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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 2nd August 2004's Weekly Poultry Industry Newsletter's Weekly Poultry Industry Newsletter
Monday 2nd August 2004
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

* News Overview (link to ALL this weeks news)

This week we start in Southeast Asia where a veterinary network has been launched to bolster the campaign against avian influenza, The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization have announced. The networks will offer training and information exchange platforms for national laboratories and surveillance teams from 23 Asian countries.
     FAO launched the first network for Southeast Asia at a three-day regional meeting of veterinary officers and laboratory experts that ended in Bangkok Saturday.

The FAO have moved toward loosening its stand on vaccinating fowl against the bird flu virus, which ravaged Asia's poultry industry earlier this year and killed 24 people in the region. Veterinarians and scientists from 10 Asian countries meeting in Bangkok accepted FAO-recommended guidelines on curbing the disease, the FAO Assistant Director-General said Friday.
     The new guidelines give affected nations more leeway to use vaccinations than the FAO had previously suggested, said Joseph Domenech, chief of the agency's Animal Health Service.

Bird flu hit Thailand on Friday offered to supply chickens on credit to Bangladesh as part of an aid package after devastating floods killed more than 450 people and left millions homeless, a government spokesman said. The Thai Prime Minister offered 1,000 tonnes of rice and an open-ended credit line for chicken products.

The Thai Government assured that the re-emergence of avian flu since early this month, which has stricken 18 provinces across the country so far, is not serious, and that its information disclosure system on the disease is transparent. Xinhuanet quoted the Deputy Prime Minister Tuesday as saying that the situation of the disease in its second outbreak has been clearly different from that of the first outbreak earlier this year.

In Japan, the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry has begun a full-fledged study into developing a vaccine production method using recombinant DNA technology to fight the possible mutation of the avian influenza into a new form affecting humans. The ministry has put the prospects of an emergence of a new form of human flu as "realistic" and an urgent issue.
     The ministry envisages that if a mutated version of the bird flu hits Japan, some 32 million people, or one fourth of the country's population, will be affected with differing levels of infection, with about 430,000 in critical condition.

In Vietnam, the number of fowls being affected by bird flu rose to some 63,000, reported Xinhuanet Friday. As of July 29, the disease hit 22 districts of 11 southern localities, either killing or leading to the forced killing of nearly 38,000 chickens, 13,000 ducks and 12,000 quails in 30 small-scale farms since late last month.

Vietnam hasn't been fully successful in fighting bird flu, in part because of the failure to prevent the unauthorized transportation of poultry, the government said. Avian influenza has been found in 11 provinces since a first outbreak was declared over on March 30.
     At least 49,000 poultry have died or been culled to prevent the disease spreading, based on the department's figures.

The Vietnamese authorities are investigating reports that several farmers collaborated with local officials to falsely claim they had culled 14,000 poultry to get US$7,800 in government compensation during the bird flu epidemic earlier this year. The People's Army newspaper said that 5 families in Viet Hung village near Hanoi cooperated with village officials to defraud the government - the first report of the number of culled poultry being inflated, reports the Straits Times.

Cambodian authorities have confiscated thousands of eggs and a tonne of poultry, imported from Vietnam and Thailand, in an effort to prevent new bird flu outbreaks. Cambodia, which reported 12 outbreaks of the lethal H5-N1 bird-flu strain when it raged across Asia earlier this year killing at least 24 people, has boosted monitoring following the resurgence of the virus amongst its neighbours. The FAO has warned Cambodia is at risk of fresh outbreaks, due to its proximity to Thailand and Vietnam.

In the US, PRB Pharmaceuticals and Lee's Pharmaceuticals have announced the discovery that a botanical extract completely inhibits bird flu (H5N1) and Fujian Flu (H3N2) infections in vitro. The results come from the second arm of a multi-center, anti-viral project jointly sponsored by both companies. "We are extremely excited about this important and timely discovery," says Dr. Charles Hensley, CO-Chairman and CO-CEO at PRB Pharmaceuticals.

Livestock in Delmarva must be fed differently to make their waste less rich in nutrients that are in effect choking the Chesapeake Bay, a new report finds. The report, released Wednesday by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, finds that manure is the single largest contributor of nitrogen and phosphorous -- 18 % and 25%, respectively. Some poultry growers have already changed the composition of their feed, reducing phosphorous levels by 16 percent, and could potentially lower phosphorus 50 percent the report says.

McDonalds is launching more chicken products throughout the US this week reports USA Today. Consumers who perceive poultry as more healthy are demanding better-for-you portable meals and demand for chicken products is growing faster than burgers. "Growing sales of chicken reflect consumer response to marketing and product improvements and launches," said an industry expert.

The British government hasn't breached European Union law by allowing factory farming of chickens, the Court of Appeal in London ruled. Compassion in World Farming, which campaigns against cruelty to farm animals, had sued the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, claiming government policies allow chickens to suffer.
     They challenged a November ruling by Justice George Newman that a balance had to be reached between animals' needs and commercial interests. The judges rejected the appeal, saying there was a lack of evidence showing that an offence was being committed.

* Feature Articles Overview (link to features listings)

In this regular newsletter section we aim to provide a brief overview of the new Feature articles that have been added to the site over the past week.

We have 3 new features this week

Poultry Outlook Report - July 2004
By U.S.D.A., Economic Research Service - This article is an extract from the July 2004: Livestock, Dairy and Poultry Outlook Report, highlighting Global Poultry Industry data. The report indicates that Broiler meat production and Turkey production is down slightly.

Microbiological Quality of Broiler Carcasses During Processing in Two Slaughterhouses in Turkey
E. Ö. Göksoy, S. Kirkan and F. Kök, Adnan Menderes University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine - The effect of processing procedures on the microbial quality and safety of broiler carcasses was investigated in 2 processing plants.

Poultry Diseases - By Saskatchewan Agriculture, Food and Rural Revitilization
This factsheet discusses some of the general basics of poultry disease management and prevention. Some of the diseases which are common in more than one species will also be discussed.

That's all for this week.

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