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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 6 January 2011

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Editorial - Happy New Year? Dioxin Crisis in Germany, Bird Flu in Asia

First and foremost, a very happy New Year to you. May 2011 be a healthy and profitable year for the global poultry industry!

The New Year has started badly for the German poultry industry, with news that high levels of dioxins have been found in poultry and pig feed, apparently due to an error at a feed ingredient plant. Investigations are on-going into the cause and extent of the problem but this is shaping up to be a major incident that could have serious and costly consequences for the German poultry industry, at least. Dioxins are known to negatively impact human health, even at low levels.

Local news sources initially reported that more than 1,000 chicken farms across Germany had been banned from selling eggs and poultry and over 8,000 chickens have been culled.

The authorities in the eastern states of Brandenburg and Saxony Anhalt have said that at least 55 tons of suspect feed out of a total of 527 tons had already been fed to chickens and that more than 100,000 contaminated eggs had gone to market – so the repercussions may yet spread more widely.

Following further tests, the German authorities have released products from several farms and processors but have still kept a ban on one farm where traces of dioxin are above recommended safe limits.

In the US, the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) has published the final rule on nutrition labelling of meat products, effective January 2012. The rule, which has been 10 years in the making, will give consumers more information about the nutritional content of foods and so help them make healthier choices.

On bird flu, there is some good news to report: the numbers of reported cases and deaths from H5N1 in the human population in 2010 – at 44 and 22, respectively – are down on the previous year. However, the 'bird flu season' is beginning to cause concerns as wild birds have been found dead in both Japan and South Korea and in both countries, commercial farms have also been affected.

Jackie Linden

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 4 new features this week:

GLOBAL POULTRY TRENDS - Expanding Role for Eggs and Products in Asia
Continued significant growth is anticipated in the production of both shell eggs and egg products in Asia, writes experienced industry watcher, Terry Evans, in the first of a new series of Global Poultry Trends, which will examine the present and future trends for the world's egg industries by region, starting with Asia.
Newcastle Disease Virus Vaccine on the Horizon
USDA Agricultural Research Service (ARS) research is aimed at developing a vaccine against Newcastle disease that reduces virulent virus shed and transmission – characteristics much needed by the poultry industry.
Simple Steps to Reduce Energy Costs for Broiler Growers
Simple steps can significantly reduce energy costs for broiler growers, says the Poultry Science Association.
Energy Determination of Maize By-Products Using Composition Analysis
Chemical analysis has helped researchers to develop a better prediction of the energy value of distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGS) and other ethanol by-products.
* Company News

Indian River Assoc Talks Performance in Taiwan
TAIWAN - Aviagen recently held the second Indian River Technical Association Meeting (IRTA), attracting attendees from 10 different countries across Asia.
Further Investment for Aviagen in Europe
FRANCE - The company establishes Aviagen France SAS to supply the French market.
New Cobb Laboratory Facilitates Further Growth
US - The new Cobb biotechnology laboratory doubling the capacity of work on health diagnostics and animal genetics has been opened at the worldwide headquarters at Siloam Springs, Arkansas.
Cobb Europe Hosts Turkish Industry
TURKEY - Cobb Europe hosted the Turkish industry earlier this month in Istanbul.
How Nutrition Can Improve Broiler, Health, Profitability
US - Proceedings of a lively roundtable discussion entitled 'Feeding Broilers for Optimum Health, Performance and Profitability' are now available in print, CD format and online from Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health, sponsor of the event.
Big Dutchman Trainees Visit Malaysia, Michigan
SOUTHEAST ASIA & US - First-hand reports from the Big Dutchman trainees, Natalia Krieger and Christian Sauer, about their internships in two of the company's subsidiaries in South East Asia and in North America reflect a very similar tone.
Use of DSM’s RONOZYME NP in Sow Feed Authorised
EU - DSM Nutritional Products is pleased to confirm that RONOZYME® NP is now also officially authorised for use in sow feed in the European Union.
Pfizer Acquires Synbiotics, Enters Diagnostics Sector
US - Pfizer Animal Health has announced it is to acquire Synbiotics Corporation and thus enter the diagnostics sector, reaffirming its commitment to providing veterinarians with comprehensive animal health solutions.
* Global Poultry Industry News


