination
FRANCE - A seven-strong alliance of French food production industry bodies is opposing proposed legislation that would remove such protection as the current law affords from unreasonable retailer demands.


Chick Delivery Hatches Whole New Industry
IRAQ - Nearly 33,000 chicks raised in the Karadi hatchery were prepared for delivery this week. They will be making their way towards farms in Mahmudiyah, about 16 miles south of Baghdad, where they will begin a new phase in the local poultry industry.


Gecko in Egg Could Hold Key to Salmonella
AUSTRALIA - A tiny gecko that was found in a chicken egg may hold the key to Salmonella food safety, scientists say.


Chicken Farmers Threaten to Withhold Products from Shops
BARBADOS - Chicken farmers in Barbados are threatening to take their products off the market because of a dispute over prices.

Russian Federation

Concern over Block to Frozen Meat
RUSSIA - Concern is rising in Russia over reports that frozen meat could be banned for processing into sausages, hams. dumplings and other products.
Paracox-5 Coccidiosis vaccine
Company news

Aviagen Expands Operations Down Under
Aviagen NEW ZEALAND - Aviagen, the world's leading poultry breeding company, has reached an agreement to purchase the poultry breeding production facilities of Bartter Enterprises, Australia and Tegel Foods (Ross Poultry New Zealand), New Zealand.

50 Years on: BD Congratulates Oldest Distributor
Big Dutchman US - G&M Sales, a poultry equipment distributor in the United States, recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. Amongst those congratulating this important customer were Big Dutchman USA personnel.

Hubbard LLC appoints Jiggs Killgore as Director of Hatcheries
Hubbard - A Trusted Name with a New Focus PIKEVILLE, USA - Hubbard is very pleased to announce that Jiggs Killgore has been named Director of Hatcheries for Hubbard LLC. In his new role, Jiggs will be responsible for overseeing and managing all of the Hubbard LLC hatcheries. Jiggs’ focus will be to guarantee the supply of quality products from Hubbard’s hatcheries to its growing customer base.

Cobb Introduces New Birds to the Welfare Friendly Sector
Cobb - Primary Broiler Breeders UK - Two new chicken breeds aimed at the welfare friendly sector were launched on to the UK market at the Pig and Poultry Fair this week by Cobb Europe.

Show Debut for New Russian Distributor
RUSSIA - Cobb Europe will be introducing its newest distributor - Broiler Budeshego at the VIV Europe exhibition in Moscow on 27 - 29 May. They will be supplying Cobb Avian48 parent stock for the Russian market.

Intervet / Schering Plough Animal Health at VIV Europe in Moscow
Intervet RUSSIA - Animal health company Intervet / Schering Plough Animal Health is to present the new combined company to a large audience for the first time at the VIV Europe in Moscow.

Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health appoints Executive Team
Schering-Plough Animal Health THE NETHERLANDS - Schering-Plough appointed the Executive Team members of the company’s global animal health unit: Intervet / Schering- Plough Animal Health. These appointments define the major steps in the design process of the animal health unit. The executive team is chaired by Ruurd Stolp, Senior Vice President and President Animal Health. Dr. Stolp reports to Fred Hassan, chairman and CEO, Schering-Plough.

Pfizer Extends 10 Million Yuan to Earthquake Victims
BEIJING, CHINA - Today Pfizer, an animal health pharmaceutical company, announced it is providing up to RMB 10 million (approximately $1.4 million U.S.D) in medicines and financial assistance to relief organizations operating in the region worst affected by the massive earthquake.

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