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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 17 February 2011

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Editorial - UK Farmers' Conference Hears CAP Changes Needed to Free up World Trade

The UK must get world leaders to open up markets allowing the farming sector to export more and free up world trade, wrote ThePoultrySite editor in chief, Chris Harris from the UK's National Farmers Union Conference. This was a key message from UK Agriculture Secretary, Caroline Spelman, in her address.

Ms Spelman said that the UK backed the European agriculture Commissioner for focusing on climate change and food security as major challenges to the European agriculture sector. However, she said that the commission's proposals lack foresight and fall short of what is necessary.

She said that agriculture is now coming to the front of negotiations globally and is being seen as a crucial issue in stabilising the global economy and providing food for the growing human population. For the first time, agriculture is on the agenda for the G20 countries to discuss at their next summit, she said.

Ms Spelman continued, saying the government's proposals for the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) were both more credible and more deliverable than previous proposals.

Specifically responding to the concerns of the UK egg sector, she explained that the government has held discussions with the European Commission to ensure that strong measures are in place to prevent eggs and egg products being imported into the UK from countries that have not carried out improvements to layer hen farming standards.

In other news, researchers at the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science have found that mild weather (over 6°C) and heavy rain increase the risk of Campylobacter in chickens. Farms using their own water sources also had a higher risk of infection, they found. This information may help to reduce the incidence of disease resulting from this hard-to-control foodborne pathogen.

Reports of new outbreaks of H5N1 highly pathogenic avian flu have come out of both Japan and South Korea but they are fewer in number, hopefully indicating that the worst of the epidemic has passed. There have been several reported outbreaks of Newcastle disease in the last week in countries as far apart as Mexico, Sweden, Peru and Israel.

Jackie Linden

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* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 6 new features this week:

US Poultry Exports Weather the Storm in 2010; Egg Exports Set Records
Despite trade problems with Russia and China, the two largest markets for US chicken, total US poultry export value actually increased in 2010, according to trade statistics released last week by the Foreign Agricultural Service of the US Department of Agriculture, according to the USA Poultry and Egg Export Council (USAPEEC).
Prospects for Agricultural Markets and Income 2010-2020
Market and sector income prospects elaborated on the basis of specific assumptions regarding macroeconomic conditions, the agricultural and trade policy environment, weather conditions and international market developments from the European Commission Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development.
US Poultry Outlook - February 2011
For 2011, moderate increases in broiler and turkey production are forecast for the first half of the year, with declining production in the second half, according to the latest Livestock, Dairy, and Poultry Outlook from the USDA's Economic Research Service.
Brazil - Poultry and Products - Semi-Annual Poultry Report 2011
Broiler production estimates for 2011 have been revised to a record of 12.9 million metric tons, up five per cent from the record and surpassing production in 2010, according to the latest GAIN report from USDA Foreign Agricultural Service.
Feed Outlook - February 2011
Record-high farm prices for corn in 2010/11 are expected to ration demand over the coming months, according to the latest report from the USDA Economic Research Service.
HVT Newcastle Vector Vaccine Laboratory Expertise
Dr Jack K. Rosenberger, president of Aviserve LLC in the US, presented his work comparing two types of HVT Newcastle disease virus (NDV) vector vaccines administered in-ovo at the Vector Vaccines Symposium organised by Ceva Santé Animale in San Diego in October 2010.
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* Company News

Big Dutchman Founder Celebrates 100th Birthday
GERMANY - Jack DeWitt, the original 'Big Dutchman', turned 100 years old on 30 January 2011.
Innovations at VIV Asia from Big Dutchman
THAILAND - Big Dutchman will have a number of innovations on show at VIV Asia 2011, which takes place in Bangkok on 9 to 11 March.
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 » Brown Named President of National Chicken Council
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Cevac Transume IBD
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   Korea, South

 » One More Outbreak of Bird Flu in South Korea


 » State Aid Sanctioned for Struggling Dutch Farmers


 » Chickens' Campylobacter Risk Affected by Weather, Water Source


 » Concern over Antbiotic Resistance in Retail Chicken


 » Egg Industry Supports Action Against Fraud
 » CSIRO Joins Global Fight Against Pandemic Threats


 » Mexico Launches Antidumping Investigation
 » Sub-Clinical ND Found in Central Mexico
 » Mexico Ends 29-Year Freedom from Clinical ND


 » National Poultry, Food Expo Announced
OVN - Good for Animals

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 » Newcastle Disease Hits Peruvian Fighting Birds


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 » EC Takes Spain to Task over Animal Feed Directive
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