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ThePoultrySiteNewsletter - 7 January 2010
Thursday 7th January 2010
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Editorial - New Year Brings New UK Food Strategy

Firstly, all good wishes to you for 2010.

The New Year saw the unveiling of the UK government's food strategy for the next 20 years. At the Oxford Farming Conference environment secretary, Hilary Benn, outlined the government's strategy for the future.

Mr Benn said: "Food security is as important to this country's future well-being – and the world's – as energy security. We need to produce more food. We need to do it sustainably. And we need to make sure that what we eat safeguards our health.

"We know that the consequences of the way we produce and consume our food are unsustainable to our planet and to ourselves. There are challenges for everyone involved in the food system, from production right through to managing food waste."

Poultry companies in the headlines since our last newsletter include Hendrix Genetics, which has completed its acquisition of Joice and Hill in the UK, and Marfrig, which has reached the same point in buying Seara Alimentos in Brazil. In the US, JBS has already displaced several members of the board of the ailing Pilgrim's Pride, as well as announcing more than 200 administrative job losses previously with Pilgrim's.

Meanwhile, in China, Yuhe has doubled its number of breeder farms from 13 to 27 within just a few days – a company surely demonstrating its ambitions for the future. Also in expansion mode is Thailand's Betagro, which has announced its intention to increase output by 40 per cent in the coming year.

Jackie Linden

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 5 new features this week:

Productivity Improvements - The Betagro Way
Vanus Taepaisitphongse is CEO of the Betagro group, a major force in the Thai livestock and food industries. Speaking at the 2009 Asian Livestock Feed and Meat Industry Conference, he gave a fascinating insight into the benefits to Betagro of detailed analyses of the company's working practices, writes Stuart Lumb for ThePoultrySite.
Report on WPSA Think-Tank Meeting on Poultry Production Systems
A 'think-tank' meeting was held in Freising, near Munich, on 19 June 2009 to discuss social equity and sustainability issues relating to the present systems employed globally in the production of poultry meat and eggs.
Control of Foodborne Pathogens in Raw Poultry in the US
How well is the poultry industry in the US controlling Salmonella, Campylobacter and other bacteria in raw poultry, asks Scott M. Russell, extension poultry scientist at the University of Georgia. The industry is doing an excellent job using interventions, he says.
Investigating Hatchery Practice - Monitoring Egg and Chick Weights
In the third article of this series, Dr Steve Tullett, consultant for Aviagen specialising in incubation and fertility, explains the importannce of monitoring egg and chick weights during incubation.
Venezuela - Poultry and Products Annual 2009
Venezuela's poultry industry has fared better during 2009, according to Luis Mulet, author of the latest GAIN Report from the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service.
Petersime - Incubator Innovator
* Company News

Cobb Celebrates Success in Eastern European Markets
GERMANY - Parent stock sales exceeding 10 million for the first time this year brought added celebrations to the Cobb Germany's three-day Christmas conference for managers from the 21 countries of its distribution area.
New Cobb Agreement in Kazakhstan Market
KAZAKHSTAN - A new agency agreement with IG Belco will extend the availability of Cobb broiler breeding stock in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
* Global Poultry Industry News


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Merial Galivac Se

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Colony Nest 2+ from Big Dutchman

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   Russian Federation

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   Sri Lanka

 » Sri Lankan Poultry Industry Still in Crisis

Incubators from Pas Reform

 » Feed Dealers Leave Chandigarh in Tax Protest
 » Call for Official Investigation into Feed Scam


 » New Opportunity for Would-Be Poultry Farmers


 » Bright Export Prospects to Push Betagro's Output

   European Union

 » Hendrix Completes Acquisition of Joice & Hill


 » Hybrid Turkeys Acquires Three GP Breeder Farms in EU


 » Ghana's Industry Collapse Blamed on Imports


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