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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 14 April 2011

ThePoultrySite Weekly Newsletter
Thursday 14th April 2011
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Editorial - EFSA Offers Advice to Producers on Campylobacter Reduction

The European Food Safety Authority's BIOHAZ Panel has published a scientific opinion assessing the public health impact of control measures that could reduce the occurrence of Campylobacter in chickens and chicken meat. The experts also evaluated how reduction targets for Campylobacter in chickens in the European Union may lead to a fall in the number of human cases of campylobacteriosis associated with the consumption of chicken meat.

The Opinion is aimed to help risk managers in setting measures to reduce campylobacteriosis, the most reported food-borne disease in Europe.

EFSA's experts say that measures before slaughter could reduce the risk by up to 50 per cent, although this figure is expected to vary considerably between Member States. The measures focus mostly on preventing the bacteria from entering the housing in which the chickens are kept and on reducing the number of Campylobacter in the intestines of chickens sent to slaughter. The experts also listed a series of additional options which were found to be effective when implemented in conjunction with these measures. These options include: using fly screens, reducing the age at which chickens are sent to slaughter and discontinuing thinning practices.

A new agreement has been reached between the presidents of China and Brazil to facilitate trade in beef and poultry meat. The two countries agreed to promote the registration of Brazil's poultry and beef companies and vowed to quicken procedures to add new products onto their import and export lists.

In Russia, delegates to an agricultural conference this week heard that domestic poultry production this year is forecast to be 11 per cent higher than last year.

And finally, to Bird Flu news. More human victims of H5N1 have been reported in Bangladesh, Egypt and Cambodia. In poultry, there has been two outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian flu – one each in South Korea and Bangladesh – and Taiwan reported the discovery of sub-clinical low-pathogenic flu in a duck flock.

Jackie Linden

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 7 new features this week:

Uncertain Times Ahead for Producers
The world's biggest poultry exporters are likely to be vulnerable to trade disruption as the result of disease, and increasing regulations in the EU and US will push up the costs of pig and poultry production. These are Rabobank's predictions for the next decade, writes Jackie Linden, Senior Editor of ThePoultrySite.
Breeding Value Prediction for Production Traits in Layers Using High-Density SNP Markers
Use of these markers increased accuracy up to two-fold for early selection and by up to 88 per cent for late selection, according to Anna Wolc and co-workers in Iowa State University's Animal Industry Report 2011.
Layer Performance Linked to Strain & Rearing Density
Step-up low-protein, low-energy starter diets could be used as part of the rearing dietary regimen with reduced body weights without negative carry-over effects into the laying period, according to a North Carolina State University study.
Organic Poultry's Special Needs for Healthy Growth
Researchers at the USDA Agricultural Service are looking at yeast products and organic acids to control potential foodborne disease pathogens in organic poultry.
Links Between Broiler Processing and Salmonellosis Investigated
The overall prevalence of Salmonella serotypes isolated from broilers, the serotypes most commonly associated with human illness, and serotypes most commonly found in foodborne salmonellosis associated with chicken or chicken containing products were examined in this research paper from the University of Arkansas.
Feed Outlook - April 2011
The recent grains stocks report confirms that supplies are tight, according to Tom Capehart and Edward Allen in the latest report from the USDA Economic Research Service.
World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates - April 2011
The forecast for 2011 red meat and poultry production is virtually unchanged from last month, according to the latest USDA World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates.
* Company News