 » BIRD FLU: Suspected AI Cases Reported in S Korea
 » New Report Looks at World Cereal, Oilseed Prospects
 » Landmark Year for Veterinary Profession Ahead
 » Get Involved in World Veterinary Day, Says OIE
 » Russia, Belarus Agree on Meat, Dairy Trade

Petersime - Incubator Innovator
   Czech Republic

 » FVO Raises Welfare Concerns after Audit


 » Poultry CRC 2: One Year On
 » Poultry CRC Collaboration Challenges Campylobacter
 » Toll Acquires Poultry Transport Business
 » NSW Receives Poultry Research Boost


 » Meat Consumption and Production to Rise

   Sri Lanka

 » Sri Lanka Soon to Receive Poultry Imports
 » Local Poultry Industry Says Imports Not Needed
 » CWE to Sell Four Million Imported Eggs

   Russian Federation

 » Russia Reverses Ban on Frozen Poultry Imports
 » Govt Approves Next Year's Poultry Import Quotas
 » Poor Management Blamed for Broiler Destruction

   United Kingdom

 » Gafoor to Upgrade its Poultry Plant
 » SAC Congratulates 2010 Scottish Egg Champions
 » Animal Medicines: Changes to Sales
 » Spelman Calls for Fundamental Changes to CAP
 » Celebrities Go to Work on an Egg
 » NFUS Believes DEFRA Vision for Support Flawed

Optisec; High-capacity manure drying tunnel for a 
maximum dry-matter content

 » Punjab Govt Auctions off Farms
 » Pakistan Sees H9 Flu as Next Threat to Industry


 » Two Per Cent Poultry Growth Target Exceeded
 » Farmers Call for Halt to Poultry, Pork Imports


 » Political Link Alleged with Egg Price Hike

   United States

 » Honour to Pledge to Conduct Economic Analysis
 » RTC Weight Weight Up 12 Per Cent from Last Year
 » International Egg and Poultry Review: US
 » FSIS Publishes New Rule on Meat Labelling
 » Speciality Sales Grow for Cal-Maine Foods
 » CME: USDA Cold Storage Report
 » CME: High Feed Costs Expected to Go Higher
 » NY Considers Allowing Antibiotics Only for Therapy
 » Penn State Develops Health, Welfare Programme
 » CME: Factors Affecting 2011 Livestock, Meat Markets
 » US Monthly Egg Products Report - December 2010
 » Weekly US Broiler Hatchery Report
 » International Egg and Poultry Review: US
 » Sanderson's Proposed Plant Faces Local Opposition
 » Weekly US Broiler Hatchery Report
 » Q4 Retail Staple Food Prices Edge Higher


 » Newcastle Disease Returns to Israel
 » Another Outbreak of Newcastle Disease in Israel
 » More Newcastle Disease Outbreaks in Israel


 » France Reports Newcastle Disease in Pigeons


 » Hen Welfare is Now a Political Issue


 » Bhutan Continues Ban on Poultry from Nepal

   Hong Kong

 » Hong Kong Lifts Ban on Japanese Poultry


 » Indian Company Starts Exports of Chicken Feet
 » India Considers Raising Egg Exports to Sri Lanka


 » A'Saffa Considers Diversification Options


 » Sumpo Raises Capital to Triple Capacity
 » Yuhe Set to Expand Capacity by 43 Per Cent


 » Workshop Emphasises Merits of Using DDGS


 » Poultry Producer Announces Plans for Joint-Venture


 » Concern Grows over Dioxin Scare
 » New Dioxin Scandal Hits Poultry, Pig Industries
 » Dioxin Ban Lifted on Some Poultry Products


 » Ugandan Firm to Manufacture ND Vaccine

   Korea, South

 » South Korea Reports Four HPAI Outbreaks


 » Cargill Builds Feed Mill in Ukraine


 » Peru Reports Another Case of Newcastle Disease

   European Union

 » EU Trade Gap in Meat Forecast to Widen

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