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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 5 May 2011

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Editorial - Storms Hit US Broiler Industry Hard

Storms and tornadoes of two weeks ago hit the poultry industry in Alabama hard, with preliminary reports estimating that 25 per cent of the state's poultry processing facilities had been destroyed or severely damaged.

Alabama is one of the most important states in the US for broiler production, and early estimates put the losses at more than 200 poultry houses in north Alabama alone, while other farms have lost chickens because of power outages.

For the first time, cage egg production accounted for less than half of total UK egg output in the January to March quarter of this year. Despite production for this period five per cent below the same period of 2010, average farm prices were seven per cent lower.

Not only the UK egg industry is going through difficult times. Spare a thought for Pilgrim's Pride in the US, which has reported a net loss of more than $120 million for first quarter of 2011. The company estimates that its annual feed costs will be $500 million higher than last year.

Turning to diseases, US Department of Agriculture (USDA) scientists in Athens, Georgia, have developed a new vaccine against Newcastle disease in poultry.

In the last two weeks, outbreaks of Newcastle disease have been reported in Israel and Ghana, while H5N1 bird flu has broken out in poultry flocks in Bangladesh, Viet Nam and in a region of Indonesia that had been free of the disease for four years.

Over the same period, three human victims of H5N1 flu have been announced – two in Egypt and one in Cambodia – two of whom have died. These bring the total number of reported cases of H5N1 flu this year to 36, 16 of whom have died.

May is apparently International Respect for the Chicken month so let us all hope for a quietly productive month for the global industry, free of natural disasters and disease outbreaks – and is it too much to hope for a reduction in feed ingredient prices too?

Jackie Linden

Note: There was a somewhat unclear statement in the last newsletter from ThePoultrySite on 21 April. The highly pathogenic avian flu virus that affected ostrich farms in South Africa in February and March was, in fact, the H5N2 sub-type and not the H5N1 subtype that was implied. Our thanks to Fiona Benson of the World Ostrich Association for drawing our attention to this.

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 7 new features this week:

Link Between Broiler Intensification and Foodborne Pathogens Explored
Today's intensive methods of broiler production may be linked to the growing prevalence of foodborne Campylobacter in humans, according to Professor Tom Humphrey of the University of Liverpool. He presented his views on this topic at a conference in early April, reports Jackie Linden, senior editor of ThePoultrySite.
GLOBAL POULTRY TRENDS - New Products Will Boost Sales of Egg Products in the Americas
Approximately 20 per cent of all the eggs produced in the Americas go into egg products, writes Terry Evans, exclusively for ThePoultrySite. Total output of products is in the region of 2.0 million tonnes (around 42 per cent of the world total), of which some 1.6 million tonnes is produced in North America - almost all in the US - and some 340,000 tonnes in South America, of which nearly half is produced in Mexico.
Variation in Turkey Meat Colour: a Consumer Issue in Germany
Consumers may be put off turkey meat purchases if they notice variations between different cuts or packs, according to Dr Krischek of Hanover University, who then outlined some of the factors affecting turkey meat colour. Jackie Linden, senior editor of ThePoultrySite reports.
Orange Derivative Effective against Listeria
The combination of nisin and a natural derivative of oranges inhibits Listeria monocytogenes, according to new research from the University of Arkansas.
GLOBAL POULTRY TRENDS - Strong Growth in Egg Products Trade in the Americas
The Americas form an important region for the export trade in egg products, particularly dried eggs, according to industry watcher, Terry Evans. Continuing his series analysing the egg industries of North and South America exclusively for ThePoultrySite, he also highlights the great variation in per-capita egg consumption in this region.
New Study Uncovers Possible Increased Risk of Salmonella in Alternative Housing Systems for Laying Hens
New research highlights the need to optimise Salmonella surveillance and control for alternative housing systems for laying hens, according to the Poultry Science Association.
Whole Genome Association Analysis of Idiopathic Eosinophilic Enteritis in Brown Egg Layers
A study of Idiopathic Eosinophilic Enteritis (IEE) in layer lines may be used to develop genetic markers to select against this disease and to understand its genetic basis, according to Xuemei Deng and others in Iowa State University's Animal Industry Report 2011.
Evonik - AMINODat® 4.0, the most comprehensive amino acid database in the world
* Company News

