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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 2 June 2011

ThePoultrySite Weekly Newsletter
Thursday 2nd June 2011
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Editorial – Difficult Global Grain Market in Prospect

With a high proportion of poultry costs attributable to feed, upwards movements in cereal prices are keenly felt by the industry. Earlier this year, there was some optimism that grain harvests would just about meet demand after a tight supply situation developed after last year's harvest in the northern hemisphere. However, that view is beginning to look overly optimistic as much of the main maize- and soybean-producing area of the US is suffering either from drought (in the south) or flooding (in the north).

There was some good news: the Russian government is to bring to an early end the embargo on grain exports that it imposed last year. Export trade may begin again from the beginning of July, which should ease the supply situation to some extent.

On the technology front, researchers from the Norwegian institute, Nofima, say that using plasma treatment, they have succeeded in removing 99.5 per cent of Salmonella on the egg shell without affecting the yolk or albumen.

The researchers explained that, when gas is exposed to a high-frequency electromagnetic field, electrons are released from their atoms and a mix of free electrons and charged atoms (ions) is created. This condition of the substance is called plasma. They noted that using UV light sources in the plasma increases the lethal effects on the bacteria.

Continuing on the subject of Salmonella, the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has investigated a multi-state outbreak of human Salmonella altona infections. A total of 25 individuals from 11 states are known to have been infected. Three-quarters of those interviewed reported contact with live poultry prior to becoming ill. Subsequent tests and investigations have identified a single mail-order hatchery as the source of infected chicks and ducklings.

Turning to bird flu, H5N1 has claimed the life of its 18th human victim this year – a young woman in Egypt. South Korea has reported a single outbreak of H5N1 flu on a farm in the north of the country, while the Vietnamese government has announced it has halted the nationwide vaccination of poultry against bird flu, saying a new type of the H5N1 virus has rendered the vaccine ineffective.

In the last week, low-pathogenic forms of bird flu have been reported on four poultry farms in the German region of North Rhine-Westphalia, and ducks on one farm in a previously infected region of Taiwan have tested positive for the virus.

Jackie Linden

Advertiser's Announcement Mintrex Poultry Producers Gain Control Over Feed Rations with CIBENZA ™ DP100

Poultry producers, who want more flexibility and control over their feed rations, have a valuable new tool at their disposal: CIBENZA DP100 from Novus International, Inc. This dietary enzyme is formulated to give poultry producers extensive control over their protein ingredients. It offers the flexibility to:
  • Incorporate more cost-effective protein sources into diets with no sacrifice in performance.
  • Maximize performance in birds that receive rations formulated with high quality protein ingredients.
Using enzymes in feed rations is nothing new. In fact, they’ve become an increasingly popular element of many poultry diets. Until now, enzymes focused on optimizing energy or phosphorous components of feed rations. CIBENZA DP100 is different in that it allows producers to optimize the protein component of poultry diets. And in light of today’s high prices for soybean meal, this technology couldn’t have come at a better time.

Novus trials have shown that using CIBENZA DP100 allows producers to formulate diets with proteins and amino acids that are 5 to 10% lower than recommended industry standards with no sacrifice in animal performance. This gives producers and nutritionists the confidence of ideal formulations and the benefit of significant feed-cost savings.

For more information, visit:

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 6 new features this week:

Commercial Assessment of Poultry Welfare
There are advantages and disadvantages to the current methods of assessing the welfare of commercial poultry, according to Professor Marian Dawkins but new technology is poised to make a significant contribution to our understanding of this field. Jackie Linden, senior editor of ThePoultrySite, reports.
GLOBAL POULTRY TRENDS - Rising Incomes are Key to Increased Egg Demand
Starting the final series of exclusive articles on the global egg industry, respected industry watcher, Terry Evans, turns his attention to Africa and Oceania. Rising incomes are key to raising egg production and demand in most of the countries of these continents.
Strength in Numbers Achieves Sustainability
Farms in China are demonstrating that community-supported schemes provide a more sustainable alternative to industrial agriculture, according to Model Farm Project.
Challenges Facing the Global Poultry Industry to 2020
Consequences of animal welfare regulations, food safety, house environment and a number of issues relating to nutrition and feeding were identified as future challenges to the poultry industry by A.M. Penz Jr and D.G. Bruno of Provimi America Latina in Brazil in a presentation at this year's Australian Poultry Science Symposium.
Effective Training Helps Improve Poultry Welfare
Effective training has always been important to the livestock industry but recent advancements now require businesses to go beyond due-diligence to a more formalised training approach, according to Paul Cook and Andrew Raybould of RL Consulting.
Orego-Stim Liquid in Broilers for Improved Growth Performance
The combination of increased average final body weight, improved livability and feed conversion and reduced carcass condemnations by using Orego-Stim accounted for greater profitability and return on investment, according to research from a broiler farm in Thailand reported by Meriden Animal Health.
* Company News

Aviagen Acquires Ross Breeders Anadolu
TURKEY - Aviagen is pleased to announce the transition of Ross Breeders Anadolu from a joint venture to a wholly-owned Aviagen company.
China School Receives Excellent Customer Response
CHINA - Aviagen China School success has grown out of the overwhelming popularity and long term success of the original Arbor Acres School which grew to become the Aviagen School, held every year in the US.
Financial Innovation & Reforms Vital for All Markets
GLOBAL - Financial innovation and reforms are strengthening emerging markets and expanding the market for agricultural productivity investment, according to the Chief Sustainability Officer of Novus International.
LIMA Distributors Gather in Quimper
FRANCE - On 10 May 2011, more than 60 attendees representing over 40 distributors coming from the five continents gathered at LIMA for its fourth agents' meeting and to celebrate the 30th jubilee of the Company founded in 1981.
* Global Poultry Industry News


 » BIRD FLU: Bird Flu Victim Dies in Egypt

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 » USDA Urged to Prohibit Antibiotic-Resistant Salmonella
 » April Soybean Crush Smallest Since 2004
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 » US Egg Products Report - May 2011
 » Charles City Poultry Plant to Re-Open
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   United Kingdom

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 » Scholarship for Humane Chicken Slaughter Methods
 » Soybean Report Highlights Environmental Threat

   European Union

 » EFSA Launches Update on GM Risk Assessment


 » EU Should Speed up GM Authorisation, Says LEI


 » Training Sessions Help Rural Communities


 » Wheat Replaces Maize in Poultry Feed
 » India Permits First Contract Broiler Growing Deals

Intestinal Health

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 » Ghent University Tackles Antibiotic Resistance
 » Ghent Launches Web Site to Measure Antibiotic Use


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 » Registration is Open for SPACE 2011
 » Tackling Challenges of Animal Health Surveillance


 » Brasil Foods & Dah Chong Hong Set up JV

Evonik - AMINODat? 4.0, the most comprehensive amino acid database in the world
   Korea, South

 » One More Outbreak of H5N1 Bird Flu Reported
 » Feed Antibiotic Ban Ahead for South Korea

   Russian Federation

 » Russia Lifts Grain Export Ban


 » New Plasma Treatment Sterilises Eggs Gently


 » Bangladesh: Still Strong in Poultry Production

   Costa Rica

 » Market Leader, Pipasa, Acquired by Cargill


 » Minister Stresses Importance of EU Livestock Sector

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