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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 31 March 2011

ThePoultrySite Weekly Newsletter
Thursday 31st March 2011
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Editorial - EU Council Fails to Agree on Cloning

Despite the best efforts from the Hungarian Presidency, the conciliation on novel foods failed after more than three years of negotiations, and the EU will stay with the status quo that cloning is not prohibited but foods must receive pre-market approval.

The Council has exhausted every possibility trying to reach a balanced solution on novel foods, it is reported, and in particular on the question of food from cloned animals.

It stated it was strongly committed to finding a compromise which met consumers' concerns about marketing and information about foods from cloned animals and their offspring. The Council wanted a solution that could be implemented in practice yet also comply with the international trade rules that the EU, with the European Parliament's consent, has signed.

The discussion reportedly failed because of the European Parliament's inability to compromise on its request for mandatory labelling for food derived from offspring of cloned animals irrespective of the technical feasibility and the practical implications of such mandatory labelling.

In the absence of an agreement, the EU stays with the status quo. The current EU legislation provides that food from cloned animals is subject to a pre-market authorisation. The cloning technique is not prohibited at EU level.

Commissioner Dalli commented: "After months of discussion on the Novel Food Regulation, many improvements had been agreed upon by the institutions. These included a legal definition of nano-materials and their mandatory labelling, a centralised and quicker authorisation procedure to facilitate innovation from the food industry and specific measures for traditional foods from third countries.

"If implemented this would have been beneficial for both consumers and the food industry. It is thus a great pity that we have lost the opportunity to codify these aspects already now," he said.

In company news, Cherkizovo has acquired another Russian poultry meat processor, Mosselprom, increasing its market share in this sector to an estimated nine per cent.

In the last week, there has been just one report of H5N1 highly pathogenic avian influenza in poultry, which was in South Korea.

WHO reports that there have been 22 cases of H5N1 flu in humans so far this year, 11 of whom died. Most of the victims have been in Egypt (14 cases; five deaths) but there were also four cases in Indonesia, three in Cambodia and one in Bangladesh.

Jackie Linden

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 7 new features this week:

GLOBAL POULTRY TRENDS - Egg Trade in Europe Shows Rising Trend
In the second part of this series for ThePoultrySite on the trends in Europe's egg industry, industry watcher, Terry Evans, highlights the growth in egg consumption in the region as w hole, as well as the increases in trade in both shell eggs and egg products.
Incubation Conditions Affect Broiler Leg Strength
Initial findings from anew study the University of Sydney, Australia, showed that there were measurable effects on broiler leg strength from alterations in temperature and humidity during incubation.
Report Re-Examines Link between Meat Intake and Human Cancers
A major analysis of the, sometimes contradictory, scientific evidence by the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) concluded that high red meat consumption increases the risk of bowel cancer, while high white meat consumption does not, the Soil Association states in the appendix to a briefing on The Role of Livestock in Sustainable Food Systems.
De-Stratification Fan Study
Improvements in temperature distribution both horizontally at bird height and vertically across the profile of the building were noted when the de-stratification fans were operating, according to a report by Oli Coe of Farm Energy following research carried out for Hydor Ltd.
Regulatory Mechanism of Response to CpG-ODN, a Pathogen-Derived Molecule, in Chicken Macrophages
The current study expands the possibilities for vaccine development studies by discovering disease response pathways, according to Ceren Ciraci and Susan J. Lamont in Iowa State University Animal Industry Report 2011.
Russian Federation: Poultry and Products Semi-Annual Report 2011
There is likely to be a net reduction in 2011 poultry consumption accompanied by higher retail prices for cuts and processed poultry, according to Morgan Haas and Mikhail Maksimenko in a GAIN report from the USDA Foreign Agriultural Service subtitled 'Consumption Falls as Production Unlikely to Compensate for Reduced TRQ in 2011'.
China - Poultry and Products Semi-Annual Report 2011
China's broiler meat production in 2011 will continue modest growth, rising nearly four per cent to 13 million metric tons, while broiler meat imports will decline 20 per cent to 230,000 metric tons, according to Michael Woolsey and Jianping Zhang in the latest GAIN report from USDA Foreign Agricultural Service.
Evonik - AMINODat? 4.0, the most comprehensive amino acid database in the world
* Company News

Special Aviagen Eastern & Central European Vet Seminar
VIENNA, AUSTRIA - Aviagen?s Central and Eastern European (CEE) Team recently organised a special seminar focusing on gut health.
Cobb Africa Strengthens Technical Team
AFRICA - Tom Wierda has joined the Cobb Africa technical team, bringing more than 30 years' experience in the poultry industry.
Meriden Opens Subsidiary in Australia
AUSTRALIA - Meriden Animal Health Limited has recently opened a new office in Australia, further consolidating its sales network in South-East Asia and Australasia.
* Global Poultry Industry News

   Viet Nam

 » BIRD FLU: HPAI Outbreaks in Viet Nam


 » Course in Animal Stress Responses Well Received


 » Farmers Welcome New Compensation Programme


 » Govt Starts Collecting Poultry Farm Details


 » Bird Flu Costs Mount in Bangladesh
 » Poultry Show Highlights Need for Govt Support
 » 16 Tonnes of Toxic Poultry Feed Seized

Only from Big Dutchman
   United Kingdom

 » Poultry Smells Ended in Court
 » Moy Park is Northern Ireland's Top Company


 » Eight More ND Outbreaks Reported in Israel


 » Sales Growth Recorded for JBS in 2010
 » Profit at BRF Grows 125 Per Cent in 2010

   United Arab Emirates

 » Poultry Products Shortages Reported in Dubai

   Russian Federation

 » Cherkizovo's CEO Welcomes Recent Govt Support
 » Cherkizovo Acquires Mosselprom

   United States

 » RTC Weight Up Four Per Cent from Last Year
 » Plant Buffer Strips Cut Run-Off of Vet Products
 » Feasibility of Poultry Litter Power Plant to be Studied
 » Biodiesel Returns US Soybean Farmers? Investment
 » Cage-Free Eggs Not More Sustainable, Says Prof
 » CME: Great Interest Shown in Upcoming USDA Report
 » Weekly US Broiler Hatchery Report


 » FVO Cautiously Approves Polish Food Safety


 » New Method Can Distinguish Organic & Regular Eggs


 » Japan's Recovery Efforts and Feed Grain Trade


 » Saudi Arabia: Top Market for Brazilian Poultry
 » International Egg and Poultry Review: Brazil & EU


 » Conference on Genomics & Future Food Production
 » Coles Cuts Chicken Prices; Industry Angered


 » State Seeks to End Feed Withdrawal for Hens
 » Chicken Prices Rise in the South


 » Perak Poultry Producers Need to Register
 » Melaka is Poultry Export Hub

   Korea, South

 » One New H5N1 Outbreak Reported in South Korea


 » Armenian Antitrust Report on Egg Companies Imminent

   European Union

 » EC Fails to Agree on Cloning, Novel Foods


 » Cappoquin Poultry Cuts Production by 25 Per Cent

   Trinidad and Tobago

 » Milk, Cheese, Eggs Go up by .2 Per Cent

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