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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 7th August 2008
Thursday 7th August 2008
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 3 new features this week:

Hatchery Management: The Hatch Window
By Steven Tweed - The hatching of strong and viable chicks is a key factor in increased broiler performance. To increase the probability of strong birds, good hatchery management becomes critical. One management technique is to measure the 'hatch window'.
The Use of Probiotics and Prebiotics in Poultry Feeds
Claudia Dunkley, University of Georgia Extension Poultry Scientist, examines some possible alternatives to antibiotic growth promoters for broilers.
Energy Use and Costs at an Applied Broiler Research Farm
By G. Tom Tabler, Frank T. Jones and Walter G. Bottje, University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture. Published in Avian Advice Spring 2008 Volume 10, Number 1. Gas and electricity prices paid since renovation in 2007 are the highest in the farm's history but the authors believe the bottom line may have been worse if the broiler houses had not been upgraded.
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* Global Poultry Industry News (link to all this weeks news)

Bird Flu Summary (click here for all this weeks bird flu news)

This week Niger is intensified its bird surveillance along the 1,500-kilometre border with northern Nigeria after a recent resurgence of bird deaths.

Bird flu has stricken Vietnam's central Quang Ngai province, raising the total number of affected localities in the country to three.

Researchers at the University of Delaware, US and 17 other institutions received a $5 million grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to continue research and outreach programs related to avian flu.


WTO Efforts Should Not Be Wasted
CANADA - Poultry, egg and dairy industry leaders have returned from Geneva after World Trade Organization (WTO) talks broke down abruptly when countries were unable to reach agreement on special safeguard mechanisms for developing countries.

Interactive Agricultural Display Launched
CANADA - Prairieland Park in Saskatoon has introduced a new interactive educational display designed to build awareness of the importance of the province's agriculture sector, writes Bruce Cochrane.

Feed Grain Prices Expected to Decline
CANADA - Informa Economics is projecting an easing of feed grain prices heading toward fall, writes Bruce Cochrane.

  United States

AMI Unveils Focused COOL Web Site
US - The American Meat Institute unveiled an updated country-of-origin labeling (COOL) Web site,, that reflects changes included in the recently passed 2008 Farm Bill. Mandatory COOL takes effect from 30 September 2008.

Shell Eggs Broken Down 2 Percent from Last Year
US - Shell eggs broken totaled 168 million dozen during June 2008, down 2 percent from June a year ago, and 5 percent below the 178 million broken last month.
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High Temperatures Causing Losses
US - A heat wave is taking its toll on poultry flocks in south-east Arkansas, with some producers already losing hundreds of birds despite taking steps to counteract heat stress.

Plant Closure Shocks Missouri Town
US - Officials in Buffalo are reported to be devastated by the announced closure of one of the town's largest employers as Tyson fails to renew its contract with Petit Jean.

CME: Producers Losing Money Despite Near-Record Prices
US - CME's Daily Livestock Report for 1 August 2008.

Weekly Outlook: August Crop Production Report
US - Corn and soybean prices have declined sharply since establishing contract highs in the midst of widespread crop concerns in June and early July. December 2008 corn futures reached a high just below $8.00, declined to a low just above $5.60, and are currently trading near $5.70. November 2008 soybean futures reached a high just short of $16.37 but declined to just above $13.00 in early trading on 4 August.

Refrigeration in the Meat Industry: Workshop Offered
US - Kansas State University's Division of Continuing Education is sponsoring a two-day intensive short course on refrigeration as practised in the meat processing and refrigerated storage industries.

CME: Livestock and Broiler Products
US - CME's Daily Livestock Report for 4 August 2008.

International Egg and Poultry Review
US - By the USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service. This is a weekly report looking at international developments concerning the poultry industry. This report focuses on the egg and poultry meat situation in Argentina.

Weekly US Broiler Hatchery Report
US - The number of eggs and broiler chicks placed were each down four percent, reports the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS).

AMI: Safety and Benefits of Processed Meats Confirmed
US - American Meat Institute executive vice-president James Hodges has underscored the safety of processed meats and condemned recent efforts of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), a pseudo-medical, animal rights group, to eliminate processed meats from the school nutrition programs.

Unchecked Chickens Not Allowed at Market
US - The city of Portsmouth is standing firm on its ban on selling locally raised, uninspected chickens at the market.
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  Viet Nam

Debt Payment Deferred by Households with Culled Animals
VIET NAM - Any animal breeding households whose poultry and cattle are culled due to the diseases are allowed to defer their payment of debts, declared the Governor of the State Bank in a recent official document.

Feed Companies in Trouble
VIET NAM - Up to 40 feed companies have ceased trading so far this year as they struggle with imports and unfavorable exchange rates.

