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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 24 February 2011

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Editorial - Week of Big Decisions in the EU

The European poultry news highlights this week come from a meeting of the EU Agriculture and Fisheries Council. There, it was confirmed once again that the ban on conventional battery cages for laying hens will come into effect from 1 January next year.

Also discussed was a return to the use of meat and bone meal in pig and poultry diets, proposed by Poland. Although receiving some support, the proposal was rejected until issues over the material's involvement in the transmission of transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSEs) have been resolved.

On the scientific scene, a group of researchers led by Professor Marian Dawkins from the University of Oxford in the UK has developed a system with a small-scale camera and computer to improve the welfare of broilers. This should make it easier to spot health and/or leg problems in real time.

The situation with H5N1 bird flu in Japan and South Korea seems to be coming under control with just a handful of new outbreaks being reported in the last week. However, India has had its first outbreak of this season in Tripura state in the far north-east, putting the whole country on renewed alert. Viet Nam and Bangladesh have also reported outbreaks in poultry in the last week. The deaths have been announced of the two most recent reported human victims of the disease – a young woman and her baby son in Cambodia.

Jackie Linden

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 4 new features this week:

European Conference Offered a Flavour of Global Research in Genetics and Breeding
Invited speakers from across the world offered a glimpse into the rapid progress being made on poultry genetics, as well as on topics of more practical interest such as broiler breeding and incubation techniques at last year's European Poultry Congress. Jackie Linden, senior editor of ThePoultrysite, selects some of the highlights.
Holostic Approach Needed to Prevent Osteoporosis and Bone Fractures in Laying Hens
The Farm Animal Welfare Council has reported on its review on osteoporosis and bone fractures in laying hens, which are judged to be serious welfare issues in terms of pain and limiting the bird's mobility to reach feed and water. Breeders, nutritionists, housing/equipment designers, farm managers and legislators need to work together to eliminate these conditions, it concludes.
Label Rouge: Pasture-Based Poultry Production in France
Pasture-raised poultry is increasingly popular in the United States. American farmers and small companies can benefit from studying the French Label Rouge programme, write Anne Fanatico and Holly Born, NCAT Agriculture Specialists. Started as a grassroots movement, the programme now commands 33 per cent of the French poultry market and it has helped boost incomes for small farmers.
Gene Expression Changes after E. coli Infection
Differences in immunological gene expression were detected between mild and severe pathology groups in commercial broilers, according to E. Balfanz, E. Sandford, M.G. Kaiser and S.J. Lamont in a paper in Iowa State University Animal Industry Report 2011.
Intestinal Health
* Company News

Success for Ross Middle East GP Training
SCOTLAND, UK - Aviagen recently welcomed two senior managers from key Ross GP distributors in the Turkey, Middle East and Africa region (TMEA) to Scotland.
Aviagen Expands European Production Base
SPAIN, PORTUGAL & MOROCCO - Aviagen, continues to develop their European production base with the acquisition of the remaining 50.44 per cent of Ross Breeders Peninsular S.A., the distributor for Spain, Portugal and Morocco.
Call for Nominations for DSM Poultry Nutrition Award
GLOBAL - Royal DSM N.V. is pleased to invite nominations for the DSM Nutrition Award 2011 for research on Poultry Nutrition.
DSM Opens its First Nutrition & Health Plant in India
INDIA - DSM has opened its first animal nutrition & health premix plant in India.
New Dimmable LED Broiler Lamp in AgriLamp Range
UK - LED lighting specialists, Glo lighting, has launched the AgriLampTM 30W Dimmable Broiler Lamp designed specifically for the broiler segment of the poultry industry.
* Global Poultry Industry News


 » BIRD FLU: Two More Bird Flu Deaths Confirmed

   Czech Republic

 » Czechs Consume Less Meat but More Poultry
Fluxx Breeder from Big Dutchman
   United Kingdom

 » VLA: Fowl Cholera, S. Pullorum Trouble UK Poultry
 » New Approach to Survival of Rare Poultry Breeds
 » UK Action Sees off Delay to Battery Cage Ban
 » Minister Aims to Protect Scottish Egg Producers
 » Camera Technology Poised to Improve Welfare
 » NFU Responds to Livestock Emissions Report
 » NFU Says New GM Rule in Feed is Inadequate
 » Stunning Use under Halal, Kosher Practices Revealed
 » GM Import Decision 'a Step in the Right Direction'


 » India Reports First Bird Flu Since June 2010
 » Hatchery Co-Operative Back in Business


 » Three More Outbreaks of Bird Flu in Miyazaki

   European Union

 » Ag Council to Discuss Welfare, Animal Protein in Feed
 » Food Security Under Threat: Global Response Needed
 » Battery Cage Ban Goes Ahead
 » Meat & Bone Meal Ban in Feeds Remains in Place
 » Council Takes Next Step on Food Labelling Rules
 » Copa-Cogeca Calls for More Support for Egg Industry
 » Proposal on GM Material in Feed Endorsed
 » EU Adopts Statement on Germany's Dioxin Incident

   United States

 » USDA Names Members, Alternates to Egg Board
 » Feed Mill Seminar to Focus on Production Efficiency
 » Ag Secretary Pressed on GIPSA Timeline
 » MSU Projects Receive Agriculture Initiative Awards
 » CME: Markets Bullish Again; New Meat Price Records
 » Turkey Industry Pioneer Receives NTF Award
 » New NTF Chairman Tells Industry to Face Challenges
 » Peco Foods to Acquire Townsends Poultry Complex
 » Animal Health, Traceability on Top of APHIS Agenda
 » Is There Enough Aceage?
 » CME: Increase in US Meat and Poultry Stocks
 » Weekly US Broiler Hatchery Report
 » Nash County Plant Proposal Gains Support
 » Louisiana Growers Receive Compensation Pay-Out
 » Tyson Amends Credit Line
 » Maryland Moves Near to Banning Arsenic in Feed

 » Wiesenhof Strengthens Commitment to Sustainability
 » Fewer Hens Kept on Larger Farms


 » Brazilian Meat, Dairy Companies Head to Gulfood
 » Marfrig Announces Plant Move

   Korea, South

 » Two More H5N1 Outbreaks in South Korea


 » Feed, Nutrition Course to be Held by Schothorst
 » Dutch Support Polish Bid to Use MBM in Feeds


 » Three New Outbreaks of Newcastle Disease Reported


 » International Egg and Poultry Review: South America
 » Vaccines Market in 2015 to Reach US$5.6 Billion
   South Africa

 » Welfare Group Withdraws Support for Industry Body


 » Feed Mill Fined over Poultry Feed Medication


 » Ag Minister Outlines Assistance to Poultry Sector

   Viet Nam

 » Four H5N1 Outbreaks Reported in Viet Nam


 » Recruitment Drive for Contract Broiler Growers
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