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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 16 June 2011

ThePoultrySite Weekly Newsletter
Thursday 16th June 2011
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Editorial - Environment-Conscious Farmers Should First Focus on Carbon Footprint

Poultry growers should determine their on-farm carbon footprint before trying to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, according to the Poultry Science Association.

Poultry farmers wanting to begin a systematic reduction of their on-farm GHG emissions would benefit from first ascertaining the size – and underlying contributors to – their farm's carbon footprint. Because so many variables contribute to the footprint, each farm's GHG profile is likely to be unique and will require a specifically tailored approach to achieve maximum results, said the PSA, citing the results of a recent bulletin by Dr Claudia S. Dunkley, an extension poultry scientist in the University of Georgia's Department of Poultry Science.

Even though poultry's contribution to US GHG production is relatively low, Dr Dunkley notes that due to increasing public concern over the issue, it remains important for the poultry industry to understand the on-farm sources of GHGs so that specific steps can be taken to reduce them. There is also a positive economic incentive to reducing emissions.

She said: "While many people do not believe in global warming, at the end of the day it doesn't matter. One of the leading factors of GHGs produced on farms is energy usage. Hence, reducing energy usage will not only reduce your carbon footprint – it will also boost your farm’s profitability."

The report also covers on-farm sources of GHGs, reducing fossil fuel usage and improving manure management.

In Europe, there have been calls for a simplified market for veterinary medicines.

Speaking at the International Federation of Animal Health (IFAH) conference in Brussels today, 16 June, Gwyn Jones, vice president of the National Farmers Union in the UK said divergent laws for the approval and registration of products across Europe were making it difficult for farmers to access vital medicines.

He stressed that farmers need access to veterinary medicines to ensure the welfare of their animals. However, with different rules across the EU, it is often a difficult and complex procedure to obtain products from other Member States, which can push the price up, and there is little transparency in the regulatory procedure.

Chinese scientists have sequenced the complete genome of the white goose for the first time – which is likely to benefit research into poultry breeding, disease control and bird domestication.

And finally, to news of avian influenza. Six new human cases of H5N1 flu have been reported to the WHO in the last week – five in Egypt and one in Cambodia, four of whom have died. Turning to poultry, three more farms have been found with the H7N7 low-pathogenic avian influenza (LPAI) virus in Germany, all in the area previously affected by the disease, and four more ostrich farms have been hit by H5 flu virus in the Western Cape Province of South Africa.

Jackie Linden

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 5 new features this week:

GLOBAL POULTRY TRENDS - Egg Consumption Shows Upward Trends in Africa and Oceania
For those countries of Africa and Oceania that report the figures, egg consumption has been showing an upward trends since year 2000, according to industry watcher, Terry Evans, in this final article of the present series of Global Poultry Trends articles exclusively on ThePoultrySite.
Determination and Analysis of the Poultry Gut Viral Metagenome
New research is helping to identify the pathogen(s) causing poult enteric disease syndrome.
Summary Report of Egg Shell Breaking Force Observations in 2010
An evaluation of the egg breaking force of two groups of egg-laying hens, Hy-Line and Lohmann, throughout the flocks' lifecycle was carried out by Hagit Arazi, SHAHAM (Ministry of Agriculture, Israel), Yael Kellner and Gan Haim.
Feed Outlook - June 2011
US corn production is still expected to be a record this year but the current forecast is for historically tight global coarse grain stocks, according to the latest report from the USDA Economic Research Service.
World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates - June 2011
With many important crop-growing regions affected by flooding or drought, the projections are 'highly tentative', according to the latest USDA World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates.
* Company News

Ross Distributors See the Benefit of Benchmarking
TURKEY - The 6th annual Ross Distributor Customer Focus Team meeting, attended by Grandparent customers from Turkey, the Middle East and Africa (TMEA), recently took place in Antalya.
Broiler Seminars Supported by Top Hatchery Firms
CZECH REPUBLIC - More than 130 broiler farmers and poultry specialists took part in seminars at Litomysl and Havlickuv Brod, organized by Cobb Germany and the country's two biggest Czech hatcheries, Mach and Xavergen.
Okskaya Extends Hatchery Operations
RUSSIA - Okskaya Pticefabrika in the Ryazanskaya region has commissioned Smart technologies from Pas Reform for a new 40 million egg layer hatchery.
Amvrosiadis Consolidates its Position
GREECE - Amvrosiadis has consolidated its position in Greece with SmartPro technologies from Pas Reform.
Brazil's Nutriza in Expansion Mode
BRAZIL - Nutriza AgroIndustrial de Alimentos S/A has chosen Pas Reform's incubation technologies for an expansion programme that will boost the poultry integration's production capacity to 100 million hatching eggs or 1.6 million day-old chicks a week.
Novus Celebrates 20th Anniversary This Week
US - Novus International Inc. will celebrate its 20th anniversary on 16 June, focusing on 'Innovation with Integrity'.
Biomin Holds First Mycotoxin Awareness Forum
MYANMAR - Biomin's distributor in Myanmar, Min Ye Tin of Yè Group, recently organised the 1st Myanmar Mycotoxin Awareness Forum.
* Global Poultry Industry News


 » BIRD FLU: Five More Egyptians Affected by Bird Flu

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 » WASDE - The Numbers vs. Uncertainty
 » Research Makes K-State the Leader, Says Its President
 » Allen Family Foods Files for Bankruptcy Protection
 » CME: Lower Harvested Corn Acres Expected in 2011
 » Determine On-Farm Carbon Footprint as First Step
 » Attention to Shift from Acreage to Corn, Soybean Yields
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 » Suspension of 3-Nitro: NCC Says Meat in Safe
 » USAPEEC Elects Board
 » International Egg and Poultry Review: US
 » Functional Egg Videos Offer Practical Knowledge
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 » Monthly US Turkey Hatchery Report

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 » Cherrybro Overcomes Challenges to Reach No. 3
 » MAP, FMD Funding Boost USGC Efforts in S Korea
 » Launch of New Quarantine Agency


 » Nadeau Fights Appeal Court Verdict


 » Cargill Invests in its Korat Complex
 » Chicken Unfit for Consumption Traced
 » Consumers Turn Away from Poultry

   United Kingdom

 » NI Boosts Biosecurity Measures at Ports
 » IPPC Author Makes Fact-Finding Visit
 » AHVLA: Rodenticide Poisoning in Backyard Flock
 » AHVLA: Broiler Mortalities Found from Enterococcus
 » NFU Calls for Simplified Medicines Market


 » Consumers Must Expect Chicken Price Hike

Intestinal Health

 » Poultry Farmers Face Losses


 » Mixed Picture for Future Production

   South Africa

 » More Bird Flu in South African Ostriches


 » Royal Decree Puts an End to Battery Cages

Evonik - A fresh perspective on our Masterpieces

 » Four Poultry Medications Banned
 » Fifth Poultry Drug Banned


 » IASA Wins 2011 National Export Award


 » China's Scientists Sequence Goose Genome


 » More Newcastle Disease Reported in Israel


 » Germany Reports More Low-Path Bird Flu
 » Commission Urges Germany to Complete Feed Directive

   European Union

 » Reducing Feed-Related Burden on Animal Production

   Sri Lanka

 » Bairaha Broilers Expands Capacity

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