  European Union

Hendrix Genetics and Sofiprotéol Form New Alliance
EU - Hendrix Genetics and Sofiprotéol (major shaerholder of Groupe Glon) have formed a new alliance in animal genetics and life sciences.

Commission Approves Acquisition of Grampian by VION
EU - The European Commission has approved under the EU Merger Regulation the proposed acquisition of Grampian of the United Kingdom, by VION of the Netherlands.


Consumer Confidence Returns after Avian Flu
SWITZERLAND - Swiss farmers received good news today, the country's national day: the faith of local consumers has finally been restored in chickens, two years after the avian flu scare slashed supermarket sales.


Salmonella-infected Chickens Recalled
DENMARK - Whole chicken has been recalled from a range of supermarkets all over the country.

  United Kingdom

Egg Packing Station Volume 5 Per Cent Higher Than Last Year
UK - The latest statistics covering the second quarter (Q2) of 2008 show that both the volume and value of eggs going through packing stations are on the rise.

Scottish Government Supports Roslin Nutrition
UK - Almost six million pounds will be invested in businesses producing, processing and marketing local food. Among those to benefit is Roslin Nutrition.

Cracking Number of 'Eggs Factor' Entries
UK - The British Lion eggs 'Eggs Factor' competition has had an excellent response with more than 60,000 people logging on to the web site, resulting in almost 500 entries.

New Web Site for British Chicken Marketing
UK - British Chicken Marketing is re-launching its web site that promotes British poultry producers and the Red Tractor Logo.
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Integrating Small Farmers into the Poultry Industry
PAKISTAN - The poultry sector is one of the more significant segments of the agricultural sector, in which about 15 million people are engaged, directly or indirectly. At present, investment in this sector estimated to be around Rs. 200 billion.

New Diagnostic Services Announced
PAKISTAN - The government is to spend 132 million rupees (PKR) to set up new disease diagnostic laboratories in Punjab to provide modern veterinary support services to livestock farmers.


Chinese Company Invests in New Poultry Plant
MOZAMBIQUE - CGOG Africa, the Mozambican subsidiary of China Grains and Oils Group Corp, will invest US$ 10 million in a project to produce chicken in the Dondo district of the central province of Sofala.


Tough Times are Changing the Industry
INDIA - In the present time of rising unemployment, high food prices and falling living standards, unemployed people - especially the young - are increasingly turning to poultry rearing and allied work.


Salmonella Outbreak: Source Sought
IRELAND - The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) confirmed on 4 August that it is investigating a food poisoning outbreak of Salmonella agona affecting the UK and Ireland.


A’Saffa Begins Poultry Expansion Project
OMAN - A’Saffa, one of the largest fully integrated poultry farm in the country, has announced the launch of a substantial 9.3 million Oman rials ($24 million) expansion project in Thumrait.


Latest Bird Flu Report to OIE
IRAN - Iranian authorities have sent a final report to the OIE concerning a small outbreak of avian flu at the end of last year.


Farmers Group Requests Chicken Price Rise
MALAYSIA - Poultry farmers want the price of chicken to be raised to allow a fair margin over rising costs.


Rise in Dressed Chicken Prices
THE PHILIPPINES - Bacolod City's consumers are being forced to buy just chicken slices as prices of dressed chicken have increased by 6 pesos per kilo.

  Trinidad and Tobago

High Feed Costs Blamed for Egg Prices
TRINIDAD & TOBAGO - The price of table eggs has increased for the third time this year.
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Food Prices to Rise
ZAMBIA - Consumers must expect to pay more for chicken, eggs and other grain-based foods following fuel price rises and cereal shortages.

  New Zealand

Egg Company Hatches Plan to Boost Cooking Confidence
NEW ZEALAND - Leading egg producer, Farmer Brown, has commissioned a survey that highlights how many young people are unable to cook simple egg dishes or are too nervous to do so. It is launching a campaign to help boost knowledge and confidence.

Company news

Arkansas Scientists Recognised at PSA Meeting
Hy-line US - Several University of Arkansas poultry science faculty and students received award at the Poultry Science Association's annual meeting held at Niagara Falls, Canada, on 21-25 July.

Customers Benefit in Era of High Grain Prices
Cobb - Primary Broiler Breeders UK - Dr Terry Wing, senior geneticist, Cobb-Vantress Inc, reviews more than 25 years’ work on improving broiler performance.

Red Rock Breeders Receive Top Flock Award
SOUTH AFRICA - South African hatching egg producer Red Rock Breeders is the latest winner of the annual breeder award presented by Cobb for the best performance in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

Beefing Up the Sunday Roast
UK - The Sunday roast on our dinner tables has the potential to be packed with bags more natural flavour, say scientists at The University of Nottingham in research sponsored by Pfizer.

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