Aviagen France Ready for Business
FRANCE - Aviagen France, the newly-formed business unit of Aviagen, is now the primary supplier of Ross stock to the French market. This follows the conclusion of the agreement to purchase the Grandparent (GP) production facilities of Aviagen's French distributor, Grelier France Accouveur (GFA).
Arbor Acres' Team Meeting in Bangkok
THAILAND - The fourth Arbor Acres (AA) Middle East and Africa Association Customer Service Team (CST) Meeting was recently held in Bangkok.
New Distributor for Indian River in Pakistan
PAKISTAN - The continuing popularity of Indian River, an Aviagen brand, has been highlighted by the announcement of the appointment of Al-Noor Chicks as the exclusive distributor of Indian River products in Pakistan.
Second Cobb Triumph for UK Flock Manager
GLOBAL - Cargill Meats Europe is the latest winner of the Cobb Flock of the Year for Europe, Middle East and Africa region - and the award is a second personal triumph for breeder farm manager, Adrian Nicholas.
Outstanding Attendance at Cobb Seminar in Canada
CANADA - More than 150 producers and leaders from the British Columbian chicken industry took part in a seminar at Abbotsford organised by Cobb to provide technical expertise on breeder and broiler production.
Major Expansion Project on Track
BELGIUM - Petersime's new production unit and logistical facility have been completed, and work on its new Customer Centre is ongoing.
Exciting Times for Petersime, Says Director
BELGIUM - The past few months have been very exciting for Petersime, according to Director, Tom Dewaele in the company's latest newsletter.
Focus on Petersime's Business in Southeast Asia
SOUTH-EAST ASIA - Petersime first started expanding its activities into Southeast Asia more than 30 years ago. By now, Petersime incubators are running in virtually every corner of the region. Local sales, logistics and after-sales services are covered by a network of professionally organised agents.
Two New Products Increase Hatchery Efficiency
BELGIUM - Petersime keeps searching for optimum solutions to your requirements in an ever-changing environment. This has resulted in the launch of two brand new products: a universal chick basket and a farm trolley.
Positive Reflections of VIV Asia from Vencomatic
GLOBAL - Vencomatic is looking back on a very successful VIV Asia in Bangkok.
Meriden Attends Seminar in Chang Mai
THAILAND - Meriden Animal Health recently attended a special event organised by their distributor in Thailand, LIC Agrotech Co. Ltd.
50,000th Flash Air Inlet Sold
BELGIUM - In March 2011, Tulderhof sold its 50000th Flash air inlet.
Evonik Expands its L-Tryptophan Capacity
GERMANY - Evonik Industries has announced a capacity increase of TrypAMINO (L-Tryptophan) at Evonik Fermas s.r.o., a 100 per cent affiliated company of Evonik AG, in Slovenska Lupca, Slovakia.
* Global Poultry Industry News


 » BIRD FLU: 17,000 Poultry Culled in Gazipur, Bangladesh
 » Farmers Blame Govt for Output Decline

   United States

 » Poultry Groups Say Food Inspectors are Essential
 » Industry Challenges EPA's Chesapeake Programme
 » Pesticide-Free Mite Control Increases Egg Output
 » Weekly Outlook: Questions on Corn, Soybean Demand
 » CME: Does Expensive Feed Mean Lighter Animals?
 » FAPRI-ISU Presents 2011 World Agricultural Outlook
 » Washington State Votes to Outlaw Battery Cages
 » International Egg and Poultry Review: US
 » Weekly US Broiler Hatchery Report
 » CME: US Exports Remain Strong

Intestinal Health

 » Ukraine Export Restrictions Sow Uncertainty
 » Agroton Announces Expansion Plans for This Year


 » Armenian President Visits Poultry Complex


 » China Promotes Rearing of Local Breeds

   United Kingdom

 » Gizzi Celebrates the Original Egg
 » VLA: Colisepticaemia Caused Broiler Flock Mortalities
 » VLA: Coccidiosis Reported in Young Caged Layer Flock
 » UK & Brazil Call for Action on Food Prices
 » Happy Egg Co Launches Extra-Large Eggs
 » UK Egg Production Breaks Record

Only from Big Dutchman

 » GD Runs PTS for IBV & Mycoplasma

   European Union

 » EFSA Advises on Campy Reduction in Chickens
 » EU Strengthens Legal Grounds for GM Cultivation Ban


 » IPC Recognises Outstanding Achievements


 » Birds Slaughtered after 'Dangerous' Salmonella Found


 » Wild Bird Dies of H5N1 Flu in Israel
 » Israel Reports 13 Newcastle Disease Outbreaks


 » Low-Path Bird Flu Reported in Taiwan


 » CPF to Focus on More Outlets & Channels

   Russian Federation

 » Second Line Started at Cherkizovo's Bryansk Cluster
 » Rise in Poultry & Pork Output Forecast


 » New Agreement Eases China-Brazil Beef, Poultry Trade

   South Africa

 » Regulator Clears Astral Foods


 » Govt to Cap Antibiotic Use for Poultry, Fish & Shrimp


 » New Research Funding for Animal Health

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