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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 9th October 2008
Thursday 9th October 2008
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This week's Book Focus

Buy Scott's Nutrition of the Chicken - 4th Edition Scott's Nutrition of the Chicken - 4th Edition
Author(s): S Leeson and JD Summers

Order Now Online
Nutritional And Digestive Disorders Of Poultry
Author: S M Shane

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Buy Optimum Egg Quality - A Practical Approach Optimum Egg Quality - A Practical Approach
Author (s):Jeffrey A. Coutts, Graham C. Wilson, Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries, Queensland

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* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 5 new features this week:

Successful Shanghai Meeting for IEC
More than 370 participants from 36 countries attended the International Egg Commission's Annual Meeting in Shanghai last month. Respected and long-time contributor from the poultry industry, Terry Evans, has selected the highlights of the reports from Asia-Pacific countries especially for ThePoultrySite.
Update on Laryngotracheitis Epidemiology and Control Methods
John A. Smith, DVM, MS, MAM, Director of Health Services, Fieldale Farms Corporation describes his experience of ILT from recent outbreaks in Georgia state. He presented the paper at the North Carolina Broiler Supervisor's Short Course Conference earlier this year.
Black Eagle Farm Enters New Territory
Big Dutchman initiates a project in the USA - a large-scale organic egg production with NaturaNova Twin.
Is This the Year When Consumers Become Healthy, Wealthy and Wise?
Food retailers and brands are faced with a myriad of new challenges: sustainability, transparency, undeniable price increases and the continued search for the Holy Grail that will lead us to health and wellness. US 'Supermarket Guru', Phil Lempert analyses what the challenges will mean in this article published by Cobb-Vantress.
Antibiotics in the Environment and Antibiotic Resistance
We share the world with a wide range of living organisms from microscopic bacteria to gigantic whales. Although we cannot see them, bacteria are all around us and are a normal part of our ecosystem and live, write Dale W. Rozeboom, Barbara E. Straw, Hui Li and David K. Beede from Michigan State University in MSU Pork Quarterly Volume 12, Number 4.
Classic from Hubbard
* Company News

Aviagen Strengthens Eastern European Team
SCOTLAND - Aviagen is pleased to announce the appointment of Danny Rotherham to the position of Technical Manager, Eastern Europe.
Cobb Expands Franchise Network across Asia
GLOBAL - Eight new franchise distributors have been appointed by Cobb in the past year covering the Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.
Seventh Big Dutchman Broiler House for Lower Saxony Farm
GERMANY - Praise from the Lower Saxon town of Cappeln in northern Germany: the Ottenwess family recently inaugurated their seventh broiler house from Big Dutchman.
CID LINES Celebrates Its 20th Year at Eurotier
HANOVER, GERMANY - This year CID LINES is celebrating its 20th anniversary at Eurotier. The company says that successful budget forecasts in the area of Research and Development has given the company a market edge for innovating new products.
Alpharma: Ag Students Invited to Tell Story of Animal Agriculture
US - Alpharma Inc. Animal Health is embarking on a programme that will begin to educate consumers about how their food is produced, enlisting the help of college agriculture students along the way.
Environment Honour for Pfizer
US - The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has honoured Pfizer Inc. for its award-winning Energy and Climate Change Program, which reduced total greenhouse gas emissions by 43 percent per million dollars of revenue from 2000 to 2007.
* Global Poultry Industry News

Fluxx Breeder from Big Dutchman

 » BIRD FLU: Click here for this week's news


 » Myanmar Steps up Contract Farming

   United States

 » National Chicken Council Elects New Members
 » Georgia in Battle Against Disappearing Vets
 » Animal Cruelty Bill in Arkansas Likely
 » Mexican Plants Re-Listed
 » Campylobacter Vaccine in the Pipeline
 » In Support of Proposition 2
 » Food Safety Shutdown: The End of FARAD
 » First Genomics Breeding Program to Benefit Poultry Industry
 » AFBF Provides COOL Compliance Guidelines
 » Microwave Ovens Linked to Salmonella Cases
 » GIPSA to Hold Public Meetings on Swine and Poultry
 » International Egg and Poultry Review
 » Poultry Production and Health Seminar Update
 » Weekly US Broiler Hatchery Report
 » FDA Launches New Database on Drug Approvals


 » Turkey Expects to Export to Russia
Incubators from Pas Reform
   Korea, South

 » Low-Path Bird Flu in South Korea


 » Cappoquin Plant Sold


 » Horizons ‘08 – Agriculture's Future: Value or Volume?
 » Egg Producers Deny Misleading Claims

   Viet Nam

 » Bird Flu Hits New Region of Viet Nam
 » Meat Import Taxes Raised
 » UN Pledges to Further Support Bird Flu Prevention


 » Broiler Company Boss Warns: Worse Yet to Come
 » Poultry Farmers 'Doing Well'


 » Proper Knowledge Can Reduce Poultry Losses
 » Survey Shows How Poultry Contribute to Rural Economy
Paracox-5 Coccidiosis vaccine

 » Future for Foie Gras?


 » Information for Backyard Poultry Flock Owners
 » ALMA: New Industry Experts Join In


 » Christmas Rise in Meat Demand Expected


 » Agroli Group Constructs 16 Farms

   United Kingdom

 » Court Confirms Culling by Suffocation Legal
 » Report on Improved Abattoir Efficiency
 » Scientists Gain Understanding of Salmonella


 » Addcon Strengthens its Marketing and Sales Team


 » Cambodia: Bird Flu 'Resolved'
 » FAO Conducts Bird Flu Research Activity in Cambodia
Merial Gallimune Flu H5N9

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