Pure Breed and Ross – Partnership for Success
SAUDI ARABIA - Ross products continue to deliver maximum returns for customers all over the world. A shining example of this can be found in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) where Pure Breed Poultry Company, the Ross distributor, have significant investment plans in place to meet the continually increasing demand for Ross 308 within the KSA, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and Yemen.
Effective Broiler Management on the Agenda
HUNGARY - Aviagen Kft, Aviagen's Hungarian business unit, recently held two seminars for broiler customers of their parent stock customers Nagisz Zrt. and Gallus Kft.
Chinese Seminar Offers Insight into Cobb
CHINA - Following Cobb's successful exhibit at the recent VIV Asia show in Thailand where the Cobb 500 holds more than a 55 per cent market share, a seminar was held in China for more than 50 of the country's largest integrated chicken producers.
Petersime Organises Successful Technical Seminar
BELGIUM - From 15 to 18 February, Petersime organised a Technical Incubation Seminar at its headquarters.
Big Dutchman Top of DLG-Image-Barometer
GERMANY - In its recent Image Barometer 2010, the DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts- Gesellschaft; German Agricultural Society) reports Big Dutchman as industry leader in the area of 'technology – livestock housing'.
Kuhlencord Celebrates 30 Years at Big Dutchman
GERMANY - Bernd Kuhlencord from Bassum is now celebrating his 30-year jubilee at Big Dutchman.
Fundamentals Poultry Welfare Online Training Course
UK - As consumers become more interested in the welfare of animals involved in food production, demand is rising for transparency across the supply chain. To help promote the importance of poultry welfare at slaughter, RL Consulting has developed a new, online poultry handing training course.
Ceva Opens New Poultry Vaccine Facility
US - Ceva Animal Health is pleased to announce that, on 3 May, it opened a new poultry vaccine production facility at its Biomune Campus in Lenexa, Kansas.
DSM Hosted Annual European Poultry Tour
EU - DSM's 2011 TriPoultry Tour took place between 5 and 14 April in Italy, Germany, Spain, the UK and France. Dedicated to providing industry professionals with information on new and innovative technologies and the latest industry trends, lectures and presentations were tailored to meet country-specific requirements.
Novus Helps Fight Childhood Obesity
US - Novus International, Inc., is working with Progressive Agriculture Foundation to fight childhood obesity.
VIV Sets World Standard in Animal Protein Production
NETHERLANDS - VNU Exhibitions Europe says its shows set the world standard for top quality in innovative animal protein production.
Meriden China Exhibits at Feed Industry Exhibition
CHINA - Meriden Animal Health's joint venture partner, Meriden (Guangzhou) Biotech Co Limited, recently exhibited at the China Animal Feed Industry Exhibition.
Huvepharma Appoints New Tech Services Director
US - Dr Amy Batal is to join Huvepharma as Director of Technical Services–Poultry.
Phillips Celebrates 20 Years with ASP
US - In honour of Mark Phillips' two decades of service, a company-wide breakfast celebration was held on 22 March 2011, when he was presented with a gift as a token of ASP's appreciation.
* Global Poultry Industry News


 » BIRD FLU: 18 Outbreaks in Indonesian Region Unaffected since June 2007

   United Kingdom

 » CIWF Urges a Cut in Meat Intake to Save the Earth
 » Sharing Responsibility for Animal Health, Welfare Policy
 » NFU: Success Depends on Welfare Board Members
 » Large-Scale Photovoltaic Installation to be the Last?
 » UK Egg Statistics - First Quarter 2011
   United States

 » USDA Chicken and Eggs Report - April 2011
 » FSIS Publishes New Guide on RTE Product Hygiene
 » New Vaccine Developed against Newcastle Disease
 » Better Rail Environment Urged by Poultry Industry
 » Staphylococcus on Chicken a 'Scare Tactic' Says NCC
 » Gold'n Plump Poultry Becomes GNP Company
 » RTC Weight Up Four Per Cent from Last Year
 » Weekly US Broiler Hatchery Report
 » Poultry/Campy is Costliest Food Safety Issue
 » Co-operation Helps Solve Poultry Litter Challenges
 » CME: Slow Start to Corn Planting Season
 » US Egg Products Report - April 2011
 » Alabama Loses Hundreds of Poultry Houses
 » Feed Costs up $500M Hits Pilgrim's Results
 » Shoemaker Resigns as Butterball CEO
 » Corn & Soybean Prices Continue Erratic Pattern
 » NCC Comments on Florida Report on Food Safety
 » Activists Celebrate Respect for Chickens Day
 » Seasonal Turkey Gnat Warning for Louisiana
 » Supreme Court Rejects Poultry Company's Appeal
 » Programme Offered for Disease Response Certificate
 » Weekly US Broiler Hatchery Report
 » Meat Groups Back Ethanol Subsidy Abolition Bill
 » Workshop Aimed to Improve Animal Disease Control


 » Egg Output Predicted to Expand Despite Low Prices

   Russian Federation

 » New Poultry Cluster for Lipetsk
 » Cherkizovo Reports Higher Sales in All Divisions


 » Market Report Predicts Strong Growth in Feed Acidifiers
 » International Egg and Poultry Review: World
 » US & Canadian Processors Petition to Use ‘Pasteurised’


 » Bangladesh Reports 31 New Bird Flu Outbreaks


 » Livestock & Feed Production Resume
 » International Egg and Poultry Review: Japan


 » Salmonella Scare Resumes: More Eggs Withdrawn
Intestinal Health

 » Colour Coding Warns of Spoiled Meat & Fish
 » Campy on Eggshells – Source of Foodborne Infection?


 » New Salmonella Cases Linked to Eating Ducks Eggs


 » More Newcastle Disease Outbreaks in Israel

   Viet Nam

 » One New Outbreak of Bird Flu in South Viet Nam


 » Maple Leaf's Fresh & Prepared Meats More Profitable
 » Olymel Announces Closure of Iberville Plant


 » Fly Problem Causes Poultry Farm Closure


 » Newcastle Disease Outbreak Reported in Ghana
 » Better Times Ahead for Ghana's Chicken Farmers


 » Bachoco Closes 'Difficult' Quarter

   European Union

 » EU to Target Antimicrobial Resistance in 2012
 » Biological Sciences Reinforced to Tackle Big Issues

 » Poultry CRC Welcomes Industry-Transferable Ideas
 » Poultry CRC Develops Reliable Tools for Industry


 » Thai Foods Group Invests in Future Growth
 » International Growth & Strong Food Prices Drive CPF


 » President Stresses Food Safety as Top Priority

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