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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 13 May 2010

ThePoultrySite Weekly Newsletter
Thursday 13th May 2010
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Editorial - Food Safety Issues are Back in the News - Again

In Germany, dioxin-contaminated maize has hit the organic egg market in the last week in the latest food scare. The story has received little attention in the international press but it appears that dioxins were found in organic eggs in nine federal states. The authorities have assured the public that there is no immediate danger to health but affected batches of eggs have been removed from retail shelves.

The source of the dioxins has been traced to a delivery of maize from Ukraine to a feed producer in the Netherlands in January. Questions are being asked how this material could have made itself so far along the food supply chain without being detected.

This latest case adds some weight to the argument that organic food is not necessarily more healthy.

Also this week, USDA Secretary, Tom Vilsack, announced new performance standards aimed at reducing the prevalence of Salmonella and Campylobacter in young chickens and turkeys in order to reduce the incidence of foodborne diseases in humans.

The National Chicken Council broadly welcomed the new standards, adding that they are broadly in line with current commercial practice, and highlighting that these foodborne infections can be traced to many other sources, not only poultry products.

Chicken could be a source for multidrug-resistant salmonellosis in humans, according to a group of researchers based in Pennsylvania.

Several of the world's leading poultry companies – including Tyson's Foods, Pilgrim's Pride and CP Foods – have reported quarterly results this week, which are much improved from the same period last year.

Jackie Linden

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* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 5 new features this week:

Conference Addresses Turkey Product Quality and Marketing Issues
Three papers presented at this year's Turkey Science and Production Conference in Macclesfield tackled difficult issues in turkey meat marketing and product quality. ThePoultrySite editor, Jackie Linden, selects the highlights.
Review of the Welfare of Poultry During Transport
Broilers are subjected to a number of stressors during transportation to the processing plant, according to Drs Mitchell and Kettlewell in their paper at the European Symposium on Poultry Welfare in Italy last year. They suggest changes to the vehicle design and ventilation system, and a reduction in stocking density, adding that slower growing strains may be less affected by transport stress.
Genetic Studies on Clostridium perfringens from Lesions in Turkeys
Genomic and proteomic studies on Clostridium perfringens Type A at the University of Minnesota aid understanding of breast blisters and cellulitis in turkeys, according to Dr K.V. Nagaraja and colleagues in a report from the US Poultry & Egg Association.
World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates - May 2010
Broiler, turkey and egg production forecasts have been raised for next year, according to the USDA World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates for May 2010.
NIAA Solutions 2010
Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the National Institute for Animal Agriculture (NIAA), which was held on 17 to 19 March 2010 in Kansas City, Missouri. The theme of the conference was One Health: Implications for Animal Agriculture.
Cobb 700 - The most breast meat at the lowest cost
* Company News

Resounding Success for 14th CPC Poultry School
EGYPT - The Arbor Acres CPC School, an annual poultry training event held by Cairo Poultry Company (CPC) and sponsored by Aviagen, took place for the fourteenth time at the Red Sea resort of Hurghada from 27 February to 5 March 2010.
Hungarian Seminar Draws Large Crowd
HUNGARY - Around 40 parent stock and broiler farmers from across Hungary attended an Aviagen seminar in Herceghalom recently.
Pfizer Announces First Veterinary Scholarships
US - Pfizer Animal Health and American Veterinary Medical Foundation are offering 222 scholarships to help decrease the debt burden of veterinary students.
* Global Poultry Industry News


 » BIRD FLU: HPAI Breaks Out in Wild Species in Mongolia
 » Turkey Frees Imports of Poultry from Brazil

   European Union

 » MEPs Vote to Exclude Food from Cloned Animals
 » EU Institutions Tackle Food Chain Sustainability
 » EU Members Agree on New Animal Testing Rules
 » Dioxin-Contaminated Maize Hits Organic Egg Market
Vencomatic - Complete Solutions in Poultry Equipment
   United States

 » Pilgrim's Pride Sees Light at End of Tunnel
 » Drug-Resistant Salmonella Could Come from Chicken
 » Weekly Outlook: Crop Prices Still Bounced Around
 » USDA Raises Standards on Salmonella, Campylobacter
 » A Better Year for Livestock Producers
 » CME: 'New Normal' Prices for Corn, Soybean Meal
 » Tyson Foods Back in Profit
 » New Standards in Line with Current Performance
 » Scientists Push for More Food Research, Education
 » Mixed Poultry Prospects in Mississippi
 » Weekly US Broiler Hatchery Report
 » ARS Poultry Farm Now Certified Organic
 » Welfare Group Tackles Company over Labelling


 » Govt Policy Forces Future Chicken Price Rises
 » Retailers Mark Up Chicken Prices by 12 Per Cent


 » Exports Keep Danish Chickens Salmonella-Free


 » Poultry Processors Furious at Govt Rule Change

   United Kingdom

 » Supermarkets Urged to Go for Slow-Growing Broilers
 » Meal Ideas Online for Tough Economic Times
 » UK Egg Statistics - First Quarter 2010
 » Lincs Turkeys Bought by Bernard Matthews
 » Sainsbury's Extends its Environmental Initiative
 » High Stakes in Mercosur Talks
 » Cracking Deal at Pig & Poultry Fair

 » Severe Storms Hit Food Production
 » Possible New Method to Control Necrotic Enteritis
 » International Egg and Poultry Review: China


 » Israel Reports HPAI in Emus at Zoo


 » Growth Predicted in Spanish Livestock Industries


 » USGC Helps Iraqi Poultry Industry to Grow

 » WA Demand for National Egg Re-Regulation


 » HPAI Breaks Out in Wild Species in Mongolia


 » New Poultry Venture for Cambodia


 » CP Foods Records Net Profit up Three-Fold Aviagen, Ross Breeders, Arbor Acres, Nicholas Turkeys, L.I.R.

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